Best Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, PS4 and PS5 Games of 2021

Best Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, PS4 and PS5 Games of 2021
Written by Ankit Gaba

This year has been totally amazing for games, so we made a list of the Best PS4 and PS5 games for you. To be honest, I personally think that I do not have a Game of The Year because I’m confused between around 4-6 games, and all of them are too good.

Just keep in mind that this list is completely unordered, and we have published reviews of these games, so make sure you check them out too for proper verdicts and our views on these games.

I probably haven’t played enough “Game of The Year” Contenders this year so please let us know your personal Top 10 Best Games of This Year in the comments below.

The Pedestrian

The Pedestrian Review

The Pedestrian is one of the best indie games of this year; it’s an amazing puzzle game with a great aesthetic and a pleasing setting. This game is on PS4, PS5 and PC; for now, a port for Nintendo Switch and Xbox Platforms is also in the works currently.
The Pedestrian was released at the beginning of this year, yet it’s still one of the best that’s how good the game is, and it is totally not forgettable, so please buy it if you can; it will be right up your alley if you like Indie Puzzle Games.

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Call of Duty: Vanguard

Call of Duty Vanguard Review

Call of Duty: Vanguard is the best FPS game I have played in a while, and it is available on almost every relevant gaming platform, so you should consider buying it if you want an amazing multiplayer game with a great and short campaign mode. It is already my most played game this year due to the multiplayer alone, and I think it is just as good as Battlefield 2042, if not better, and I think that I will be playing both Battlefield 2042 and Call of Duty: Vanguard for a long time despite having a really big backlog because it’s such a fun game with friends it doesn’t get boring quickly either because of how much content they have put in the multiplayer mode. There are around 20 Maps in Vanguard’s Multiplayer, and I am glad that they always keep the Local Co-Op. Even though it’s becoming pretty niche, I still play the Local Co-Op with friends and family. However, there were minor bugs at launch in the Local Co-Op, but I am glad to inform you that they have fixed those bugs so you can buy the game right now and expect a great experience from Campaign to Multiplayer to Local Co-Op again I have not played the Zombies Mode because I am not a fan of that mode in the first place so I am only speaking on the multiplayer and the campaign mode I can assure you that both of those are worth the price.

For our full review of this game, click here.

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It Takes Two

It Takes Two Review

It Takes Two is one of the best games I have played and the best game with Couch Co-Op ever made. Josef Fares and Hazelight have really taken Couch Co-Op to the next level; with this game, there is nothing bad about it; you can play it with any of your friends online, too, and the thing is that only one of you has to buy the game. It Takes Two take insanity to the next level with its hilarious story filled with great plot twists. You can play this game with anyone you would like to. I really wanna replay this game. I had a lot of fun during my first playthrough; hopefully, I will replay it before the end of this year; it is a pretty lengthy game if you are a casual gamer like me, but it is still worth it.

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PS4 & PS5

Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S

NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139…

NieR Replicant is one of the best games I have ever played; in fact, I bought NieR Automata right after completing the game. NieR Replicant has a beautiful art style along with fun combat and one of the best stories in all genres of entertainment; just talking about it makes me want to replay the game. If you are ever looking for a great Hack & Slash Game, just buy NieR Replicant without any hesitation because it is just amazing in nearly every aspect. I wish that they would add a PS5 Native Upgrade though I think it would really be fun with the Haptic Feedback and Triggers. Writing this has reminded me that NieR Automata is still in my backlog, and I need to complete it.

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Why Returnal is our Game of The Year

Returnal won our Game of The Year award because the majority of our writers voted for it. I still have not finished it, but I can assure you that the gameplay of Returnal is amazing, and the way it uses haptic feedback and triggers really makes this PlayStation Exclusive way more immersive and fun. I have been a fan of Rogue-Like Games since way back, so I can also say that if you are a fan of Rogue-Like Games and haven’t even touched Returnal at all, then you are missing out big time because the gameplay is just insane and the lore is pretty good as well don’t even get me started on the Boss Fights they are just straight-up amazing and one of the best in gaming as a whole for sure.

Returnal is only available on PlayStation 5 since it is a PlayStation Exclusive; if you have a PlayStation 5, then please just buy it already.

Click here to buy Returnal.

Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 is absolutely amazing; despite having a low amount of maps, it is one of the most fun games I have played this year. I really think that the big maps and great gunplay add a lot to it; if you need something to play with your friends, then Battlefield 2042 for sure is the game for you, and the thing with Battlefield games is that they only get better with time and updates so by the time you are reading this it is probably better than what my version of the game was. The gameplay is the best thing about Battlefield 2042; everything just feels good, and if you are playing on PlayStation ,5, the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers add even more to it.

I have not played the game on a Last-Gen Platform, so I do not know about any issues present in those versions.

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Speed Limit

Speed Limit Review

Speed Limit is my favourite indie game of 2021, and I think it is the most underrated game of 2021 as well; the action in Speed Limit never stops; there is nothing bad about the game, and it just puts you straight into the action it is pure old-school retro-styled fun you probably have not seen or read much about the game but if you wanna check out my review of the game then click here.

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Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy

Marvel's Guardians of The Galaxy Game Size, Release Date, Platforms and More

Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy is an amazing game with a fantastic story that just never stops being interesting; if you play this as a fan of Marvel, trust me, you are gonna be hooked to the game. I was not hyped for this game after the trailers and everything, so it really managed to surprise me when I first played. If you like the Movies, then this is a must-buy for you at this point because I would say that the story is just as good as the one in Guardians of The Galaxy Movies, and even though gameplay could have been a bit better, it still remains really fun especially when you unlock all those abilities and everything, but again the best thing about this game is the amazing story which just never fails to entertain you this game has one of the best stories in gaming this year, so if you are a fan of single-player story-based games then Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is a game for you.

Resident Evil: Village

Resident Evil Village Spoiler Free Review

Resident Evil: Village is one of the best Resident Evil games in a while, and any Resident Evil Fan would love this game because of its Resident Evil 4-like action and a bit of the same vibe as Resident Evil 7 in some sectors if you have not played this game as a Resident Evil fan then what are you even waiting for? Because this game is just absolutely incredible, you can read more about this game here in our complete review, which is spoiler-free, of course

Resident Evil Village is the longest Resident Evil since Resident Evil 6, but, unlike the latter, finalizing the game won’t take more than 12 hours on a first run. Just like the games that came after 6, Village can be beaten in just a couple of hours, or even less, as some adept players have already demonstrated. The replay value in this game surely won’t let down any players used to compete with friends or their own records.

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Sumire ReviewSumire is an amazing game with an anime-esque art style, and it is really underrated.

Sumire’s 2-3 hour runtime may feel too short for some. However, the substance and life lessons it provides long after the credits have been played make this a must-play for not only fans of the narrative-driven genre but for anyone in need of a new perspective predicated on hope, kindness and a desire to change the world for the better in a small way each day they’re blessed with the chance to live on this earth.

Check out our full review of Sumire here

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Image from Ratchet and Clank

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is the perfect game for anyone who has a PlayStation 5; the gameplay is just perfect, and the story is good enough to keep you interested. Any fan of the franchise will not be disappointed, but even newcomers will find much to enjoy. Since the series has never really been plot-heavy – except A Crack in Time perhaps – and with a new playable character in the form of Rivet, this is the perfect entry point for the uninitiated. The game is an incredible audiovisual experience, ridiculously fun and a perfect showcase of the Playstation 5’s capabilities.

Narita Boy

Narita Boy Review

Gameplay-wise, Narita Boy is a slight roguish hack and slash, where you do a lot of talking to characters and solve the occasional puzzle. You progress by unlocking doors by talking to characters, surviving combat sequences and solving those puzzles. Those puzzles generally take the form of figuring out the right symbols to activate a teleporter. Expect a lot of backtracking when you do all of this, though I wouldn’t really call it a Metroidvania type game. You do come back to a certain hub world every so often, but there aren’t any upgrades to unlock with new items or abilities.

Narita Boy does have a slow start. It took a while for the game to actually get going – perhaps a bit too long as it ran the risk of losing me. Still, I started to enjoy myself after leaving the first area and wanted to continue playing from then on. Narita boy has its flaws – it is initial pacing, too much dry text exposition, perhaps too reliant on backtracking. But it shines in its presentation – both visual and audible – tied together by its fun combat and motivating you to continue to learn the creator’s backstory.

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