Halo Infinite Multiplayer Tips and Tricks

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Tips and Tricks
Written by Vince Abella

Halo: Infinite, the biggest FPS of the year, is currently in open beta for its multiplayer. While it is still not yet officially out, the game is open for anyone to play, with its F2P model allowing anyone and everyone to play the multiplayer. Here are some tips and tricks for players new and old in the latest entry in the series!

Swap and Switch

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Not every weapon is created equal. Your starter assault rifle is one of the weaker weapons in your arsenal, and even then, it can still prove to be useful in close to mid-range. The pistol remains an ever-reliable tool for headshots to finish off enemies. As per usual, the energy weapons will be a far more reliable option when whittling down shields, and the ballistics can work to finish the job. Often, a melee works just as well as a gun and helps to finish off enemies.

Being able to swap between your primary and secondary can be a life-saver. You can run out of ammo fairly quickly before killing your target, so don’t forget to switch immediately, and as every FPS player knows, “switching your weapon is faster than reloading.” Also useful is knowing what weapons you want and which fit your playstyle best. Each weapon has a unique thing about it, so knowing the weapons you’ll be using will be optimal.

Learn Each Weapon

Learn Each Weapon - Halo Infinite

Each weapon has its own special quality, as mentioned earlier, so it is probably best that you learn to use each weapon. While some may not seem as good as others, they will have their own unique qualities that make them powerful. Using the Academy available in the game to learn the different guns can make you reconsider picking up that weapon on the side that you didn’t quite learn how to use before.

One thing I noticed was that there were two types of reloads, one noticeably a split second or so faster than the other. It would take a tiny bit longer to reload your weapon if it is completely emptied, and if you have a few rounds left, it’s a bit quicker to reload. Each weapon has a quirk and speciality to it, so be open to using different kinds of guns.

Start taking note of the guns and grenades.

Halo infinite best tips and tricks

There are three types of weapons and grenades: ballistic, energy and electric. The former two have been there from the start, with the energy weapons useful for destroying shields, ballistic weapons for getting headshots and the new electric weapons for chaining enemy damage. In total, there are 20 weapons in the entire game. Each one has its own purpose, and each one can be found in its unique location on the maps, speaking of which…

Memorize the Maps

Within each map, you can grab guns and items off the ground or on walls, and they never

move. There is a recharge time, though, when the current user of the weapon is killed, so they won’t always be available. Each map has open areas, so be careful and use the slide a lot to get into cover. There’s a bit more verticality compared to before, with platforms higher up for vantage points and new places to go to as a result of the brand new abilities.

Master the Abilities

Master ability halo infinite

New to the series are abilities, which are simple but impactful tools that can be found all around the maps. There are dashes and over shields in addition to one of the best new gadgets in the game, the grappling hook. Titanfall 2 players will find themselves at home, as using the swing to propel you further feels great. These new abilities will allow players to gain the upper hand in tight combat situations, so don’t forget to use them.

Some of these abilities are only good for a little while. The repulsor is good in some situations, best against smaller vehicles to flip them. One ability which provides cover is good, though the cover is incredibly weak. The overshield is rather self-explanatory. The dash doesn’t cover much ground but is good if you want to get into cover really quickly.

The Grappling Hook

Grappling Hook in Halo Infinite

Yes, this section is dedicated entirely to the grappling hook. The grappling hook is one of the most popular abilities so try to start memorizing where it is in each map since, as mentioned already, the ability spots don’t change. Utilize the grappling hook to swing around the map, covering a lot of ground really quickly.

The Grappling Hook is useful in escaping dangerous situations, though you are unable to fire your weapons while using it, so be careful. It can also be used to pull you in close towards an enemy and melee them, but you are still vulnerable while grappling onto them, so hopefully, they can’t aim.

Getting Quick Kills

Getting Quick Kills in Halo Infinite

There are a few general tips and tricks to getting kills quickly in Halo: Infinite. The melee does a lot of damage, and it takes only two hits to kill, so it’s probably a smart idea to use it instead of wasting the latter half of your magazine. There is even an achievement for getting a melee kill on an enemy’s back when they’re zoomed in, so don’t be afraid to use it.

Headshots will always remain a reliable way of killing your enemies. If the enemy’s armour starts showing and looks like it’s about to break, don’t stop firing. Headshots are instant kills on enemies that have run out of shields, so try to get them as much as possible.

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