Speed Limit Review

Speed Limit Review
Written by Ankit Gaba

Game: Speed Limit
Platforms: PlayStation 4Xbox OneXbox Series S/XPC, and Nintendo Switch
Genre: Multi-Genre
Developer: GameChuck
Publisher: Chorus Worldwide
Reviewed on PS4

Speed Limit is an action-packed adventure from the beginning to the end; it never stops – and once you start playing Speed Limit, you do not want to stop either because of the addictive gameplay and changing genres on nearly every level. Speed Limit features an arcade-type art style with fast gameplay, which will make you die a lot, but once you find a way to complete a level, it will become easier. Speed Limit features 3 Difficulties; One is unlockable. In the beginning, you can select Easy and Normal after beating the game once an “Infinite” difficulty unlocks where the game never ends; as I mentioned before, Speed Limit constantly changes genres and art styles. It is unique, and I do not think I can remember any other game that did this while remaining completely action-filled. The game starts with a shoot out in a train; then you got car chases, chopper levels, and Dogfights; it never gets repetitive, and you get better the more you play; also, when you die, you respawn in 3 seconds on PS4, which means that there are no big loading screens after death.

I completed Speed Limit in around 2 days on Normal Mode; once I completed it in Normal Mode, the Easy Mode was not challenging at all, but Infinite mode is way more challenging since if you leave in a level, you have to start from the beginning of the game. Speed Limit is basically like a thriller movie. I would definitely love to see more of Speed Limit since I loved the amazing gameplay and level design. I really hope GameChuck decides to create some DLC or even a fully-fledged sequel to Speed Limit next, but whatever they will do next has my attention since they managed to create such an amazing game in the time period of 2-3 years.

Speed Limit’s replay value is great because of the infinite mode that you unlock after completing the game. I still need to complete Speed Limit in Infinite mode. I have only completed it in Easy and Normal so far, but I cannot stop playing since I’m addicted to the game, and I want to see what happens after the last level in Infinite Mode (I think the game restarts not sure, though). If I had to compare Speed Limit to some other entertainment form, I would compare it with the John Wick movies. I really want to see a John Wick Game with an art-style and gameplay like this now. Also, I like how the enemies sometimes die when they show their stupidity and stand in front of obstacles coming their way; this was a great detail to notice, in my opinion.

I really loved the one-hit-kill system; for example, if you are shot once you die and shoot the enemy once they die, it makes the experience more fast-paced, which is a great thing for this game and a great decision by the developers. There are multiple types of enemies in every level, which makes this game even more refreshing and gives more replay value, and on top of that, every level feels different because of the switching art style and genres. I do not think that I have ever seen something like this in a game. GameChuck have managed to remain very creative and made a game that is just a full action thriller. I think it is very innovative in Indie Games and might have just set a new standard for Indie Games (at least for me). I really hope Speed Limit gets the attention it deserves from the gaming community.
Speed Limit goes from 2D to 3D at different points and levels; the transition is amazing; they completely show the character getting inside a car or jumping from the car to get inside a helicopter and things like that. The developers have called these “Perspective Transitions.”


Speed Limit is a non-stop action experience, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves arcade games; it is not very story-heavy since it focuses more on the gameplay side so if you are looking for a great arcade game with a lot of action and features multiple genres, then please buy Speed Limit. I really want people to support this game, so the developers at GameChuck work on some DLC or a sequel. I should also mention that the main menu soundtrack is very relaxing and puts you in a certain mood where you feel like you are ready for a thrilling action experience.


  • Every level feels fresh and different from the previous one.
  • The action never stops along
  • Great Replay Value because of the “Infinite” Difficulty



  • Could not find any


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