It Takes Two Review

It Takes Two Review
Written by Ankit Gaba

Game: It Takes Two
Platforms: PS4/PS5Xbox OnePCXbox Series X and S 
Genre: Action-Adventure/Split-Screen Co-op
Developer: Hazelight
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Reviewed on PS4

It takes two is definitely one of the best co-op games I have ever played. Josef Fares has finally succeeded at fulfilling his vision by managing to make the most “Perfect” co-op game. He did make the world of It Takes Two interactive and filled with different types of mini-games and Easter Eggs instead of collectables, just like he said he would.
I was hyped for It Takes Two since the official announcement because after playing A Way Out and Brothers, I knew that Josef Fares was capable of creating a terrific co-op game. Still, he had not reached his full potential yet, but after It Takes Two, it’s safe to say that he has finally reached his potential because It Takes Two is the most interesting, fun and entertaining Co-op game I have ever played.
I cannot wait to see what he makes next by taking full advantage of next-gen hardware; since It Takes Two was built on current-gen hardware, it doesn’t feature many new next-gen features. I played It Takes Two using the internet online with a friend instead of couch co-op, and the servers were great. I had no issues even when my connection was bad. My friend played It Takes Two on PS5; while I played the game on PS4, we compared our footages, and the difference wasn’t very noticeable.

What makes It Takes Two entertaining is the story and the world. I am not gonna spoil the Story in this review, so all I can say for now is that the characters are very well written and entertaining, especially Dr Hakim, also known as the book of love.
So just like I mentioned previously, I do not want to spoil the story. What I can say for now is that the story will keep getting better. Let’s talk about the world of It Takes Two now. It’s filled with many different types of easter eggs, mini-games and interactable objects; it even features a chess mini-game. My Favourite easter egg of It Takes Two was the A Way Out easter egg.
After completing It Takes Two once, I definitely plan on playing it again; one thing that was a bit disappointing was that you could not get trophies on PlayStation if you’re playing via a friend’s pass. I’m pretty sure it’s the same case with Xbox One and Steam.
The art style of It Takes Two is very pleasing, and the aesthetic changes in every chapter are very well done sometimes; the art style goes from split-screen to 2d to top-down, then 2.5d, then back to 3d, and it all feels familiar instead of feeling weird for some reason. It took me around 12-16 hours to complete It Takes Two, and the game didn’t feel repetitive at all because of all the things and new abilities they kept introducing to the game.

I already want to replay it again with a different character, but unfortunately, I might not be able to do that right now because of my schedule and my big backlog. The soundtrack was very pleasing as well.
I did not encounter any single bug or a glitch during my playthrough of It Takes Two, and the game is polished and well designed in every aspect, especially the level design. I really want to see more games like this in the future. I hope Josef Fares continues developing co-op games because there has been a lack of amazing co-op games in a while in the industry.
Another great thing It Takes Two does is the accessibility options so far. It has the best accessibility options of 2021; in my opinion, accessibility is an essential thing in gaming. I have written about it previously; please give it a read by clicking here if you can. It’s great to see many developers focusing on Accessibility in Gaming. I really hope Josef Fares continues this in his next project as well.


In conclusion, It Takes Two manages to deliver everything a great co-op game should with the unexpected plot twists, consistently entertaining story and a great sense of humour. I can guarantee you that you and whoever you’ll play it takes two with will be fully entertained. It Takes Two is filled with fun levels and amazing gameplay with great setpieces. I cannot think of any issues I had while playing It Takes Two; this might as well be my Game of The Year so far, and I kind of doubt if any other game this year can be better but let’s see. I would definitely recommend you to buy It Takes Two.


  • Amazing Level Design
  • Entertaining Story
  • Fun Gameplay
  • A great number of Accessibility Options


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