UFC 5 Guide – General Tips & Tricks, Online and Career Mode

UFC 5 Guide - General Tips & Tricks, Online and Career Mode
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UFC 5 has arrived, bringing with it several gameplay changes that experienced players and newcomers alike need to grasp. From the reworked uppercuts and clinch mechanics to the revamped spinning elbow, back fists, and kicks; UFC 5 demands that even veterans revisit the training mat. This guide will walk you through how to get the most out of UFC 5, making your journey from novice to pro a lot smoother. So, strap in and get ready for a deep dive into UFC 5.

Accessing Your In-game Training Manual

Accessing Your In-game Training Manual - UFC 5

Getting started, you’ll want to look at the in-game training manual which you can find in the start menu under ‘Learn’ and during offline matches. This invaluable resource covers everything from stamina and health to offense and defense strategies, both on the ground and standing. Expect to refer back to this manual, particularly in the initial stages of your gaming encounter.

Make the Most of the Practice Mode

As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect, and this rings true for UFC 5. During practice mode, you can instruct your opponent to execute certain combinations or make AI-initiated attacks which offer an ideal platform to learn defense against takedowns and how to counter tricky combinations.

When you move onto online matches, you’ll face opponents with killer combinations. Recording their fights using Xbox or PS5 functionality can help you recognise repetitive attack patterns that you can later mirror in the practice mode. This enables you to learn to counter and sidestep these moves in future games.

Stamina Conservation: Unlocking Victory

Stamina Conservation: Unlocking Victory - UFC 5

Your stamina can make or break your fight. You can learn to conserve stamina and measure the damage your specific attacks inflict on your opponent by using the practice mode with health and stamina switched on. It’s crucial to choose your shots wisely, not throwing wild punches and kicks needlessly, and focusing on efficiently landing heavy attacks.

Remember, missed attacks and low strike accuracy deplete your stamina. However, hitting your opponent’s guard will drain less stamina compared to a complete miss and will gradually break down your opponent’s defense. Therefore, practice mode again proves to be a useful tool to learn stamina conservation, as having insufficient stamina can lead to more defeats than knockouts.

Stay Alert: Damage Indicators

UFC 5 introduces new injury mechanics with fighters now susceptible to cuts, broken noses, and injuries to arms and legs from submissions or failed escape attempts. These inflict damage to character’s breath due to mouth and nose injuries, affect vision due to eye-area cuts and swelling, and substantial damage can be targeted to the legs, heart, and arms from submissions and chokeholds.

For every 30 seconds a fighter avoids damage to the injured area, the damage level decreases or vanishes entirely. Keep an eye out for the briefcase symbol with a cross – a doctor stoppage icon. If it turns red, a fight stoppage due to a medical examination is likely.

Mix up Your Strikes

Mix up Your Strikes in UFC 5

If your modus operandi consists of head strikes and the occasional kick, you might want to mix things up a bit. Throw in punches and kicks to both the head and body. A reliable approach is a one-two, followed by a strike to the body.

Novice fighters can begin with simple combinations: a straight jab to the head followed by a straight right to the body. Or sequence a one-two, a leg kick, then branch out into more elaborate combinations once you’ve mastered the basics.

Don’t Get Predictable

Just as mixing up strikes is important, you also need to avoid becoming predictable in your combinations. Even if you find success in repeating the same combination multiple times, your opponent will eventually adapt and counter-attack. Switch up your patterns, throw in feints, and aim to break your opponent’s rhythm as well as their comfort zone. Be adaptable to situations. If your current strategy isn’t working, switch gears and try something new.

Master Groundwork: Transitions and Submissions

Master Groundwork: Transitions and Submissions in UFC 5

UFC 5 revamps with a new submissions system that focuses on depleting an opponent’s submission resistance meter. This is achieved by correctly locking a submission after exhausting their stamina. You can counter and reverse to gain a dominant position.

Use the practice mode to learn the ropes of the ground game. In time, you’ll catch onto your opponent’s cues and movements even without arrow prompts.

With the combination of all these tips, you’ll be equipped to jump into the Octagon and face your opponents with newfound confidence and skill. Remember, each player’s journey will be different, so take your time, learn, and most importantly, enjoy the game. After all, UFC 5 is meant to be fun too!

In UFC 5 career mode, you face the initial choice of creating a new character or importing an existing one. Newly created characters are automatically saved into the created fighter roster and can be utilized in future career rounds or ‘Fight Now’ in UFC 5. However, bringing in established UFC 5 roster members opens up the prospect of steering iconic figures like Muhammad Ali or Kimbo Slice on a legendary career path.

Opting to fabricate a custom fighter allows an exhaustive scope for modifying every feature including nickname, hometown, stance, and voice, but you are unable to alter aspects like name, social media handle, height, weight class, and age without creating a new career mode save.

If you adopt an imported character, the game lacks options for changing the appearance but enables you to personalize attributes, perks, and moves throughout your journey. Whether starting with a fighter type or an imported roster member, you have the freedom to sculpt almost any fighter with any specialization. But, bear in mind, your initial fighter will determine the first perk and your commencement attributes.

An unchangeable aspect for every UFC 5 career mode save is the game style and difficulty. If you initiate a save on Normal Difficulty with Competitive style, that’s how it will persist. Similarly, starting on Hard Difficulty with Stand & Bang style, you’ll need to maintain that style. It’s recommended to perform a trial run in ‘Fight Now’ mode to ensure you’re comfortable with the level of difficulty you’ve chosen

Fortunately, aside from severe mismatches in difficulty grade, your skills incrementally improve over time. In your first UFC 5 career mode progression, you’ll be required to undertake a series of introductory tutorials, but these can be bypassed in any future career mode save. Also, there’s no need to worry if you don’t ace each task immediately as they’ll all be repeatable in subsequent sparring drills.

Embrace the Octagon: Advanced UFC 5 Career Mode Strategies

Embrace the Octagon: Advanced UFC 5 Career Mode Strategies

Make the Most of Your Training Camps

From match to match, the game allows you to set up training camps of varying lengths. Initially, it’s recommended to always select the longest training camp as the training time is crucial in the early fights for maximizing your sparring opportunities and upgrades.

Utilize Time Optimally

Each training camp week provides a set amount of time which should be used to its maximum. Keep an eye on your promo options and hype as at least one social media post per week helps escalate the hype while leaving ample time for sparring.

Connections and fighter invitations are a viable option when time permits so factor in your total weekly ‘time budget’ to select activities that make the most of your available time. Avoid wasting available training time due to miscalculations.

Stakes On Sparring

The temptation might arise towards the simulation option for a chance to expedite UFC 5 career mode and secure guaranteed Evolution Points. However, this can be a double-edged sword as you potentially miss out on move progress and practice. Make significant progress by consistently training for five-star moves and avoiding premature knockouts of your partner. Remember, every second of each session gives opportunities to level up moves, transitions, submissions, etc.

Relevance of Observing Opposition Tapes

The game allows viewing tapes on upcoming opponents but the benefits of this option are mostly apparent in higher difficulties. In easier modes such as Competitive on Normal or easier, a good striking and ground game can overrule the need for observing tapes. However, on higher difficulties, comprehensive insights to exploit your opponent’s weaknesses become crucial.

Game Resetting

If your UFC 5 career mode journey feels monotonous at any point, you can always restart the game. Even if you are performing exceedingly well, you have the option of condensing training periods, racing through quick bouts until you reach the end of the game.

Upgrading to a 5-Star Fighter

Superior cardio and resilience compensate greatly in the early stages, despite a focus on the ground game. Your punch or kick power and speed ought to be solid to make a difference. Other methods to earn evolution points and upgrade attributes include completing challenges in sparring drills and promoting a 5-Star Level move to a Prestige Move.

Mastering & Upgrading Moves

Several efficient attacks like the Superman Punch, other strikes, and submissions aren’t initially available to your fighter. Connections with other fighters during training sessions can help you learn these. Don’t rush to learn the moves at the start of the session, instead invest time in training other maneuvers (transitions, takedowns, or strikes) during the five-minute session.

Achieving The GOAT Status

One of overarching objectives of the UFC 5 career mode is to become the Greatest of All Time (GOAT). The paths to achieve the GOAT status will depend on your type of fighter.

Passive game aspects like followers, career earnings, PPV buys, and PPV main events will materialize over time given you successfully build hype, leverage sponsorships, and consistently win matches. To make swift progress, preferably focus on either Knockouts or Submissions.

Tips & Tricks for UFC 5 Online Career

Tips & Tricks for UFC 5 Online Career

The online career mode offers a different ambiance. To note, you will be unable to import existing roster members in UFC 5 online career mode.

Online mode limits you to use four created fighters – one each for Men’s Lightweight, Men’s Middleweight, Men’s Heavyweight, and Women’s Bantamweight divisions. This design allows quicker matchmaking due to diversified active fighters but demands a longer timeline to optimize each fighter.

In terms of gathering evolution points, online fights are your only prospect as they can’t be earned from sparring sessions. However, these can be used to purchase perks but at a heftier cost in online career mode.

The key takeaway is to seek the equilibrium that suits your preferences in playing, leveling up, and enjoying the game.

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