Turmoil: Mastering Gameplay, Strategies, and Unlockables

Turmoil: Mastering Gameplay, Strategies, and Unlockables
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Welcome to the captivating world of Turmoil, a thrilling strategy simulation game set in the 19th century oil boom. As an aspiring oil tycoon, you’ll battle fierce competitors, navigate fluctuating markets, and manage your expanding oil empire, all to achieve the ultimate goal of becoming the wealthiest oil baron. In this comprehensive guide, we will introduce you to the gameplay basics, uncover tips and tricks for beginners, showcase efficient resource gathering and upgrading, delve into understanding and managing stocks, and reveal strategies to dominate the market. So, grab your hard hat and let’s start drilling for black gold!

Turmoil Gameplay Basics

Turmoil: Mastering Gameplay, Strategies, and Unlockables

Turmoil is a strategy simulation game developed by Gamious that places players in the shoes of an oil tycoon during the 19th century. The ultimate goal of the game is to become the wealthiest oil baron in the region. To achieve this, players must buy land, extract oil, sell it at the right moment, and strategically invest their earnings.

In Turmoil, players begin by purchasing land in auction-style bidding. They must compete against three AI-controlled opponents to secure the best oil-producing plots. Each round of the game consists of several distinct phases:

  1. Land Auction: Players engage in an auction to purchase the land where they will drill for oil. It’s crucial to choose a plot with high oil potential to maximize profits.
  2. Dowsing: Players hire dowsers to search the map for oil deposits. The dowsers will walk the area, and when they find oil, their hat raises, indicating a hidden oil vein.
  3. Drilling: Players build and position oil rigs to tap into the discovered deposits. The rig will drill straight down, and players can use pipes to change the drilling direction to maximize oil extraction.
  4. Extraction: Once the pipe connects to an oil deposit, it will begin to flow and can be stored in silos or loaded onto carts and sold right away.
  5. Selling: Players sell their extracted oil by sending wagons to one of the two competing companies, Left Inc. or Right Inc. The prices of these companies fluctuate in real-time, and players need to monitor the market to sell at the highest price.
  6. Expanding: As players earn money, they can invest in upgrades, such as faster drill speed, larger wagons, and oil storage capacity.
  7. Ending the Year: Once the year ends, any remaining oil uncollected or unsold is lost. Players must ensure they have sold all their stock before the end of the year.

Throughout the game, players should be mindful of their opponents, as they can interfere with their own operations like bidding wars over land and undercutting on oil prices. Also, players must be careful not to overextend their operations and end up in debt.

As players progress through the game, they will encounter various events that require strategic decision-making, such as managing stocks and participating in city development projects. By successfully navigating these events, players can increase their wealth and prestige.

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Turmoil Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Turmoil: Mastering Gameplay, Strategies, and Unlockables

Embarking on your journey to become an oil magnate can seem daunting for newcomers. We’ve compiled the best tips and tricks to kickstart your path to success in Turmoil:

  1. Master the dowsing phase: Dowsers are your most valuable asset in the early game. Hire multiple dowsers to cover more ground in search of oil. Keep in mind that they can only scan a limited area around them, so space them out evenly.
  2. Be strategic when selling: Be patient and avoid selling your oil at low prices―waiting for the right price can significantly impact your earnings. Keep an eye on the market indicators and sell when prices are high, even if it means storing oil in silos temporarily.
  3. Upgrade wisely: Focus on upgrades that yield immediate benefits, such as drilling speed, wagon capacity, and silo storage. When investing in new technologies, prioritize those that can unlock new gameplay mechanics.
  4. Watch your opponents: Pay attention to your AI-controlled rivals. Observe their strategies and learn from their mistakes to adapt your own tactics.
  5. Plan for the long run: Oil deposits deplete over time, but new deposits may be discovered nearby. Be prepared to extend your rig’s pipe network in search of additional oil pockets.
  6. Mind the rocks: Drilling through rock formations requires a special upgrade. Take note of the terrain when planning your pipe network, and consider whether investing in the rock drill upgrade is worth it for a particular plot.
  7. Spillage is costly: Be extremely cautious about spillage, as it results in both financial and environmental penalties. Upgrade your wagons and silos to avoid overflows and maintain control over your oil extraction.
  8. Participate in Factory Events: Occurring sporadically throughout the game, these events allow players to place bids on exclusive, advanced upgrades. Watch for these opportunities, as they can offer a massive competitive advantage.
  9. Diversify your investments: Once you’ve established a decent income stream from oil production, consider branching out into the stock market or funding development projects in the town. These actions can provide valuable bonuses and additional revenue sources.
  10. Stay vigilant during land auctions: Land auctions are intense competitions that can make or break your finances. Don’t overspend on plots, but be prepared to invest in high-potential areas. Use the map to your advantage, keeping an eye on areas that have recently had high oil yields―the trend might continue in neighboring plots.

Turmoil: Efficient Resource Gathering and Upgrading

Turmoil: Mastering Gameplay, Strategies, and Unlockables

Efficient resource gathering and smart upgrading are essential for maximizing profits and staying ahead of your competitors in Turmoil. Here are some key strategies to optimize your oil extraction process and make the most of your investments.

  1. Prioritize essential upgrades: As you accumulate wealth, focus on purchasing and upgrading your equipment to boost efficiency. Some crucial upgrades to prioritize include adding a drill, increasing pipe capacity, enhancing wagon speed, and expanding your silos for oil storage.
  2. Unlock and utilize advanced technology: Invest in advanced technology to stay ahead of the competition. For example, the rock drill upgrade allows you to penetrate previously impassable rock layers, granting access to hard-to-reach oil deposits.
  3. Utilize the mole and scanner: Although dowsers are critical during the early stages, the mole and scanner can be advantageous for effective resource gathering. Moles help dig down and detect resources without requiring you to invest in a drilling rig. On the other hand, scanners enable you to spot underground resources directly but can be expensive and should be used strategically.
  4. Expand your pipe network: As you progress, expand your pipe network to reach multiple oil deposits with a single rig. This approach conserves both time and money, as it requires fewer derricks and less drilling. Upgrading existing pipes to increase capacity ensures a steady flow of oil to your storage silos or selling stations.
  5. Time your sales: Store oil in silos during periods of low oil prices and sell only when prices rise. Upgrading your silos allows you to store more oil and wait for the optimal market conditions for selling.
  6. Efficiency upgrades: Upgrading your derricks to drill faster and increasing your wagon capacity are invaluable for efficient resource gathering. Faster drilling enables quicker access to resources, while larger wagons allow you to transport more oil at a time.
  7. Managing gas pockets: Gas pockets are high-pressure reservoirs that, when connected to oil veins, can boost extraction rates. With the right technology, you can harness their power to increase the flow of oil, drastically speeding up extraction.
  8. Monitor competitors: Pay attention to your opponents, but do not solely rely on their strategies. Adapt and make smart decisions that cater to your unique goals, fortune, and setup.

Turmoil: Understanding and Managing Stocks

Turmoil: Mastering Gameplay, Strategies, and Unlockables

In Turmoil, managing stocks is vital for achieving long-term wealth and success. To effectively capitalize on the stock market, one must understand its principles and learn the best strategies for buying, selling, and increasing one’s share in the market.

  1. Become familiar with stocks: The stock market in Turmoil plays a crucial role in determining the winner. A percentage bar displays the stock ownership of each player in the game. Acquiring more than 50% of shares guarantees victory, so understanding the stock market mechanics is imperative.
  2. Participate in stock auctions: Throughout the game, stock auctions will occur periodically. Each auction offers a percentage of shares up for grabs, which players can bid on. Engage in these auctions to increase your share of the market, but be cautious not to overspend.
  3. Balance expenses and investments: As tempting as it may be to focus solely on building your oil empire, it’s essential to allocate some resources for purchasing stocks. Striking a balance between land acquisition, equipment upgrades, and stock investments is key to ensuring maximum profitability.
  4. Monitor competitor stock ownership: Keep an eye on the percentage of shares owned by your AI-controlled rivals. This will help you gauge their financial power and inform your decisions during bidding wars.
  5. Diversify your investments: Don’t pour all your money into a single high-price stock. Instead, aim to accumulate shares consistently, focusing on a mix of low and high-priced investments. This approach reduces risk and provides opportunities for long-term wealth growth.
  6. Share-buying strategy: Timing your share purchases is crucial in Turmoil. When the stock price is low, seize the opportunity to buy more shares. Conversely, hold onto your shares when prices are high, and wait for an opportune moment to sell.
  7. Don’t be afraid to sell: If you find yourself in a risky financial position and need quick cash, consider selling some of your stocks. Although not ideal, this can be crucial for avoiding bankruptcy and staying in the game.
  8. Know when to walk away: Participating in stock auctions is essential, but sometimes, it’s best to walk away if the bidding war escalates beyond your means. Remember that overpaying for shares can negatively impact your financial growth.

Turmoil Strategy Guide: How to Dominate the Market

Turmoil: Mastering Gameplay, Strategies, and Unlockables

To become the ultimate oil tycoon in Turmoil, you must learn to dominate the market and make quick, strategic decisions. Implement these essential strategies to stay ahead of your competitors and secure your position as a market leader.

  1. Analyze market trends: Study the fluctuations in oil prices and identify the patterns that emerge. By understanding how prices change over time, you’ll know when it’s best to sell your oil, maximizing your profits.
  2. Exploit rival strategies: Observe your opponents and identify their weaknesses. Counteract their tactics by leveraging your competitive advantages, such as using gas pockets to force prices higher or investing in upgrades that give you an edge.
  3. Outbid the competition: Assert your presence in land auctions and stock purchasing, but remain cautious not to stretch your budget too far. By securing premium resources and shares, you enhance your gameplay and assert yourself as a formidable player.
  4. Upgrade strategically: Prioritize upgrades that will directly benefit your oil production and allow you to maneuver through challenges. Investing in technology, such as the rock drill, scanner, and gas-pipeline connectivity, can give you an advantage over your competitors.
  5. Optimize resource gathering: Implement efficient resource gathering and drilling tactics, as outlined in Section 3. Focus on expanding and upgrading your pipe network, harnessing gas pockets for quicker extraction, and using the mole or scanner strategically.
  6. Leverage the power of gas: Gas deposits can be connected to oil rigs to boost extraction rates, making it essential to prioritize their utilization. Connect gas pockets to oil rigs using pipes or utilize them to drive up prices by linking them to one of the competing oil companies.
  7. Engage in city development projects: Participate in the town development projects to receive unique bonuses or unlock advanced upgrades. Use these opportunities to develop a competitive edge and strengthen your position in the game.
  8. Control the stock market: Manage your stocks effectively, as discussed in Section 4. Recognize when to buy, hold, or sell shares to maintain a dominant position in the market.
  9. Learn from mistakes: Turmoil is an intricate game with many variables to consider. While you may not succeed in every aspect initially, gaining experience and learning from your mistakes will refine your strategies over time.

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Now that you possess the knowledge and strategies outlined in this guide, it’s time to make your mark as a successful oil baron in Turmoil. Remember, the keys to success include mastering the fundamentals, making smart investments in upgrades, carefully managing stocks, and developing a keen eye for dominating the market. As you progress through the game, always stay ahead of your rivals by anticipating market trends and learning from your successes and failures. With diligent practice and execution, you’ll soon be hailed as the ultimate oil tycoon of the 19th century. Best of luck on your journey to black gold prosperity!

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