Best City Builder Games for Android and iOS in 2023

Best City Builder Games for Android and iOS in 2023
Written by Alexis

City Builder games have long captivated the hearts of gamers worldwide, offering a fascinating combination of creativity and strategy. These games allow players to plan, design, and build their cities, balancing various aspects of urban development. From basics like infrastructure and utilities to managing budgets and resources, the gameplay experience evolves as your city grows.

Recent technological advancements have taken City Builder games to new heights, with mobile applications making the genre more accessible. Top titles like SimCity BuildIt, Pocket City, and Megapolis boast immersive 3D experiences, enabling players to construct realistic cities on Android and iOS devices. City builders also facilitate social interactions, incorporating online features like trade and multiplayer functionality.

With many available games, City Builder enthusiasts have much to choose from. Newcomers to established series can experience the thrill of managing urban development firsthand, while seasoned players can continue honing their skills through new platforms and ever-evolving challenges. Dive into this fascinating world of creation and management, and prepare to capture the essence of city building.

Pocket City 2

Image of Pocket City 2

The sequel of Pocket City 1 is my favorite City Builder Game; it is simplistic yet addictive, and to make it even better, it is one of the only City Builders I have played that lets you explore the world you create. There is also a vast management part of gameplay at the same time. You have to build many Industrial, Commercial, and Residental areas with zoning features and ensure that your citizens are happy with things such as Public Transport, Recreation activities, Air quality, Sewage, etc.

Pocket City 2 is very aesthetically pleasing due to the art style chosen by the developers of this game. They also have mini-games you can play with your residents, such as “Laser Tag” or racing in the streets of your city, or have events in your city such as “Fireworks,” “Block Party,” “Marathon,” etc. One unique thing about Pocket City 2 is that it also allows you to destroy your city for fun with disasters such as Earth Quakes, Meteor Strikes, and a Kaiju, but the Kaiju is unlocked at Level 100, which can take quite a bit of time however, you can quickly get to that level if you complete quests and play mini-games like racing or laser tag.
You can build big airports, theme parks, and other stuff, called “Mega Projects,” and help bring in revenue via tourism.
One of my cities reached 50k tourists daily, and the revenue is significant. It is 8$ per tourist. There will also be other income from your mega projects, which varies from project to project. I reached an income so high that I decided to make my city tax-free for 100 percent citizen happiness.
My favorite mini-game was laser tag. Throughout the entire game, it is pretty easy but fun at the same time too.

We are also writing a guide for Pocket City 2, which will help you in every aspect of the game, mostly leveling up and unlocking new buildings.

Pocket City 2 is a paid game, meaning there are no Ads or Microtransactions; however, you will have to pay 5$ to play it.
Update: We have just written a guide on Pocket City 2 check it out!

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Image from Theotown

Theotown is a retro-style city-building simulation game that initially gained popularity on Android before eventually reaching iOS. With clear influences drawn from iconic games like SimCity and Transport Tycoon, Theotown spins the classic concept of constructing and managing cities into a nostalgic and pixelated reality. As the creator and manager of the town, players take on the responsibility of strategizing, building and balancing numerous aspects of urban living.

Its unique simplicity and complexity make Theotown stand out amongst its city-building peers. While the pixel art aesthetic and efficient user interface makes the game’s learning curve instead welcoming for newcomers, the engaging gameplay mechanics and variety of city-building options cater to the more seasoned strategist. From virtual road networks and residential zoning to higher-level infrastructure like highways and public transportation systems, the game provides an all-encompassing experience in city management. Players must tackle challenges such as managing a budget, tending to the needs of their citizens, and maintaining public order.

Aspiring environmentalists will appreciate the game’s focus on sustainability, providing players with eco-friendly options for energy production and infrastructure development. Additionally, dedicated players can enjoy the immersive experience further by adding custom content or engaging with Theotown’s active modding community.

The game’s evolution from a small-scale indie project to a popular city-building sensation is a testament to its accessibility and versatility. Continuously updating and expanding, Theotown introduces quality-of-life improvements and additional features to maintain loyal fans’ interest. Whether you fondly recall the golden days of city builders or enjoy the fulfilling nature of game-based creation, Theotown seamlessly blends the past with the present, offering both newcomers and veterans an engaging and exciting gaming experience.

Theotown is a free game with a few microtransactions that do not ruin the gameplay. To download it click on your preferred platform below:

Image from Tropico

The mobile version of Tropico captivates fans of the iconic city-building and management simulation series by bringing the immersive experience to Android and iOS devices. As El Presidente, players govern their tropical island nation, effectively transitioning it from its colonial-era status to a modern political powerhouse. As architectural and political strategists, players must balance city development, resource management, and societal demands in an entertaining and visually stunning environment.

Unlike other city-builder games, Tropico emphasizes political intricacies and allows players to explore various leadership styles. Whether taking a democratic, authoritarian, or comically absurd approach, decisions made by El Presidente will influence citizens’ welfare and lead to diverse consequences. Players can interact with different political factions, negotiate with foreign superpowers, and address the ever-changing needs of their populace.

With a revamped interface designed for touchscreens, the mobile version of Tropico offers intuitive, responsive controls that maintain the depth and complexity of its PC and console counterparts. Boasting impressive graphics, the game creates an engaging and colorful environment for players to enjoy as they shape their island’s destiny. Furthermore, mobile users can use the game’s save compatibility and transfer game progress between devices.

With a dash of humor and tongue-in-cheek political commentary, Tropico on mobile platforms offers a unique and captivating experience for both newcomers and fans of the series. As players guide their island nation through political turmoil, economic challenges, and societal progress, Tropico is a versatile and engaging addition to the city-building genre, genuinely embracing the power and responsibility of leading a nation.
Tropico has no microtransactions, but it costs 12$ to purchase.
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Dream Town Story

Image from Dream Town Story
Dream Town Story is an endearing and engaging city-building simulation game developed by Kairosoft, a company known for its addictive and immersive management-based games. Compatible with Android and iOS devices, Dream Town Story puts players in the role of a mayor responsible for transforming a small, quiet town into a thriving metropolis.

The charm of Dream Town Story lies in its simplicity and approachability. The game features cute pixel art graphics and an easy-to-navigate user interface, making it an enjoyable experience for casual and experienced gamers. However, beneath its seemingly basic exterior lies well-crafted gameplay mechanics that require thoughtful decision-making, ensuring the town’s growth and the joy of its inhabitants.

As the city grows, players will strive to attract new residents by providing suitable housing, efficient transportation, recreational facilities, and an array of vital services like education, healthcare, and safety. A unique aspect of Dream Town Story is its emphasis on nurturing interpersonal relationships between its residents, introducing a heartwarming, community-focused layer to the game. As residents develop friendships and connections, players can witness their lives evolve in response to the changes in the town.

In addition to standard city-building gameplay, Dream Town Story offers various goals and tasks, such as leveling up specific structures, expanding the town’s borders, and unlocking new buildings. These goals provide a constant sense of progress and achievement while keeping long-term engagement in mind.

For gamers seeking a delightful city-building experience suitable for quick gaming sessions and leisurely enjoyment, Dream Town Story is a noteworthy candidate. Combining friendly visuals with a fresh take on interpersonal relationships, this game will fill players’ hearts with warmth and satisfaction as they witness their virtual communities flourish.

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Image from Townscaper

Townscaper, an innovative and aesthetically pleasing city-building game, offers a refreshing experience for enthusiasts. Boasting a minimalist yet vibrant art style, Townscaper instantly captivates players as they dive into an almost therapeutic exploration of urban design. Available on various platforms such as PC and mobile devices, this unique game is visually and mentally gratifying, providing an alternative to the more traditional city-building titles.

Created by solo developer Oskar Stålberg, Townscaper is meticulously designed to emphasize simplicity, making it an ideal choice for players seeking a straightforward yet enjoyable city-building game. There are no complicated mechanics or objectives to complete, offering freedom and creativity without arbitrary restrictions. The game allows players to construct intricate, multi-layered towns directly on top of a serene, open sea, using intuitive click-and-drag actions to shape their cities.

The magic of Townscaper lies in its algorithmic and emergent nature. Structures automatically adapt and merge as they are placed, simulating the organic growth of an actual city. Whether designing complex waterfronts or erecting majestic towers, players can watch their creations evolve through a beautiful visual and auditory experience. The satisfying “pop” sound as new blocks are added, coupled with the gentle lapping of waves in the tranquil sea, provides an almost meditative ambiance, further enhancing the gameplay experience.

In conclusion, Townscaper is a unique and unconventional take on the city-building genre. Its calming atmosphere, minimalist visuals, intuitive gameplay mechanics, and absence of restrictive goals offer a genuinely soothing and therapeutic gaming session. For casual players or even experienced strategists seeking a break from more demanding games, Townscaper provides a peaceful and engaging escape that is guaranteed to ignite creativity and wonder.
This game has no management gameplay, just plain unique city building.

To purchase Townscaper, click on your preferred platform below:
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