Best Mods to have in Cities Skylines in 2023

Best Mods to have in Cities Skylines in 2023
Written by Alexis

How to add Mods in Cities Skylines on Steam

  1. Launch the Steam client and log in using your Steam account.
  2. Navigate to the Cities: Skylines page in your Steam library.
  3. Locate the “Workshop” tab, which can be found below the game’s banner and click on it.
  4. Within the Workshop, use the search bar to search for the mods mentioned in the guide by typing their names (provided below).
  5. Once you’ve found the desired mod, click on it and then click the “Subscribe” button on the mod’s page. Steam will now automatically download and install the mod.
  6. Launch Cities: Skylines and enable the downloaded mods via the “Content Manager” menu.

Cities: Skylines has become one of the most popular city-building games in recent years, thanks partly to its active modding community. Mods range from visual enhancements and gameplay improvements to complete overhauls of the game’s mechanics. Here are some of the best mods to further enrich your Cities: Skylines experience:

Traffic Manager: President Edition

Image from Cities Skylines

Congested traffic is one of the significant challenges in Cities: Skylines. This mod adds an extensive set of tools to control traffic flow, such as lane connectors, advanced traffic rules, and priority signs. This mod empowers you to tackle traffic issues effectively and customize your city’s transportation system to your liking.

Move It!

Move It! is a must-have mod for players who value flexibility in urban planning. This mod allows you to easily select and move individual or groups of buildings, props, trees, and roads. With Move It!, you can make fine adjustments or completely reconfigure your city layout without tedious demolishing and rebuilding.

Network Extensions 2

Network Extensions 2 adds an extensive collection of new roads, highways, pedestrian paths, and more to enhance your city’s infrastructure. From bicycle lanes to asymmetrical streets, this mod equips you with diverse transportation options, allowing for greater customization and more efficient traffic management.

Building Themes

This mod enables you to create custom themes or sets of buildings to make your city’s districts more visually unique and diverse. With Building Themes, you can mix and match different architectural styles, restrict building types, or create new themes using the Steam Workshop’s custom assets.

Automatic Bulldoze (v2)

Dealing with abandoned and burned-down buildings can be a time-consuming task in Cities: Skylines. The Automatic Bulldoze mod simplifies this by automatically demolishing and removing these problematic structures, allowing you to focus on more pressing city-building tasks.

More Beautification

More Beautification enhances the aesthetic aspect of city-building by adding a vast selection of new props and decorations. Trees, rocks, street furniture, and billboards are just a few items this mod provides, offering countless possibilities for personalizing and beautifying your city.

Fine Road Anarchy / Fine Road Tool

These two mods together enable complete control and flexibility when building roads, railways, and pedestrian paths. The Fine Road Anarchy mod allows you to override the default game restrictions. In contrast, the Fine Road Tool mod offers additional features for precision and customization when designing your transport infrastructure.

Real-Time Mod

Real-Time introduces a realistic day and night cycle, simulating an authentic passage of time in your city. This mod affects various aspects of gameplay, such as citizen routines, commercial areas closing at night, busy building construction times, and rush hour traffic.

Ploppable RICO

another image of a beautiful city in cities skylines

The Ploppable RICO (Residential, Industrial, Commercial, and Office) mod allows you to convert various building assets into ploppable, functioning RICO buildings. This mod provides you with greater flexibility when designing your city’s zones, offering a more diverse and visually cohesive urban environment.

Improved Public Transport 2

This mod gives you more control over your city’s public transportation systems. You can change vehicle capacities, ticket prices, create custom transport lines, and even add new types of vehicles to your system. Improved Public Transport 2 makes managing your city’s transport network a more immersive and detailed experience.

Unlimited Trees

One of the limitations in the vanilla game is the tree limit, which prevents you from densely populating your city with vegetation. The Unlimited Trees mod removes this restriction, allowing you to place as many trees as you desire, giving you the freedom to create lush, verdant landscapes.

Loading Screen Mod

The Loading Screen Mod significantly reduces loading times for your Cities: Skylines save files, especially when utilizing many additional assets and mods. This mod optimizes the game’s loading process and features a more informative and helpful loading screen, making it an essential addition for mod-heavy games.

81 Tiles

By default, Cities: Skylines allows you to unlock up to 25 tiles for building your city. The 81 Tiles mod extends this limit to a 9×9 grid, allowing you to create sprawling metropolises, vast suburban neighborhoods, or expansive rural landscapes.

Dynamic Resolution

Cities: Skylines can be demanding on your computer, especially when trying to achieve high-resolution graphics. The Dynamic Resolution mod allows you to increase or decrease the game’s render resolution, achieving higher visual quality without affecting your monitor’s resolution. This mod is handy for players looking to optimize their game’s performance and visual fidelity.

City Vitals Watch

The City Vitals Watch mod displays an informative overlay that provides crucial information about your city’s current condition. This includes data such as electricity usage, water availability, and landfill capacity. With this mod, you can quickly identify potential issues in your city and take necessary action.

Prop & Tree Anarchy

This mod frees you from placement restrictions associated with props and trees, allowing you to place them anywhere in the game, even on roads or inside buildings. Prop & Tree Anarchy is a fantastic tool for enhancing the visual details of your city and creating genuinely unique urban environments.

Airport Roads

The Airport Roads mod adds various airport-related roads and runway sections to Cities: Skylines. Players can create custom airports with this mod, including runways, taxiways, and terminal access roads.

Quay Anarchy

Beautiful landscape in cities skylines

Quay Anarchy enables you to build quays, canals, and flood walls without terrain restrictions. This allows for more creativity and flexibility when designing waterfront areas and managing water flow in your city. This mod is handy for players who want to embark on ambitious water management projects or create stunning shoreline developments.

In conclusion, the Cities: Skylines modding community offers countless options to customize and enhance your city-building experience. In addition to the previously mentioned ones, the mods listed in this guide can significantly improve various aspects of the game, from visuals and gameplay mechanics to overall performance. Enjoy exploring these mods and tailoring your Cities: Skylines experience to best suit your playstyle and preferences.

Here are the names of the mods mentioned in the guide. Simply search for these names in the Steam Workshop:

  1. Traffic Manager: President Edition
  2. Move It!
  3. Network Extensions 2
  4. Building Themes
  5. Automatic Bulldoze (v2)
  6. More Beautification
  7. Fine Road Anarchy / Fine Road Tool
  8. Real Time
  9. Ploppable RICO
  10. Improved Public Transport 2
  11. Unlimited Trees
  12. Loading Screen Mod
  13. 81 Tiles
  14. Dynamic Resolution
  15. City Vitals Watch
  16. Prop & Tree Anarchy
  17. Airport Roads
  18. Quay Anarchy

Once you’ve subscribed to the mods and enabled them in-game, you can enjoy an enhanced and customized Cities: Skylines experience with various improvements and added features. Happy city-building!

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