Pocket City 2 Ultimate Guide: How to Get More Money, Level Up Quickly and More

Pocket City 2 Ultimate Guide: How to Get More Money, Level Up Quickly and More
Written by Alexis

Pocket City 2 is the much-anticipated sequel to the popular mobile city-building game Pocket City. This guide offers helpful tips and strategies for new players to ensure a smooth and successful start to their city-building journey.

The sequel of Pocket City 1 is my favorite City Builder Game; it is simplistic yet addictive, and to make it even better, it is one of the only City Builders I have played that lets you explore the world you create. There is also a vast management part of gameplay at the same time. You have to build many Industrial, Commercial, and Residental areas with zoning features and ensure that your citizens are happy with things such as Public Transport, Recreation activities, Air quality, Sewage, etc.

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Pocket City 2 is very aesthetically pleasing due to the art style chosen by the developers of this game. They also have mini-games you can play with your residents, such as “Laser Tag” or racing in the streets of your city, or have events in your city such as “Fireworks,” “Block Party,” “Marathon,” etc. One unique thing about Pocket City 2 is that it also allows you to destroy your city for fun with disasters such as Earth Quakes, Meteor Strikes, and a Kaiju, but the Kaiju is unlocked at Level 100, which can take quite a bit of time however, you can quickly get to that level if you complete quests and play mini-games like racing or laser tag.
You can build big airports, theme parks, and other stuff, called “Mega Projects,” and help bring in revenue via tourism.

General Tips and Tricks

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  1. Layout and Zoning: Begin by planning your city’s design, which includes organizing residential, commercial, and industrial zones. Consider placing residential zones near commercial and recreational areas while keeping industrial zones farther away to avoid pollution-related issues. Additionally, ensure an adequate road network to prevent traffic congestion.
  2. Infrastructure and Utilities: A well-functioning city requires proper infrastructure like electricity, water, and waste management. Build power plants, water towers, and recycling centers to meet the demands of your growing population. Be cautious when placing these facilities – for example, water towers should be placed far from industrial zones to avoid contamination.
  3. Public Services: As your city grows, so do the needs of its citizens. Provide essential services such as fire stations, police stations, and hospitals to ensure their safety and well-being. Moreover, focus on education by building various schools, libraries, and colleges to improve your city’s overall development.
  4. Economy and Budget Management: Keep track of your city’s income and expenditures by monitoring and adjusting taxes as needed. Maintaining a perfect balance between income and spending allows steady growth and access to valuable resources.hilly city in pocket city 2
  5. Transportation: A well-connected public transportation system is crucial as your city expands. Introduce buses, trains, and airports to ensure proper connectivity and avoid traffic congestion.
  6. Parks and Recreation: Happy citizens contribute to a thriving city. Include parks, sports arenas, and other recreational spaces into your city design to boost citizen happiness and attract more residents.
  7. Expand and Develop: As you progress, upgrade your buildings, and unlock new structures to improve your city. Expanding the city limits and focusing on zoning and transportation upgrades can lead to even more opportunities for growth.
  8. Complete Quests: Pocket City 2 offers various quests that help obtain resources and experience points. Complete these tasks to expand your city more effectively.
  9. Natural Disasters and Emergencies: Be prepared for natural disasters and emergencies by building safety structures like disaster centers, fire helicopters, and tsunami barriers. Planning and investing in disaster preparedness can significantly minimize potential damage.
  10. Learn from your City: The more time you invest in your city, the better you will understand its needs and growth patterns. Continuously adapt and modify your strategies based on your experiences and learnings.

By following these tips and strategies, you will have a solid foundation for building your dream city in Pocket City 2 and provide a thriving and joyful environment for its inhabitants. Happy building!

Efficiently Navigating Pocket City 2

Efficiently Navigating Pocket City 2

To optimize your Pocket City 2 experience, consider embracing the following strategy tips:

  1. Begin with Easy/Tutorial mode to familiarize yourself with the game mechanics before diving into Expert mode. This approach enables you to gradually master the challenges and intricacies of the game, preventing overwhelming frustration.
  2. Be mindful of balancing resources, economy, and event timing to avoid bankruptcy and maximize city growth.
  3. Pay close attention to population growth and employment opportunities. Unlock research projects like “Four Day Work Week” and “Hiring Bonus” to create employment boosts in the industrial sector.
  4. Be strategic about research investments to ensure long-term commercial development and economic growth. Upgrade pathways connected to commercial properties to facilitate balanced progress.

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Late-Game Dynamics: Balancing Challenges & Goals

Despite the robust and engaging gameplay of Pocket City 2, some players report a drop-off in difficulty and challenge toward the late-game stage. A future update could address this concern by providing more challenging content and mechanisms to sustain player interest throughout the long term.

Transferring funds from one city to another, for example, can prove too advantageous, undermining the game’s challenge and difficulty. Adjusting this feature could facilitate a more balanced experience, compelling players to think strategically about resource management from beginning to end.

How to make a lot of money in Pocket City 2

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Pocket City 2, the enthralling city-building simulation game for Android and iOS, challenges players to build their dream metropolis and effectively manage their economy. To become a successful mayor, understanding ways to maximize profits is essential. This comprehensive guide explores various techniques for generating substantial revenue while playing Pocket City 2.

First and foremost, building a healthy economy hinges on tax revenue from residential, commercial, and industrial zones. Design a balanced mix of zones catering to your city’s needs, diversifying commercial and industrial areas with high-rise buildings as they generate more income. Periodically review and adjust tax rates while being careful not to overburden your citizens, which could reduce overall satisfaction and inhibit growth.

Image of quest in Pocket City 2

Investing in education is another critical factor in boosting your city’s income. An educated population leads to better employment opportunities and, consequently, higher income levels. Provide ample coverage of primary and secondary schools, colleges, and universities throughout your city, enhancing educational amenities with libraries and community centers.

Smooth, efficient transportation can significantly improve your city’s productivity while attracting more citizens and supporting business growth. Establish a well-connected transportation network by implementing a comprehensive bus system and constructing train stations and airports.

In Pocket City 2, harnessing the spending power of tourists can significantly impact your city’s income. Transform your city into a tourist hotspot by creating entertainment venues like stadiums, concert halls, parks, landmarks, and monuments emulating famous real-life attractions. You’ll notice a steady revenue increase as your city becomes increasingly popular among tourists.

nightlife in pocket city 2

Although accumulating large sums of cash is encouraging, managing your budget correctly is crucial in the long term. Keep a watchful eye on income and expenses to avoid bankruptcy, monitoring ongoing costs such as building maintenance and public services.

Lastly, striking the right balance between residential and commercial zones is essential for generating consistent revenue. A shortage of residential areas can lead to a lack of citizens, while an excess may result in fewer job opportunities and reduced growth. Carefully plan your city’s layout to accommodate all citizens’ needs and ensure that commercial zones are conveniently located near residential areas.

By employing these strategies, your journey as a mayor in Pocket City 2 will be marked with success and prosperity. As you create your thriving city, you’ll not only witness rapid growth but also have ample financial resources to invest in future development.

How to increase Traffic efficiency in Pocket City 2

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An essential aspect of managing a thriving city in Pocket City 2 is the ability to develop a highly efficient traffic system. Maintaining good traffic flow is crucial as it allows citizens to reach their destinations quickly, boosting the overall satisfaction rating of your city. This comprehensive guide outlines various tactics to improve traffic efficiency, including the clever trick of deploying bus stops throughout your city.

  1. Implementing Bus Stops Everywhere: One simple yet highly effective way to improve traffic efficiency is to place bus stops across the city. By providing your citizens convenient access to public transportation, you will notice a significant decrease in road traffic. A widespread bus network encourages citizens to use public transit, reducing private vehicle usage and improving traffic flow and air quality.
  2. Smart Road Network Design: An efficient road network reduces congestion—design roads to prevent bottlenecks and avoid overloading your city streets. Utilize one-way streets, roundabouts, and strategically placed intersections to smoothen the traffic flow while ensuring all zones are easily accessible.
  3. Integrating Various Modes of Transport: Besides buses, incorporate other modes of transport, such as trains and subways, into your city plan. A multi-tiered transportation system allows for the even distribution of citizens across various means of travel, reducing traffic congestion and increasing the city’s overall efficiency.
  4. Encouraging Public Transportation Usage: Incentivize citizens to utilize public transport by keeping prices reasonable and providing timely service. A well-maintained public transportation system attracts more users, resulting in fewer vehicles on the road and improved traffic in pocket city 2
  5. Traffic Management Devices: Install traffic lights and stop signs where necessary to regulate traffic efficiently. Traffic management devices can significantly improve traffic conditions by prioritizing vehicles where needed and facilitating smooth traffic flow.
  6. Separating Industrial and Residential Zones: Industrial zones tend to generate heavy traffic due to the transportation of goods and workforce mobility. To alleviate traffic congestion, separate industrial areas from residential zones and ensure that dedicated road networks connect these areas to minimize interference with residential traffic patterns.
  7. Upgrading Infrastructure: When traffic capacity limits are reached, consider expanding existing roads or building new infrastructure like highways, bridges, and tunnels. Upgrading your infrastructure helps relieve congestion and allows vehicles to travel faster, improving overall traffic efficiency.

By adopting these strategies, including placing bus stops everywhere, your city’s traffic efficiency will significantly improve in Pocket City 2. As a result, citizens will enjoy a better quality of life, and your city will continue to flourish and grow.

How to Increase Air Quality in Pocket City 2

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Air quality is a vital aspect of a thriving city, promoting the well-being of its citizens. In Pocket City 2, managing air quality is crucial for ensuring the health and satisfaction of your population, which directly impacts the growth and progress of your city. This comprehensive guide discusses various strategies to improve air quality, including reducing industrial areas and promoting higher education for increased employment in commercial zones.

  1. Limit Industrial Areas: Industrial zones significantly contribute to air pollution due to releasing hazardous emissions. By avoiding building industrial areas, you can directly mitigate air pollution within your city. As a result, air quality can be significantly improved, benefiting your citizens’ health and happiness.
  2. Promote Higher Education: Building colleges and universities is a powerful tool to reduce the demand for industrial zones. By fostering an educated population, citizens can work in commercial areas instead of relying on industries for employment. This shift reduces the need for industrial zones and further diminishes air pollution from industrial activity. You should also remove all the industrial zones after doing this.
  3. Implement Green Energy Sources: Embrace renewable energy sources such as solar power plants or wind turbines to reduce your city’s dependence on pollution-heavy power generation technologies such as coal and oil. Grcity’sergy sources produce little to no emissions, improving your city’s air quality.Anna in pocket city 2
  4. Encourage Public Transportation Usage: As previously mentioned, widespread implementation of bus stops and other public transportation options can significantly reduce traffic congestion and private vehicle use. This reduction leads to lower emissions and improved air quality, fostering a healthier urban environment.
  5. Build Trees and Green Spaces: Incorporate parks, gardens, and tree-lined streets within your city, as they act as natural air purifiers, absorbing pollutants and producing fresh oxygen. Green spaces not only enhance air quality but also provide recreational opportunities and contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of your city.
  6. Industrial Zone Placement: If your city does require industrial areas, place them strategically away from residential and commercial zones to minimize their impact on air quality. Design a well-connected transportation network to facilitate efficient transportation of goods and workers between the industrial and other zones, minimizing pollution from vehicular traffic.

By city’s-enting these strategies, you can significantly improve your city’s air quality in Pocket City 2, contributing to the happiness and satisfaction of your population. Your citizens will enjoy a healthier, more flourishing environment, allowing your city to thrive and prosper.

Ensuring a successful start in Pocket City 2 requires a strategic and resourceful approach to unlock a steady stream of cash and valuable items. In this article, we provide a step-by-step guide to help you maximize early game resources by leveraging in-game friends and cleverly utilizing special items.

Step-by-Step Guide to Early Game Resource Acquisition

Step-by-Step Guide to Early Game Resource Acquisition in Pocket City 2

Follow these steps to efficiently unlock more cash, items, and tools at the beginning of Pocket City 2:

  1. Progress in the game until you’ve unlocked several friends, such as a Fireman, Police Officer, and Banker.
  2. Purchase the “How to Make Friends” book from the General Store.
  3. Acquire the Special Drink (Coffee) from the Food Store.
  4. Consume the Special Drink, then read “How to Make Friends” to double your points and increase your friends’ levels, providing you with additional items, money, and tools.
  5. Repeat the process as early in the game as possible, closely monitoring their inventory to ensure that you receive another “How to Make Friends” book. Using it immediately can help your friends level up again, supplying you with more in pocket city 2
  6. To optimize the benefits, it’s crucial to perform these steps early in the game. Waiting too long may result in obtaining a Research Book instead of the desired “How to Make Friends.” However, the Research Book can still be beneficial in late-game situations, providing valuable Research Points to level up individual friends more frequently.


By implementing this strategic approach in Pocket City 2, players can maximize the acquisition of early game resources, thus setting themselves up for long-term success. Ensuring a strong foundation in the game’s early stages is vital, and carefully managing your resources and utilizing in-game friends effectively are key factors in maintaining a thriving city. Following the outlined steps can lead to a more enjoyable and rewarding Pocket City 2 experience.

Accumulating research points in Pocket City 2 plays a crucial role in advancing your city’s growth, as they unlock valuable upgrades and improvements. Fortunately, several in-game buildings provide ample research point opportunities. In this article, we will discuss the most efficient strategies for acquiring research points, ultimately enabling you to effectively advance and enhance your city.

Easy way to get research points in Pocket City 2Step-by-Step Guide to Early Game Resource Acquisition

To optimize your research point collection, consider visiting the following buildings, known for their generous research point rewards:

  1. Elementary School: Visit elementary schools to earn 3 to 6 research points with each interaction.
  2. Banks: Banking establishments provide a reliable source of 3 research points per visit.
  3. Mayor Office: The Mayor’s Office offers another consistent option, granting 3 research points per interaction.
  4. Police Stations: Secure an additional 3 research points and 2 crates upon visiting a police station.
  5. Commercial Zones: Explore the commercial areas in your city, as they frequently provide either research points or crates to significantly boost your progress.

Remember to keep an eye on the General Store to acquire an axe—which is required for opening crates—and to gift it to your relationships, in turn receiving free gifts in return. This tactic can considerably expedite your research point accumulation.

How to increase citizens in Pocket City 2 without building more residential areas:How to increase citizens in Pocket City 2 without building more residential areas:

A few tricks exist to increase citizens in Pocket City 2 without making more residential areas. You can upgrade your previous residential areas, which is a bit simple. Still, you can also build a commuting train station on every edge of your city, giving you 40k additional citizens without significant effort.

Another trick would be building a Mega Pyramid City in Mega Projects, which unlocks at level 100; it can house up to 105889 citizens, a massive number for any city in Pocket City 2.

How to Level Up in Pocket City 2 with ease

image of a city in pocket city. 2

Progressing through the levels in Pocket City 2 is an essential aspect of the gaming experience, as it allows you to unlock new buildings, infrastructure, and features. This guide outlines various approaches and strategies to help you level up quickly and efficiently.

  1. Complete Quests: Pocket City 2 offers a variety of quests that you can accomplish to earn experience points (XP) and rewards. These quests range from building specific structures to reaching certain population milestones. Complete these quests as they become available to boost your XP and progress through the levels.
  2. Balanced Development: A well-functioning city requires a balanced development of residential, commercial, and industrial zones. Focusing on a healthy mix of zones enables you to cater to your population’s needs, attracting more citizens. As your population grows and your city thrives, you will gain experience points and level up.
  3. Invest in Public Services: Providing essential public services like healthcare, education, and security can positively impact the lives of your citizens, increasing their satisfaction levels. Increased citizen satisfaction grants you additional experience points, helping you level up quickly.
  4. Engage in Infrastructure Projects: Undertaking and completing infrastructural projects such as road networks, bridges, and public transportation systems directly influence your city’s productivity and citizens’ satisfaction. These projects contribute to a better functioning city and award you with experience games in pocket city 2
  5. Manage Special Events: Pocket City 2 includes special events and emergencies such as natural disasters or crime waves. Responding quickly to these events and minimizing their impact will contribute to your city’s overall performance, yielding experience points and pushing you towards higher levels.
  6. Monitor City Happiness: Keep an eye on your city’s overall happiness, which influences your leveling-up process. Encourage enjoyment by ensuring your citizens’ needs are met, which includes providing amenities like parks, entertainment venues, and good transportation. A happy city will more likely generate experience points and help you level up faster.
  7. Participate in Mini-Games: Pocket City 2 features mini-games that offer a fun and engaging way to earn experience points. Participating in these mini-games provides a break from city-building and rewards you with valuable XP. Take advantage of these opportunities as they appear in the game, as the experience points earned will contribute to your overall progress and help you reach higher levels faster. By incorporating mini-games into your leveling-up strategy and combining them with the previously mentioned approaches, you can ensure a well-rounded and enjoyable city-building experience in Pocket City 2. With each new level unlocked, you’ll have the opportunity to expand your city further and create a prosperous, bustling metropolis.

Dubai-like city in pocket city 2

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