Dying Light 2: Stay Human Tips & Tricks

Written by Vince Abella

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is a massive game, and as such, there will be many things to do. However, with that, there will also be many ways to die. However, once more, there are many ways to survive and to stay human in the last remaining bastion of human civilization. Here are some tips and tricks for your stay here in Villedor. 

Note: Tips are from a player with level 6 and more than 35 hours in the game 

Stock Up on Resources 

Stock Up on Resources in Dying Light 2


You’ll constantly be on the run, and sometimes infected will be able to land a hit on you. Always keep some supplies to craft healing resources and other items that help keep you alive. You don’t want to be trapped without bandages when you’re low on health, so always be sure to have extra stuff saved up in times of trouble. 

Aim for the Head
Aim for the Head in Dying Light 2

You’ve heard it a million times by now, but I promise you, this will help. A brand new addition to Dying Light 2 Stay Human is the health bar, and it allows you to tell how much damage you’re dealing to an enemy, human or infected. Attacks to the head do quite a bit more damage to your opponent, so be sure to target your weapon there. Speaking of your weapon… 

Keep Track of Durability


The weapon colors aren’t just for show, they’re there to help you know how many hits you can dish out left. Thankfully, there’s lots of weapons to be found in the environment, but if they’re common, they’ll only last fourty hits. You’ll have four weapon slots in your wheel where you can also see how many attacks are left.

Explore the Environment
Explore the Environment in Dying Light 2

There are many different uses that exploring has in this game. As mentioned, there’s a lot of things to be found, such as resources and materials, as well as random encounters that earn you rewards. Exploring can also give you a better feel for the area, allowing you to escape encounters and chases much easier. It helps to explore and know the areas to make sure you know that you won’t just miss a jump and fall to your death. Besides, the world is beautiful, take your time. 

Master the Art of Dodging and Blocking
Master the Art of Dodging and Blocking in Dying Light 2

In this game, you’ll have to be more careful in combat. Enemies can take swings at you, and if you perfectly, expertly time your movement, you can slow down time enough to use some parkour attacks or land some strong hits on staggered opponents. If you unlock the right skill for it, you can have quite a lot of time to think about your next move. Dodging can save your life and is even required to defeat some enemies. 

Use Your Environment 

Use Your Environment in Dying LIght 2

Different from exploring the environment, you can use a lot of scattered weapons and surroundings to help survive in Villedor. There are spears you can use and spikes on walls and in the combat area that you can use to your advantage. These spears deal major damage and kill weaker enemies easily. You can also knock enemies off of rooftops to kill them. 

Upgrade Your Skills

Through Inhibitors and leveling up, you can upgrade your many skills in a really well-made progression system where you earn experience for parkour moves and hits to enemies. With these upgraded skills and trees, you can be able to unlock some moves that eliminate opponents easily, such as the instant-kill stomp and the powerful vault kick. It is important that you upgrade your stamina if you can dodge and block well enough so that you can unlock the major stuff like the Active Landing and the supremely overpowered godsend known as the almighty dropkick. Legitimately the best tool in the game. 

Know the Difference Between Blades and Blunts 

Shockingly, there is a difference between blade and blunt weapons, and it is really useful in different combat situations. Blunt weapons, which can stun and knock down, are really useful against the human enemies when combined with perfect blocks that can lead to a knockdown, allowing for a stomp. Weapons that are bladed are more useful on the infected, as you can force them to the ground by cutting off their limbs. 

Buy and Upgrade Materials 

Buying new weapons and materials can save your life, and there’s always the best items available in the game’s stores. Weapons you can buy may be a bit expensive, but they will also be some of the most powerful you can get. You can get the weapon mods here that can help you out in combat, as well as upgrade your medkits to be faster and increase the amount of throwing knives you make when crafting 

Master Traversal

Come night, the infected are at their most dangerous. If you get into a chase, you better pray that you have mastered parkour. If you can handle it and are desperate for loot, you can stay and fight, but otherwise, and for some missions, you need to think on your feet. Mastering the traversal is immensely satisfying, not to mention, linking up unique moves together will gain you more experience for parkour. Running is the core of Dying Light 2 Stay Human’s gameplay, and trust me, you will need to know how to run. 

Do Side Activities 

The side missions and activities in Dying Light 2 allow you to not only explore the world but reward you with a lot of experience. These side activities can be useful in helping you level up or unlock abilities faster, with some missions unlocking fast travel and others providing you with inhibitors.

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