Dying Light 2 Best Weapons Ranked

Dying Light 2 Best Weapons Ranked
Written by Vince Abella

Thanks to the fact that Dying Light 2 no longer uses guns, melee combat is the primary focus of this zombie-parkour title. There are a ton of powerful weapons of all types, from the common to the really rare ones. The most powerful weapons are usually ones that can be bought, and while they may cost a lot of money, they are more than reliable when dealing with the infected. While a lot of the best ones cost money, there’s a lot of weapons out in the wild that are still very powerful. 

Note: Given that this is a game with hundreds of weapons that are usually randomly found, this list will include some of the best that have been collected after completing the story with 55+ hours of playtime. 

Pyramid Blade 

Pyramid Blade in Dying Light 2

An obvious reference to Pyramid Head’s iconic weapon, this bladed beast can slash zombies apart in no time. While it’s rather pricey, it more than makes up for it with its efficacy in dealing with hordes. It does cost a few thousand gold coins but boy is it worth it to have a handy weapon like this on you. While it has no modification slots, its still very powerful on its own. 

Flambeau in Dying Light 2

This brutal beast can deal quite a lot of damage and can be bought from the Old Villedor shop. While a blunt weapon, it is still very useful against the infected, and can bring them down with one swipe. Keep this handy as it doesn’t have any slots for upgrades and modifications to regenerate its durability. 

Heavy Duty 

Heavy Duty in Dying Light 2

While it may lack in the damage department, it is a very quick and very deadly weapon when mods are applied to it. The mods, when applied to this weapon, make it a very powerful and very useful tool against the infected, and thanks to having three slots available for it, can quickly become overpowered while lasting a very long time.

Caveman in dying light 2

This common weapon can be found in the map, and despite it only lasting 40 hits, it is a very powerful tool. In spite of its very lacking durability, this blunt weapon can deal tons of damage. It actually helps how common it is, as a lot of these weapons will work very well against the infected, not to mention feeling very great to use in combat as you whack an enemy across the street. Given that it is a blunt weapon, it is also very powerful against human enemies. 


Barbarian in Dying Light 2

This cool sword is insanely powerful, and thanks to the fact it can be modded, is one of the best weapons in the game. You can find this both in stores and out in the open world, and if you do, you just nabbed one of the best weapons in the entire game. Even without modding, this sword can deal a LOT of damage in a short amount of time, and with it, you’ll have a blast taking down infected and human enemies. 


Dropkicks in Dying Light 2

I’m not joking when I say this may very well be the best weapon in the game. From vault kicking to stomps, your legs are legitimately overpowered, and the dropkick is the best (worst?) offender in this regard. It can knock enemies off of buildings and areas for instant kills, or kick them in the direction of some sharp looking spikes. They’re also useful against the big enemies, as they get stunned for a second, giving you enough time to get away from their attack. Sometimes even on its own it can kill people in one hit. It is not only the most fun, but the most powerful weapon in the game. 

There are tons of weapons available in Dying Light 2, with some easter egg weapons that you’ll probably have more fun using and finding rather than actually being useful. With the wide range of weapons available, it really is your pick on what you want to use to tackle whatever you come across.
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