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Xbox and Bethesda have multiple Disney-licensed Games in development

Xbox and Bethesda have multiple Disney-licensed Games in development
Written by Vince Abella

The pairing of Xbox and Bethesda may yield something of interest to many fans very soon, as it has been rumored that they are working on new titles that are actually Disney-licensed products. Recently, Disney has been popping up in recent games and announcements, such as the highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts 4 and the recently released LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. It seems that Bethesda may join the ranks of Square Enix and Warner Bros. in its usage of Disney licenses, as this news also comes in the wake of another rumor reporting on a new MMO Mandalorian title from ZeniMax Online Studios.
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According to Joey McDermott on Twitter, Bethesda and Xbox are working on a currently unconfirmed Disney-licensed game.

This news reportedly comes from the same source who leaked the Bethesda welcome event an entire month before its actual reveal

There is much speculation as to what this new title could be, with many hoping for another Star Wars title. With the Xbox and Bethesda showcasing their newest titles in a few weeks on June 12, it is very likely that if this rumored new Disney product is actually real, it will be revealed at this major event where lots of games are expected to be shown.

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