Will Football Manager 2023 be on PlayStation 4 and 5?

Will Football Manager 2023 be on PlayStation 4 and 5?
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Football Manager PlayStation
Football Manager 2021 marked a significant shift for the franchise since it was the first time the game was released on the Xbox One.

Football Manager 2023 appears set to arrive on Xbox console this year, following a solid first year – and a continuation of that success with FM22.
What about PlayStation, though?

Fans of Football Manager on Sony systems will, however, not be able to play the game anytime soon.

SI’s Miles Jacobson took to Twitter in 2020 to confirm that Xbox had been inquiring about when FM will return to consoles for quite some time.
Sony didn’t ask the same questions, which is why Football Manager has only recently been released on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Never say never, but it appears like this year’s version of everyone’s favorite business simulator will not be released on PlayStation.

FM23 Xbox Edition
After successful runs during FM21 and FM22, a version for Microsoft’s console will be offered once more.

The Xbox version of FM23 will be a more streamlined version of the complete game, allowing players to enjoy the game’s joys without having to delve into some of the game’s more complicated features.
“Our old system wasn’t up to grade,” says the Match Engine in Football Manager 2022.
Football Manager 2022 will be released in less than two weeks, and fans who pre-ordered the game will be able to play it early through the FM22 Beta.

Image from Football Manager 2022

So far, the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, and we got down with Sports Interactive’s Nic Madden and CJ Ramson to talk about some of the game’s exciting new features concentrating on how the match engine has gotten some much-needed TLC

Aims and Challenges
While Football Manager 2022 has been a huge success so far, it doesn’t mean there haven’t been any challenges along the way.
We adjusted our accuracy, inverted pressing, and then completely rewrote the system, adding a new role and all the complexities that come with a wide center-back. It was a challenge, but it was also extremely satisfying.”

. “Pressing was something that might quickly destabilize the game’s equilibrium and detract from the immersion. Things like pass accuracy might have easily shattered the immersion and put us in a situation from which it would be tough to recover.”

Player Animation Engine
The brand new player animation engine in Football Manager 2022 is arguably one of the most impressive additions to the game this year, making matchdays seem authentic and thrilling.

When we questioned why the new player animation engine was so vital, the guys at SI responded as follows.

Nic: I’m going to say something “For a long time, we’ve wanted to upgrade the animation engine. Our prior system wasn’t up to par; it wasn’t expandable and had a lot of limitations. We now enjoy a great deal of freedom. We’ve increased the smoothness and broadened the animations so that they can truly guide and improve the AI. Little elements like defensive shape, but that’s football and that’s our game; it’s full of small details that add up to a great picture.”

Nick was keen to point out that animation had been put on hold for a time, and he emphasized the importance of this new element going forward:

Nic: I’m going to say something “This is where it all begins. Because we’ve had 3D since Football Manager 2009, and this is now our next level, we’re attempting to create even more of a dent in that 3D sphere. We’ve put a lot of effort into it, and hopefully, the fans can notice it. We’re still a tiny crew, therefore we’re gradually expanding and striving to increase the realism.”

Striking a Balance
Football Manager, as we all know, is a game that evolves year after year, and Football Manager 2022 is no exception.

The Data Hub and other in-depth features can be daunting to casual fans, so how does the SI team strike the right balance?

“I’ve been playing Football Manager since I was a youngster,” CJ says. We don’t simply want to put items in the game that look nice or are useful; we want to put things in the game that will improve the gameplay.
One of the most important aspects of my job is that anything you fix will break something else; it’s an unavoidable component of game development. Finding and working on changes that don’t destroy the game’s balance is difficult. Overall, we want to strike a balance that will satisfy the community while also addressing issues that are bothersome to people.”
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