Football Manager 2022 Android and iOS Review

Football Manager 2022 Android and iOS Review
Written by Ankit Gaba

Football Manager 2022 offers a lot of UI improvements from the last year’s version on both Android and iOS,,, but the Match Engine remains untouched;;; however the upgrades that are there are very welcome.

Most of the game is similar to the other previous versions of Football Manager on Mobile… I think that an extensive overhaul is needed, especially because of that.

Football Manager 2022 is More of The Same

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Just like I mentioned before Football Manager 2022 on Mobile Devices (Both Android and iOS) is essentially the same as Football Manager 2021 except a few differences now you can see player ratings while you are in the match I do not recall doing anything like that in Football Manager 2021 so that’s a great addition and you can also view how much time players will take to come back from injury along with players who are at risk and they could get injured.

At the end of the day the entire game is all about tactics it doesn’t matter if you have good players because if you have bad tactics that drastically reduces your chance to win. You will not believe this but I won the Premier League in first try with Lecicster without any big transfers so it’s all about having the right idea and relationship with players.

Unrealistic Transfers

Unrealistic Transfers

Transfers are really unrealistic you probably won’t believe me but I got charged 60 Million for a Reserve Player from Arsenal who was not even that good I really hope that they improve this thing in the next installment of Football Manager.

On top of that other clubs bid at a really low value most of the time for example Man City bid for a player who’s Value was around 60 Million and they only bid 20 Million I hope that they can fix this with a patch or something because this is just terrible I do not recall Football Manager 2021 having this at all.

UI Improvements

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UI Improvements are great and it’s HD even on iPad this time and if you are managing a club in premier league it really provides that kind of vibe it’s a shame that features like sound effects and commentary are absent though I think they just focused on the PC Ports and did not pay much attention to Mobile Versions this year that might be the reason for lack of innovation I still have not played this game on PC but I really hope to do that I have heard that this game is way better on PC


Do not buy Football Manager 2022 if you already have Football Manager 2021 on Android or iOS since it’s literally the same game with a few improvements that do not make much of a difference however I will probably spend hundreds of hours on this game just cause of that but I expected way more this year for some reason.

If you have never played Football Manager games and were considering to buy this one then please buy it because it’s way better than FIFA’s Manager Mode except the Mobile version of Football Manager 2022 since it does not have much depth and it just lacks innovation I think this is what Lack of Competition has done to them there has not been any other Decent or Good Paid Football Managing Simulation Game in a while so it affected SEGA’s process a lot now we can just hope for the better for the next installment and I hope that they make a PlayStation Port as well since that’s my main gaming device and I just do not play on my PC quite often and a good version of mobile port next year maybe?

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