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The fact is, there are very few people in the world who get to play big league professional sports. An even tinier population gets to run teams and franchises and make big-money deals. However, many of us dream about it and play fantasy games to get that feeling of being in the game. 


Sports video games go a long way to fill that gap. Whether you’ve competed at high levels on the fields of your youth, or you stayed off on the sidelines, sports video games give you that feel of competing at the highest levels. There is a long history of great sports games, and the tradition continues today with more and more options and sports available. Here is a quick guide to some of the best sports games available on YuPlay that you can buy right now. 


The “beautiful game” is the most popular sport in the world and with good reason. That’s a big part of why this series of soccer games are so popular, but even those who have never watched or played soccer for real can still enjoy them. FIFA 23 is the latest version, and it comes with an extensive set of options for not just playing the game, but creating franchises, players, and tournaments. You can take your team through club seasons or world cup championships. For the first time, you can even take the help of a women’s club team and lead them to the finals. FIFA 23 also features the revolutionary Hypermotion Technology, which makes gameplay more realistic than ever. 


We’re going from the grass of the pitch to the grass, clay, and turf of the court. Matchpoint lets you create a player and take him or her through a career of tournaments, majors, rivalries, and championships. You can choose every aspect of your players, from your look to your outfit to your style of play. The game features updated technology that better simulates the physics of a tennis ball in flight and after hitting the ground, so you can try spin shots, slices, and drop shots to find success. Plan online or in person with your friends. 

Tour de France 2022

Tour de France is similar to Matchpoint, but you take your talents to the tour stages in France in search of that yellow jersey. You can create your own cycling star and team and choose their specialty. You can have cyclists who excel on hills, sprints, or a balance of all skills. Exciting new features include race incidents, such as injuries, accidents, and other unforeseen circumstances. Your perfect race can be disrupted at any time, so you’d better be ready to react. There is even a shuddering effect when you are going over cobblestones or rocky terrain, giving an even more lifelike feel to the game. Be prepared and cycle hard, and you could find yourself in first place at the finish line. 

NBA 2K22

NBA 2K22 is all about creating an immersive and full-featured basketball experience. Want to start a franchise and lead it to the NBA Finals? You can do that. Want to pick a team and play for money and prizes on cruise ships? You can do that too, as well as play on the streets. Any basketball environment you can think of, you can play in with this newest version. There is also the amazing Create-a-Player function and MyCareer mode. This means you can take a player through their career, as opposed to taking an entire specific team. Strap on your sneakers and hit the court. 


No matter what your taste, there is a wide selection of sports games on YuPlay for you to try. Whether you want to hit the court, the field, the course, or even more, then you can make your big league dreams come true.

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