What are the Different Popular Variants of Roulette?

After blackjack, roulette is one of the most popular casino games in the US. The same trend is observed in gaming communities across the world. Millions of players play different variants of roulette at online and offline casinos. With inside and outside bets, there are many other important aspects of the game that every gambler must know.

The most popular roulette variants are American, European, and French. Almost every online casino offers these variants. If a casino does not offer these variants, then it cannot be considered a good online casino. 

Even online players would not prefer to play at such casinos. Physical casinos also have these variants of the game. Though the differences between these variants are relatively small, they should be understood properly in order to win big money over the long run.

What are the Differences between Roulette Variants?

A spinning wheel with numbered slots is the simplest explanation of the game, but that’s not all. Experienced gamblers know the odds and payouts are different for every variant. Since there are many variations and rules associated with each variant of this game, winning strategies may change from one game to another. 

Gameplay strategies are also different for these popular types of roulette.  For example, there is one rule which states that players can choose ‘Red or Black’ for every spin given in European Roulette, whereas it is not possible in US Roulette games.

  • European Roulette

Being the most popular and most played variant of the roulette game, the European variant has a single zero slot on the spinning wheel. There are 37 divisions in the slot, numbered 0-36. Apart from red and black alternating sequences, there is a slot labeled “zero,” and that is colored green. 

The game rules are standard for this variant, as you need to select the type of bet, wager money, spin the wheel and then wait for the marble ball to reveal the division where it landed. 

  • French Roulette

This variant is also originally impressed by European roulette, and rules are also almost the same with just a few added aspects. In this variant, there are 37 numbered slots and a special slot labeled “La Partage.” This ratio is half of what the player has staked on their inside bet. 

These rules give players a chance to win back their bets or reduce their losses. There is no double-zero concept, so the payout ratio of European Roulette games is higher compared to this variant. 

  • American Roulette 

This variant is quite different from the European series. The main difference is that it has two zero slots, which allows players to win double the amount they would have won had there been no zero slots on the wheel. 

The wheel has major differences, and the rules are also sometimes different as per table layout. However, spinning this position can be risky, too, since there is a higher probability of losing money when hitting zero.

  • Mini Roulette

With divisions numbered from 0-12, mini roulette is like the smaller version of the standard game. This is one of the most popular variants at online casinos. The rules are almost the same for this variant. Playing roulette variants requires players to realize the various odds and probabilities associated with each game. 

Online casinos have different guides available for the players. These educational materials can help users with an easy understanding of the game rules and differences. This is difficult for new players, but with experience, they will get to know how each game works and can then choose any of these three games based on their budget, playing style, and other factors that influence every player.

What makes Roulette so Popular?

Many gamblers love to play roulette because it has different betting options. The diversity of the bet options is always a great deal for gamblers. This gives players the option to place a wild bet on the red or black and still triple the payout rate that they would have received if they had selected the same bet outside this variant of roulette. 

Playing this game also does not take much time. The simple combinations of numbers, colors, and other alternatives give the roulette game a unique appeal among all casino games.


Roulette is popular among many gamblers because there are many variants of this game available. Each type offers a slightly different spin on the rules and gameplay, but each variant is equally exciting.

One quick warning to use your best judgment before betting on a game where you do not understand the rules and probabilities closely enough so that you won’t get cheated out of your money. Playing games online or offline always offers the same thrill level and rewards. Online casinos have thousands of players every day who play these roulette games, and they offer fair deals to all of them.

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