Windwalker Monk class guide in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

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In World of Warcraft, there are many playable classes with different mechanics, and even choosing a distinct specialization can significantly affect the gameplay, since one wind is designed for damage, the second for helping allies and the third for playing defense – this is just an example of how specialization works.

Newbies who come to the project in the current Dragonflight update will have to deal with new mechanics and a redesigned talent system. Due in part to the need to learn new things rather than relearn from old knowledge, beginners will be in a better position than even the most experienced players.

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Basic information about the Wind Dance Monk class in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Monk is a combo class that successfully combines the skills of both an attacking class and a defensive one to help out allies.

It is distinguished by exceptional mobility and the ability to generate high damage due to a combination of skills.

The Monk uses two types of energy, which you need to be able to generate and spend wisely in order to fully deal damage to enemies and have good cooldowns to make a full cycle of damage.

Major Changes to the Windwalker Monk Class in the Dragonflight Update for World of Warcraft


Now the Monk class can be chosen by almost all races that are in the World of Warcraft

Now the starting energy parameter is 30 units, and not 10, as it was in the Shadowlands update.

A skill that increases maximum energy now also increases palm strike damage by 10%.

Rising Star now increases damage for Rising Sun Strike instead of critical chance as it did before.

The Arcane Harmony skill now increases damage and healing against enemies and allies by 10% instead of 8%.

Now you can learn a new talent – Sky Touch. It will allow you to impose an effect on the target, which allows you to increase the chance of a critical hit by 50% every 6 seconds.

The main significant change in Dragonflight is also faster core skill rotations and more predictable damage. The developers have significantly modified the skill system, making many of them talents – this gives players a wide range of experiments with skills and the generation of interesting builds that were previously considered absurd or were impossible due to game mechanics.

The Windwalker class has no direct AoE attacks, but with the right rotation, additional damage to one more target is possible. This is the responsibility of the Knockout Punch and the butt-forts for the Shadow Punch.


Benefits of the Windwalker Monk Class in the Dragonflight Update for World of Warcraft

It can be used as a full-fledged attacking class and as a tank, which will keep some of the damage on itself due to control skills.

Possesses one of the strongest sets of skills and characteristics for high movement speed.

Can deal strong explosive damage to the target and transfer damage to other enemies, turning his attacks into AoE skills.


Disadvantages of the Windwalker Monk class in the Dragonflight update for World of Warcraft

It is an average damage dealer and an average tact – it does not have a pronounced focus and is a combo class.

Does not have abilities of last resort – giving invulnerability or quick health regeneration.

Weak single target damage with no cooldowns or energy.

Priority and optimal stats to upgrade for the Windwalker Monk class

Characteristics are the main parameters that each character has, but depending on the profession and orientation, different priority types of hero development are selected. Characteristics are attacking and defensive, and each hero has special schemes for strengthening.

For a monk, these will be:


  • Weapon strength
  • Agility
  • Versatility
  • Critical hit
  • Mastery


Weapon strength

Each weapon has its own power depending on the level and quality.

Each class that wants to deal high damage on the target should have an up-to-date weapon for its level, if possible, strengthening stones and the quality of the item is higher than usual.

You can get such weapons in raids for your level, craft or buy at auction.



Agility is an offensive stat and one of the key attributes that governs the overall potential of normal and lethal damage skills.

For a class like the Windwalker Monk who constantly uses skill combos with physical damage, Agility will be one of the best options to buff, as it gives you the ability to deal increased damage, or inflict lethal damage on the enemy. Even if several skills work in a double version, then few opponents can withstand such damage.

You can increase the agility parameter by using all equipment that has a rank higher than usual – such items often give an increase to the main attribute of the class – in our case, dexterity.


Versatility is a parameter that is responsible for the uniform development of the attacking and defensive parameters of the hero.

For most classes, this is not a primary characteristic, since it is much more important for them to overclock their attacking potential, and not to maintain a balance between a good attack and not sacrifice defense.

But since the Monk is a semi-tank, semi-dp, it is the versatility that will allow us to maintain all the defensive potential and inflict good damage in the end. It will be important for your class to be able to hold on to the enemy and at the same time not crumble under his onslaught.

Critical hit

The Windwalker Monk is as much a tank as it is a damage dealer. He has a lot of skills with physical attack and the ability to strike without using skills, which will have good strength. This means that the critical strike parameter will not only suit you perfectly, but will also help you double the damage that you can inflict on the enemy.


Mastery affects the quality and strength of the applied skills. The higher this parameter, the greater the chance that the skill will work in an enhanced phase, or in a longer time period.}

Offensive skills will have a chance to deal more damage or lethal procs, while defensive skills will have a chance to proc in double time.

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