Ultimate AEW Fight Forever Guide: Strategies for Unlocking Characters, Earning Cash and Achieving 7-Star Matches

Ultimate AEW Fight Forever Guide: Strategies for Unlocking Characters, Earning Cash and Achieving 7-Star Matches
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In the dynamic world of wrestling, the launch of AEW: Fight Forever promises to deliver an exhilarating gaming experience right to your console. Going live today with a special edition that was released a day prior, this game will test your mettle with its roster of 60 power-packed characters, some of which are cloaked behind the unlock mechanism.

Navigating AEW: Fight Forever

Navigating AEW: Fight Forever

On stepping into the game, you’ll encounter only a fraction of the entire character lineup accessible. To unlock hidden wrestlers, you must embark on quests or mine AEW Cash, the game’s official currency, through methods like winning Exhibition matches or finishing daily and weekly challenges.

Unlocking Hidden Wrestlers: A Step-By-Step Guide

Unlocking Hidden Wrestlers: A Step-By-Step Guide AEW: Fight forever

Here’s a detailed guide to unlocking the five secret wrestlers in AEW: Fight Forever:

  1. “Aubrey Edwards”: Aubrey Edwards, the much-loved AEW referee, is one of the most accessible characters to unlock. Navigate to the shop’s “More Items” section and purchase her for 20,000 AEW cash.
  2. “Cody Rhodes”: Stay on the “More Items” section of the shop to unlock the three-time AEW TNT Champ Cody Rhodes. Bear in mind that he is available for 10,000 AEW Cash.
  3. “Owen Hart”: Unlocking Owen Hart requires you to play 100 total exhibition matches, not specific to any wrestler or difficulty level. However, once you hit the 100th match, be prepared to buy him from the shop for 50,000 cash.
  4. “Paul Wight”: With the ‘Road to Elite, unmasking Paul Wight is perhaps the most challenging endeavor. After losing consecutively till you reach the storyline “Who’s Ribbing Me?” (block 4C), you’re thrust into a three-minute match against Wight. Once you defeat him, he’ll be available in the shop for 30,000 cash.
  5. “Brodie Lee Jr.”: To unlock Brodie Lee Jr., you must lose the Casino Battle Royale at the beginner’s stage and gain traction by winning all subsequent matches until the next storyline block. Accept the dark order’s invitation after sightseeing and winning all ensuing matches. Defeating Brodie at the TNT Title Pay-Per-View Match will make him accessible in the shop for 30,000 cash.

Gaining the Coveted 7-Star Match: An Insider’s Guide
Gaining the Coveted 7-Star Match: An Insider's Guide AEW Fight Forever

The rewarding system in AEW: Fight Forever operates differently than traditional games, You can surpass the threshold of 5 stars to bag an exclusive 7-star match by showcasing exceptional moves and formulating robust strategies. Exhibiting Signature Moves in abundance can accelerate this path. If you pull this off successfully, beyond an achievement/trophy, you’ll receive an extra +$45,000 AEW Cash, thus rewarding your relentless pursuit. Using wrestlers like Bryan Danielson or Kenny Omega can tip the scale in your favor significantly.

Each mode in AEW: Fight Forever provides you with AEW Cash, and completing tasks in these modes, like Casino Battle Royale or Tag Team, can bolster your cash accumulation process.

Building Your Custom Superstar
Building Your Custom Superstar - AEW Fight Forever

Apart from standard gaming options, AEW: Fight Forever lets you carve out your custom wrestler. Under the ‘Custom’ tab in the main menu, the game provides avid gamers with ample character customization options, including the Profile, Ring Attire, Entrance Attire, Street Clothes, Move-set, and Entrance Scene. Whether you want to tweak the physical characteristics or the attire your wrestler sports in the ring or on the streets, this game has you covered. You can also customize the move-set list of your virtual character, thus ensuring a unique wrestling experience for every player.

Minigames: More Fun, More Points
Minigames: More Fun, More Points - AEW Fight Forever

AEW: Fight Forever features a series of minigames that defy the traditional norms of a wrestling match. Instead, test your knowledge of the AEW universe and measure your memory skills. On successful participation in these games like the ‘Chip Gather,’ ‘Penta Says,’ and ‘AEW Pop Quiz,’ gamers can earn precious points and flaunt their status in their friend circles.

The Art of Unlocking Wrestlers
The Art of Unlocking Wrestlers - AEW Fight Forever

In the adrenaline-fueled arena of AEW: Fight Forever, unlocking secret wrestlers is both an art and a quest. Though the initial purchase gives players access to a solid roster of characters, many exciting fighters remain as hidden rewards, waiting to be unveiled. Let’s look more in-depth at how your journey toward unlocking each character can shape your game experience.

Unlocking each character is an exciting milestone in your AEW: Fight Forever journey. For instance, the first two wrestlers – Aubrey Edwards and Cody Rhodes – can be unlocked merely by using AEW Cash, which can be earned through winning exhibition matches and completing various challenges. These two characters can be considered beginner achievements, familiarizing you with the game’s economics.

The game turns challenging with Owen Hart, requiring you to complete 100 exhibition matches. This task may be long-drawn but is not particularly complicated, helping you gain extensive practice and understanding of the nature of exhibitions.

Unlocking Paul Wight and Brodie Lee Jr. requires involvement in different game modes, pushing you to explore those aspects of the game. These ventures are relatively more complex, asking the player to lose matches intentionally or adopt specific strategies.

Get That Coveted 7-Star Match
Get That Coveted 7-Star Match - AEW Fight Forever

The radical feature of AEW: Fight Forever is undoubtedly its star rating system. Breaking away from the traditional five-star rating, developers have raised the bar to a coveted seven-star match, only achievable with a high-frequency display of Signature Moves.

Ronalds must be proactive, agile, and cleverly out-maneuver their opponents to claim seven stars. Utilizing fighters like Bryan Danielson or Kenny Omega can make this task more manageable due to their unique move-sets and superior abilities.

Successfully attaining this milestone unlocks remarkable rewards and achievements, validating the hard-earned match and boosting your AEW Cash reserves.

Crafted for Creativity: The Customization Options

Crafted for Creativity: The Customization Options in AEW Fight Forever

One of the stand-out features of AEW: Fight Forever is its expansive customization options. This unique feature launches you into an immersive world where you can create your custom wrestler, fine-tuning their appearance, ring attire, moves, and even their entrance act. This personalized gaming experience ensures a unique adventure for every player, bringing out a natural feel of owning the arena.

Fun with Minigames

Fun with Minigames in AEW Fight forever

AEW: Fight Forever introduces a series of fun and engaging minigames, providing a refreshing break from hardcore wrestling. These minigames range from ‘Chip Gather,’ where wrestlers scramble to grab falling poker chips, to ‘AEW Pop Quiz,’ testing your knowledge about All Elite Wrestling. These minigames are entertaining and a great way to earn additional points, making them a crucial part of your AEW: Fight Forever journey.

In conclusion, wrestling became more fun and intense, thanks to AEW: Fight Forever. As you immerse yourself in this game, remember that your strategy and grit will lead to domination. Whether unlocking hidden wrestlers, gaining a 7-star match, or excelling in minigames, this game is designed to reward your perseverance. So, get ready to conquer the mat and fight forever!

Unearth the Hidden Gems
Unearth the Hidden Gems in AEW Fight Forever

With each character in AEW: Fight Forever bringing unique skills and thrills to the ring, unlocking them is akin to discovering a trove of hidden gems. Your first achievements, Aubrey Edwards and Cody Rhodes, come at a nominal price of AEW Cash. This initial phase of unlocking characters introduces you to the game’s economy and instills confidence in intelligent in-game money management.

Then you progress into intermediate stages where you must play 100 exhibition matches to unlock Owen Hart. As you delve deeper into these matches, you’ll learn to understand each opponent, plot your strategies, and work on your attack and defense mechanisms.

The unlock journeys for Paul Wight and Brodie Lee Jr. require you to step out of the regular exhibition path and take on more complex tasks. Although it may sound counter-intuitive to lose matches intentionally, it undeniably introduces you to distinct perspectives of the competition and strengthens your problem-solving adeptness.

Beyond the Star Limit: Attaining the Coveted 7-Star Match
Beyond the Star Limit: Attaining the Coveted 7-Star Match in AEW Fight Forever

Grades or star rankings have always been the grading system for any wrestling game; a 5-star rank was the ultimate. But AEW: Fight Forever disrupts this star system by introducing the impossible yet attainable 7-star match. To achieve this, gamers must display high-frequency signature moves. This feature underlines not only the significance of these special attacks but also implicitly educates you about Signature Moves and how to execute them.

Successful battles that attain this niche milestone reward you with AEW Cash, offering further financial empowerment in-game. Navigating fighters like Bryan Danielson or Kenny Omega to this feat gets simpler due to their strength and unique abilities, thereby emphasizing the importance of choosing an exemplary character based on their ability.

Owning the Ring with Customization

What sets AEW: Fight Forever apart from its contemporaries is the absolute freedom it provides players for customizations. This innovative feature allows you to ‘own’ the game, figuratively and literally, as you channel your creativity and imagination in shaping your unique wrestler, from defining their appearance and ring attire to designing their move-set and even their entrance acts. This mode creates a parallel universe within the game, encouraging gamers to spend more time, thought, and effort, thereby increasing the game’s overall engagement quotient.

Thrills in Minigames

Thrills in Minigames in AEW Fight Forever

The landscape of AEW: Fight Forever is replete with thrilling minigames that serve as thrilling diversions from the classic wrestling matches. These minigames provide more breadth to your game journey, as you can switch over to a round of ‘Chip Gather’ or test your AEW knowledge with ‘AEW Pop Quiz.’

Aside from adding variety, these minigames also offer a fantastic opportunity to earn more points. Hence, they’re much more than just ‘fun intervals.’ They harbor the potential to enhance your game reach considerably while retaining the essence of entertainment.

AEW: Fight Forever is a fusion of tradition and innovation in wrestling games, piquing the interest of traditional wrestling enthusiasts and next-generation gamers alike. The game brings together acclaimed wrestlers under one roof and allows you to don their avatars or create your character.

Each wrestling match within the game becomes an arena for you to experiment, learn, and grow – from understanding each character’s strengths to the nuances of each game mode, from climbing the ladder of star ratings to creation in the game’s universe.

The constant challenge of unlocking hidden wrestlers keeps you on your toes while pushing you to explore the different game facets. The introduction of AEW Cash infuses an element of resource management, underscoring the importance of a win not only for courage but also for its financial reward.

The 7-star match feature is a game-changer that pushes you beyond the known limits and constantly drives you toward perfection. It’s not just about achieving an impossible feat; it’s a road that equips you with vital strategy planning and execution skills.

The customization aspect ensures that AEW: Fight Forever is not just another game. It can be your game as you conceptualize and realize your ideas, imprinting your presence through each frame. Whether designing your ring attire or framing your combat moves, the game yields space for your imagination to shape your wrestler’s persona. The nuances of customization and the need for precision make AEW: Fight Forever a game that simultaneously calls for perseverance, patience, and creativity.

Master the Mat: Selecting the Ultimate Skills for Success in AEW: Fight Forever’s ‘Road to Elite’

Successfully navigating the ‘Road to Elite’ in AEW: Fight Forever significantly hinges on skill upgrading. Each road demands a distinct skill set, and though there’s no straight answer on which skill to pick, there are some game-changers you cannot afford to skip. This article aims to guide you on choosing the most fruitful skills in AEW: Fight Forever to ensure a seamless gaming experience.

  1. “Momentum Rate”:

Momentum is the lifeblood of AEW: Fight Forever. The more quickly you can build it up, the better. While how you wish to update your basic stat skills is largely discretionary, boosting your momentum rate should be your immediate and topmost concern. Being able to build momentum swiftly sets the pace of your game, earning you an invaluable edge.

  1. “Guardbreak”:

Closely linked to momentum is the art of guarding in Fight Forever. This game caters to enthusiasts who appreciate the defensive side of gaming. “Guardbreak”, a skill that breaks an opponent’s guard with a potent strike, is shockingly powerful, making it a skill you need in your arsenal to overpower your rivals.

  1. “Bail Out”:

Fight Forever can sometimes leave you helpless on the mat, desperately seeking defense options. Introducing ‘Bail Out’ — a skill that lets you roll out of the ring unharmed when knocked down. This skill is your key to safety during vulnerable moments, expanding your defensive tactics beyond retaliating.

  1. “Kip Up”:

‘Kip Up’ is another indispensable skill for those unavoidable times when you’ve been floored. Whether you time it perfectly after being slammed or decide to get up when you’ve signed or delivered a lethal blow, ‘Kip Up’ can be your secret weapon in getting back into the game rapidly and strategically.

  1. “Grit”:

Updating the ‘Grit’ skill dramatically heightens your chances of turning the tide in your favor. Being at the receiving end of a well-landed Special from your opponent can usually mean game over, but not with ‘Grit’ in your skills set. An unexpected last-second kickout could easily flummox and overwhelm your opponent, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.

  1. “Tit for Tat”:

Albeit better to cease your adversary from successfully landing a Special, ‘Tit for Tat’ skill does the needful in amplifying your momentum to an all-time high once your opponent garners their Special. It empowers you to reciprocate with your own power-packed move, ensuring an exciting back-and-forth for the spectators and players alike.

  1. “Elite Defense”:

Rounding up this list is ‘Elite Defense’, your last line of defense against a seemingly unpreventable match finish. This skill provides you a fair chance to reverse a finisher, resulting in a staggering shift in momentum from your opponent to you.

In conclusion, thriving in the game of AEW: Fight Forever majorly relies on how wisely you choose to upgrade your skills during the ‘Road to Elite’. Incorporating these recommended skills in your game-play will equip you with the perfect blend of offensive and defensive strategies, paving your path to success in dominating the wrestling ring. So, roll your sleeves up, and let the game begin!

To sum it up, AEW: Fight Forever duly lives up to its name, cementing its place in the hearts of gamers’ forever.’ The thoughtfully crafted game journey ensures you experience the thrill of wrestling, the satisfaction of resource management, the joy of achieving the impossible, and the fulfillment of witnessing your creativity come alive.

AEW: Fight Forever is a game that triumphs in its versatility. It caters to hardcore wrestling fans and casual gamers looking for a thrilling experience. The unique wrestling mechanics and robust customization features, make it an exciting package. Whether you are stepping into this thrilling universe for the first time or are an experienced player, this game delivers an engaging and unforgettable journey where every effort you invest yields rich rewards. So gear up, take the plunge, and fight forever!

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