Only Up Guide: Essential Tips & Tricks, How to save, Multiplayer and More

Only Up Guide: Essential Tips & Tricks, How to save, Multiplayer and More
Written by Sylvester Greer

Embrace yourself for an enchanting gaming journey with ‘Only Up,’ a 3D platformer game garnished with parkour elements, launched on Steam on May 24, 2023. Join Jackie, a boy desperate for a better life, as he decides to climb a colossal beanstalk that transports him to a mystic world hidden above the clouds. Face challenges, unveil secrets, manipulate time, and speed while enjoying this immersive gaming expedition.

Recently Only Up! was removed from Steam but now it has been re-added.

‘Only Up’: The Gaming Know-How

'Only Up': The Gaming Know-How

Step into the shoes of Jackie and journey through an intricate network of roads leading towards the pinnacle of the game. The gameplay mirrors other fan favourites like “Jump King” and “Spelunky”, testing your ability to handle the strong demise penalty and lack of save points. Any misstep may plunge you back to the level’s beginning, challenging your persistence.

Play Smart: Pearls of Wisdom
Play Smart: Pearls of Wisdom in Only Up!

Using the time manipulation and speed change abilities wisely can mean the difference between victory and plummeting back to ground zero. Make the most of these abilities to sculpt precise jumps or dodge falls but remember to let your energy recharge for optimal gaming efficiency.

Dive deep into the game’s universe, uncover hidden secrets, and decrypt Easter eggs. It’s not the failures but getting back up stronger each time that truly counts. Emphasize understanding the surroundings and interpreting signals and clues. Enjoy the captivating setting, and let the rush of excitement fuel your climb toward the summit.

No Save Points: Brace For The Challenge
No SavePoints: Brace For The Challenge in Only Up!

Plan your gaming hours carefully, as ‘Only Up’ does not support saving game progress midway. Unless completed in a single run, the journey restarts upon re-entering the game. An experienced player may take 40-60 minutes, whereas newbies might need considerably longer. Don’t let this halt your spirit; instead, view it as a more significant opportunity to hone your skills.

Key Controls in Only Up!
Key Controls in Only Up!

‘Only Up’ provides various controls for a smooth gaming experience:

• Forward: ‘W’
• Backward: ‘S’
• Left: ‘A’
• Right: ‘D’
• Slow walk: Mouse Left Button
• Slow motion: Mouse Right Button (Hold)
• Sprint: ‘Shift’
• Jump: ‘Space’
• Crouch: ‘Ctrl’
• Camera: ‘C’

Jump like a Pro: Understanding the Jumping Methods
Jump like a Pro: Understanding the Jumping Methods in Only Up!

Understanding and manipulating Jackie’s different jumps can steer your gaming journey. The ‘Big Jump’ ((W+Shift)+Space) offers a considerable jump boost and is suitable for longer distances. ‘Normal Jump’ (W+Space) provides a balanced jump, whereas the ‘Walk Jump’, triggered after the walking mode (Slowwalk), is helpful for short-distance objectives requiring precise positioning.

Putting these jump strategies into practice in the right scenarios and perfecting the barrel roll glitch using slow motion can significantly enhance your gaming prowess.

Embrace the Only Up Sensation
Embrace the Only Up Sensation

‘Only Up’ has taken the online gaming world by storm, thanks to high-profile streamers like Adin Ross, Hasan Piker, and iShowSpeed live-streaming their gaming experiences. Players and spectators alike revel in the adrenaline rush that follows a sudden fall, often resulting in a rollback to the level’s commencement.

While the game is solo-oriented, the developers have hinted at the future inclusion of a dedicated multiplayer mode, promising an even richer and interactive gaming experience. However, save for accessibility, although not in line with the ‘Only Up’ phylosophy, may also be added in the future updates.

Remember, with every ascend in ‘Only Up’, it’s not merely about reaching the peak. It’s about patience, precision, and most importantly, resilience. So gear up, take the plunge, and ‘Only Up’ your game!

How to Master the Intricate Functions in Only Up
How to Master the Intricate Functions in Only Up

Only Up is an immersive gaming experience, complete with numerous functions contributing to the outcome of your game. For instance, you can slow down time to make more accurate jumps or change speed to avoid falls. However, remember that these functions consume energy that should be recharged for optimal results.

Specific keys trigger different functions. To activate slow motion, hold down the right mouse button in mid-air. It’s similar to bullet time, allowing the flow of time to slow down, but your actions remain unaffected.

Further, you can also experiment with the slow walk functionality by pressing the left mouse button. This movement is slower than pressing W to move forward and is particularly helpful during jumps requiring accurate distance control. Consolidating these functions will invariably improve your overall gaming experience.

Unlocking the Full Potential of Only Up
Unlocking the Full Potential of Only Up

Only Up does more than just providing a well-rounded gaming experience; it also challenges your determination and hones your strategic thinking skills. While the game can be slightly frustrating at times, its core lies in the realm of patience, perseverance and carefully orchestrated actions.

Let every fall be a lesson learned. Observe your environment carefully. The unpredictable virtual world is brimming with hints, clues, and Easter eggs, ready to be discovered. The beauty of Only Up lies not just in reaching the top but also in stepping back, strategizing, and then emerging victorious post a well-fought battle.

Overcoming Gaming Challenges
Overcoming Gaming Challenges in Only Up!

Only Up demands strategy, attention, and perseverance. Unfortunately, the game comes with a heavy price for each fall. There are no save points, which means that if you fall off, you may have to go all the way back to the beginning of the level. This makes it crucial to use your abilities wisely. Incorporate slow motion during precise jumps, look for hidden secrets to aid your journey, and keep retrying whenever you fail.

No saves? Plan your Time Well
No saves? Plan your Time Well in Only Up!

One of the downfalls of Only Up is the lack of a save function. This means that you cannot save your progress mid-game. If you quit the game midway, you will have to start over the next time you enter the game. This necessitates factoring in a play window long enough to complete the game in one sitting. Plan your time well – experienced players may take 40-60 minutes, but novices may need much longer.

Learning from the Experts
Learning from the Experts in Only Up!

Only Up has gained considerable popularity, with high-profile streamers like Adin Ross, Hasan Piker, and iShowSpeed live-streaming their gaming experiences. Their success stories and gameplay strategies can provide valuable insights into effectively mastering the game. Drawing from their expertise, you can learn to deploy various maneuvers effectively and boost your gaming skills.

The Magic of Only Up

The Magic of Only Up!

The chance to conquer a world full of secrets and wonders high above the ground might seem like a dream, but Only Up brings this reality to life with Jackie, the game’s protagonist. The game developers tap into a blend of inspirations, drawing from classic fairy tales and the emblematic climb in the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and layering it with modern game mechanics. This combination results in a unique gaming experience catered to test your skills and patience while rewarding you with a fun and immersive virtual world.

The Heart of Only Up Gameplay
The Heart of Only Up Gameplay

At the heart of Only Up lies its ‘one sitting gameplay’ design. Every player’s progress is uniquely tied to the session they are playing. This unique design eliminates old school saving mechanics, making the game a continuous journey of progress that starts anew with every play session. This might seem like an imposing penalty, pushing all your hard-earned progress of hours to the gutter, but it is all part of the learning curve that sets the trend for this enthralling gaming journey.

Moreover, if you’ve cut your teeth on popular games like ALTF4 and Getting Over It, you’d find this strict no-save design familiar. It adds an extra layer of challenge, raising the stakes with every move you make. Every moment of progress is vital because one misstep can result in starting from scratch. Hardcore gamers thrive on this thrill, where victory is limited to the perceptive and the persistent.

Tips and Tricks

While the game’s high stakes can thrill many, it might also intimidate some. But worry not! Here are some foolproof tips to keep in mind while you steer Jackie to the top.

  1. Harness abilities: Slow motion and speed changes are two powerful abilities that Jackie possesses. Use them to avoid falling or making accurate jumps. However, remember they also drain energy that needs time to refill. Practical use of these abilities can keep disaster at bay.
  2. Explore: Unveil hidden secrets and Easter eggs. The world above the clouds is filled with revelations and rewards. These secrets can make your journey more enjoyable.
  3. Do not despair: Failure is an integral part of progress in Only Up. The fall might be hard, but it’s important to dust yourself off and start climbing again. Every fall leaves you with a lesson to avoid the same pitfall next time.
  4. Be observant: Pay attention to minor environmental details. They might contain hints or even lead you to the next step.
  5. Relax: Above all, remember to enjoy the game. The virtual world is beautifully designed and worth marveling at. Who knows, you might encounter a few pleasant surprises on your way to the top!

Control Overview
Control Overview - Only Up!

Mastering controls is a lethal weapon in your arsenal as you battle through the challenges in Only Up. Ranging from simple character movements to complex maneuvers, here’s a comprehensive list for your convenience:

Jumping is an important skill you’ll need to master in Only Up. Jackie’s jump can be adapted to different situations granting you a higher level of control over your navigation across the game. Here is a breakdown of different jumps and when you can use them:

  1. Big jump: (W+Shift)+Space – Covers long distances and can get you to high platforms in fewer jumps.
  2. Normal jump: W+Space – A balanced jumping feature that covers moderate distances and heights.
  3. Walk jump: Triggered after walking – This type, although not frequently useful, is helpful when you need to cover short distances or reach slightly elevated platforms.

Viral Sensation, Only Up

Since its release, Only Up has gained traction due to live streams from popular gaming influencers like Adin Ross, Hasan Piker, and iShowSpeed. Their shared experiences from facing challenging setbacks to soaring wins have fueled the game’s viral sensation. Viewers have joined the frenzy, auditing their strategies in attempts to outdo their records.

A Glimpse into the Future of Only Up!A Glimpse into the Future of Only Up!

Even though the game marks an enriching solo expedition, it won’t remain limited to a single-player experience for long. Developers have hinted at introducing a multiplayer mode in the near future, enhancing the overall gaming experience. This shift symbolizes an exciting future for Only Up, inviting multiple players to this climbing challenge.

To sum up, Only Up offers a refreshing twist to platform games. It demands strategic planning, sharp observation, and the will to go on, no matter how many times you fall. As you learn from each tumble, you’ll find yourself growing not just in the game, but also in real life, applying the lessons of perseverance, determination, and undying hope in everyday challenges. Button up, gamers, as you climb the world of Only Up and remember – the key is to enjoy the journey as you untangle every secret of this mystical world.

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