Stellar Blade Review

Stellar Blade Review
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Immersing myself into the PlayStation 5’s latest spectacle, “Stellar Blade”, was indeed a roller-coaster ride of emotions, packed full with compelling graphics, adrenaline-pumping battles, and an aptly immersive soundtrack, although it inevitably succumbed to certain narrative pitfalls. The game carries an undeniable signature of its forebearing NieR series, conjuring up a gamut of gaming elements tied to a multi-ending storyline, with the tantalizing prospect of a future ‘New Game+ Mode’.

Stellar Blade’s world design is nothing short of an artistic masterpiece. The top-tier graphical flair harnesses the potential of the PlayStation 5 console in delivering a visually mesmerizing experience. Celebrating the alien beauty of deserted structures, the game’s landscapes are painstakingly detailed and stunningly visceral, setting up an engaging stage for the monstrous Naytibas lurking around the corners. Stellar Blade, much like its name, indeed shines brilliantly in its graphical spectacle.

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Generic Story

Image from Stellar Blade


As the storyline unfolds, the narrative plunges into the desolate struggles of humanity following a grueling war with the Naytibas, leaving Earth a wasteland. The plot centers on Eve, leading a group on a daring mission to reclaim Earth. The narrative journey introduces Adam, a survivor and an ally, guiding Eve to Xion, the last standing human city. As the plot progresses, predictability becomes an unavoidable detour, somewhat impeding the storyline’s originality. Yet, the compelling voice acting and dynamic character development keep you hooked, preventing the predictability from dampening the overall gameplay experience however the characters do feel bland and generic.

Sound design in Stellar Blade holds its own against the stunning graphics and intricate battle sequences. It remarkably aligns with the ever-changing game environment, producing a symphony of haunting melodies that echo the desolate panorama of the war-torn world. Intense, adrenaline-infused tracks rouse the spirit during high-stake battles while softer, more melancholic tunes profoundly evoke the exploration sequences’ quietude. The game’s soundtrack instrumentally amplifies the gameplay, not merely as a background score but as a crucial narrative component.

Stellar Combat

Enemy from Stellar Blade

On the combat front, Stellar Blade impressively intersects challenging and refreshing gameplay elements. The battle sequences demand strategic approach and agile responses against the Naytibas, adding a thrilling allure to the combats. The immersive, fluid, and highly engaging combat system drives the player to observe, adapt, and respond, keeping the gameplay from sinking into monotony.

The game also teases its replayability by inviting players to experience diverse outcomes through its multiple endings. The anticipation of the all-new ‘New Game+ mode’ in an upcoming update spices up the excitement, further enhancing the appeal of subsequent playthroughs.

With a considerate gameplay completion time of 10 to 12 hours, Stellar Blade crafts a concise yet immersive experience. The gameplay strikes a balance without oversaturating the gaming journey, condensing a profound narrative and action-filled hours into a wholesome experience catering to players looking for an all-in-one treat.

Putting all together, Stellar Blade fits the bill for a spectacular gaming ride—strong in artwork, entrancing in soundtrack, exhilarating in combat, even if a tad predictable in its storyline. Despite minor shortcomings, the game stands tall in the backdrop of the overwhelming gaming cosmos and is a worthy voyage for those yearning for a rich post-apocalypse saga paired with innovative combat systems and an emotionally charged soundtrack. Aptly named ‘Stellar Blade’, it serves as a shield against dreary repetition in the dynamic realm of gaming.

From the moment I engaged with Stellar Blade, the game seemed to thrive on sacrificing substance for style. The awe-inspiring aesthetics and dramatic action sequences couldn’t mask the monotonous bouts of repetition. Further, the storyline and characters fell flat for me, appealing only for their lack of depth.

Challenging yet forgiving

Eve from Stellar Blade

Its combat system is said to resemble that of Elden Ring, a claim that becomes apparent when you learn to dodge, block and attack while understanding the enemies’ behaviours. But instead of being plunged headlong into the action, Stellar Blade eases the players in with less complex enemies, making the starting hours unexpectedly tedious. So much so, I contemplated abandoning the game altogether – given the lackluster narrative and characters failed to salvage the prolonged bouts of monotony.

The story of Stellar Blade plays out like a cliched Hollywood script. Our stoic soldier, Eve, is tasked with reclaiming Earth from the clutches of monstrous entities called naytibas. The plot predictably unwinds to reveal the true nature of Eve, the mysteries behind the abhorrent naytibas, and the deity Eve worships. I kept hoping for a refreshing turn of events that would make Eve a captivating character. Unfortunately, to no avail.

Just when I was about to resign myself to the uniformity of the gameplay, the combat took a refreshing turn. Enemies no longer fell quickly but put up fierce resistance, thus calling for strategic movements and observational tactics. I remember this striking moment in the game, where I was pitted against three formidable foes who would undoubtedly have defeated me had I faced them head-on. Instead, I launched a successful surprise attack, circumventing a definite defeat.

A consistent theme that emerged within the combat was its instructive nature. Each fight demanded an individual evaluation. One could say this is an apparent conclusion to draw, yet it demands explanation. Stellar Blade follows a recognizable pattern, featuring recurring bosses and special events. But each fight brings with it new learning and needs an innovative strategy to conquer.

On the flip side, the glaring overuse of platforming becomes an agonizing chore, pushing the players’ patience to the brink.

The final verdict? Stellar Blade is undoubtedly an entertaining diversion for its unquestionable graphical brilliance, encompassing combat framework, and the emotionally-charged soundtrack. Still, it has the room to amplify its engaging potential by breaking free from the predictable narrative shackles. The game is a worthwhile venture for those seeking a deep dive into a darker, more rustic post-apocalyptic world interwoven with creative combat sequences and a poignant score.


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