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Ubisoft might be giving up on the Watch Dogs Franchise

Ubisoft might be giving up on the Watch Dogs Franchise
Written by Vince Abella

WATCH_DOGS is one of Ubisoft’s most well known franchises, standing among Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry as one of their major action and open world series. Despite that, the series has always been plagued by issues, from the first game’s infamous critically polarizing reception as a result of downgraded graphics, to the sequel’s commercially underwhelming yet still rather decent reception. The most recent entry in the series, WATCH_DOGS: LEGION has a very mixed reception from players and critics with regards to its admittedly unique concept. The game initially seemed to have a sturdy plan with a lot of DLC, particularly Bloodlines featuring fan-favorites Aiden and Wrench, but sadly, the game was announced to no longer receive major updates earlier this year. It seems that Ubisoft may be hesitating with pushing the franchise forward after how all three entries were received.

Thanks to YouTuber JorRaptor, it has been noted that WATCH_DOGS’ senior contributors have left the development of the project to focus on other titles in other major franchises such as Splinter Cell.

Some important developers and producers that were influential during the creation of Legion also seem to have left Ubisoft as a whole to work elsewhere, from Tencent to Gearbox among others. Despite the series still having many loyal fans, WATCH_DOGS: Legion is still in danger of being the last in its series as Ubisoft moves major developers around to other upcoming titles.

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