Best Camera Settings for Rocket League That Will Make The Game Way Easier

Best Camera Settings for Rocket League That Will Make The Game Way Easier
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The optimum camera settings for movement, ball control, and spatial awareness make a major difference in Rocket League gameplay, therefore here are the finest settings for movement, ball control, and spatial awareness.

Rocket League is one of the most popular free-to-play games on the market, with millions of players each day. Because cross-play is enabled, the competition will be fierce, and you’ll need the ideal settings to succeed.

Rocket League allows players to customize their characters in a variety of ways, but this may be a double-edged sword. Because the wrong camera settings can make the game excessively difficult, we’ve compiled a list of the best Rocket League camera settings based on what the pros use and what we find to be the most effective.

Best Rocket League camera settings

Best Rocket League camera settings
Off with the camera shake
110° field of view
Distance: 270 miles
110 cm tall
Stiffness: 0.45 Angle: -3.0
5.0 swivel speed
Invert Transition Speed: 1.2 Swivel is turned off (personal preference)
Ball Toggle the camera mode.
First and foremost, in Rocket League, you need to disable Camera Shake. This is a needless visual effect that will just serve as a distraction, so turn it off to keep your game running smoothly. Also, make sure the ‘Controls’ tab is set to Toggle and that Ball Camera Mode is selected.
After that, try increasing your Field of View to 110 percent. This will allow you to see a lot more of what’s going on around you, as well as keep an eye on the ball and where it’s going.

Setting Distance and Height to 270 and 110, respectively, will allow you to view both your car and the field, giving you a lot more influence over the game. And because most professionals utilize a Camera Angle of -3.0 to -5.0, we recommend starting at -3 and exploring from there.
Camera Stiffness, Swivel Speed, and Transition Speed are just personal preferences that won’t affect your gameplay much. Stiffness should be set anywhere between 0.4 and 0.6, Swivel Speed at 5.0, and Transition Speed at 1.2.

Finally, Invert Swivel won’t change the method you move your right stick to move the camera up and down; it will only change the way you move your right stick to move the camera up and down.

Making the aforementioned changes to your Rocket League settings will significantly increase your FOV, allowing you to see more of the pitch and your opponent’s locations. Setting the swivel speed between 4.5 and 5 will provide you an excellent mix of being able to immediately scan your surroundings while also insuring the camera isn’t moving too quickly. When moving to a ball cam, the transition speed determines how rapidly the camera moves, with the maximum option making the shift instantaneous. You’ll be able to smoothly transition to ball cam with 1.20. You may better prepare to face opponents in Rocket League season 3, which was recently launched alongside its latest update, by changing your camera settings. This new version also came with a few bugs, including an error while trying to trade in stuff.
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Since its free-to-play release, the Rocket League franchise has become a regular on many PCs. Nonetheless, Rocket League is more than just a game about shooting goals with a big car.

For starters, the camera settings customization Rocket League provides its participants is akin to an all-you-can-eat buffet. You can change the camera shake, stiffness, field of view, distance, and swivel speed, among other things.

Each of these settings has an impact on the way you drive and how it feels. Modify one setting at a time to acquire acclimation to the small changes you make and avoid upsetting your system. Remember that, as you’ll see below, most professional players use a set of almost universal settings. Before we go into it, let’s have a look at each setting and see what it does.

Somersaulting with your vehicle is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the event. However, having camera shaking enabled is inconvenient and may cause nausea if used for long periods. For good reason, the best camera setup for Rocket League pros had it deactivated, and you should too.

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