Conquering The Viking Rise Game World: Tips, Guides, And Insights

Conquering The Viking Rise Game World: Tips, Guides, And Insights
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The rise of Viking-themed video games has seized the attention of gamers worldwide, featuring aspects such as village-building, strategic gameplay, and captivating Norse mythology. From Rise of Empires to Viking: War of Clans, these titles offer a thrilling gaming experience with in-depth gameplay and breathtaking visuals. This article will serve as an ultimate Viking rise guide, covering building strategies, playing tips, mythological connections, and a beginner’s overview of popular games like Viking: War of Clans, while also recommending top contenders in this captivating genre.

Linking Your Viking Rise Game Account – Securing Your Progress

Conquering The Viking Rise Game World: Tips, Guides, And Insights

Arguably, one of the most critical steps any player should take when starting their journey in Viking Rise is linking their game account. This process ensures that you never lose your progress in the game, no matter what unfortunate event might occur, such as losing your device or switching to a new one.

Here are some comprehensive guidelines on how to link your Viking Rise game account:

  1. Locate the game’s settings: To link your account, begin by tapping the ‘Settings’ icon, usually represented by a gear symbol in the top-right corner of the game screen. This action will open the settings menu.
  2. Choose the account option: Within the ‘Settings’ menu, you will find a tab named ‘Account,’ which features various options for linking your in-game account.
  3. Select an account linking method: You can link your account using an email address, Facebook, Google Play, or Apple ID. Choose one that is convenient for you and closely follow the on-screen prompts to complete the linking process.
  4. Verify the account linking: Once you have completed the steps to link an account, make sure that the game recognizes it. You should see a message confirming the connection: “Connected to (Account Type).” You can verify this by restarting the game and finding your progress intact.
  5. Login benefits: Linking your game account also has the added benefit of enabling you to login from multiple devices. You can access and manage your account from your phone, tablet, or any other device as long as they meet the game’s technical requirements.
  6. Troubleshooting: In some cases, the account linking process might encounter issues. If you experience trouble during the account linking process, consider reaching out to the Viking Rise support team. They can help ensure the process is successful and that your progress is effectively secured.

Linking your Viking Rise game account is a simple yet vital measure for preserving your in-game progress and guaranteeing that the time you invest in building your Viking empire is not wasted.

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Change your default given name

Conquering The Viking Rise Game World: Tips, Guides, And Insights

  1. Importance of a unique name: A distinct name helps set you apart from fellow players and allows you to establish your brand in the game world. By choosing a name that represents your playstyle or characteristics, you make an instant and lasting impression on others, which can greatly enhance your in-game interactions.
  2. Find the Rename option: To change your default given name, click on your avatar or player icon at the top-left corner of the game screen. A menu will appear, presenting various options related to your account. Among these options, you will find the “Rename” button.
  3. Consider your name carefully: Before selecting a name, take some time to reflect upon a suitable title. The best names are original and reflect your personality, interests, or Vikings-inspired theme. Keep in mind that certain names might offend other players or violate the game’s terms of service, and these choices could lead to negative consequences.
  4. Enter your new name: Once you’ve decided on an appropriate moniker, tap the “Rename” button, then enter your chosen name into the provided field in the pop-up window. Double-check your spelling, capitalization, and spacing to ensure everything is correct.
  5. Use a Rename Card if required: In some cases, changing your name might require a “Rename Card” – an in-game item used specifically for name changes. These cards can be obtained through events, in-game purchases, or rewards. Ensure you have at least one Rename Card in your inventory before initiating the name-change process.
  6. Confirm the name change: After entering your new name and ensuring you have the necessary Rename Card, tap the “Confirm” button. A message will appear, verifying the successful implementation of your new name. Your updated moniker will now be visible to all players in Viking Rise, allowing them to recognize and remember you by your distinctive title.
  7. Changing your name again: If you ever decide to change your name again in the future, the process remains the same. However, you will need to acquire another Rename Card for each subsequent name change.

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Recruit More Workers – Expediting Your City’s Growth

Conquering The Viking Rise Game World: Tips, Guides, And Insights

  1. Importance of workers: Workers play an essential role in Viking Rise, as they are responsible for constructing and upgrading buildings, researching technologies, and gathering resources. A well-balanced workforce enables you to achieve your goals more efficiently, ultimately leading to faster city growth and greater strength.
  2. Sourcing additional workers: Workers are primarily acquired through two methods: training them at the Training Grounds and recruiting them via events or rewards. It’s crucial to balance both approaches to maintain a steady flow of workers.
  3. Upgrade your Training Grounds: Regularly upgrading your Training Grounds will increase the number of workers it can train simultaneously and the speed at which they are trained. This investment will not only expand your workforce but also improve your overall city growth rate.
  4. Research relevant technologies: Technologies such as “Mass Recruitment” or “Recruitment Efficiency” can significantly enhance your ability to recruit workers. By researching these technologies, you will be able to recruit workers faster and in higher quantities, as well as reduce the resources required for recruitment.
  5. Participate in special events and quests: Viking Rise regularly features events, quests, and milestones that reward players with extra workers or resources to recruit them. Actively participating in these activities increases your chances of growing your workforce and, in turn, the prosperity of your city.
  6. Utilize in-game purchases: If you’re interested in accelerating your city’s growth, you can acquire additional workers or resources to recruit them through in-game purchases. However, always ensure spending within your limits and adhering to responsible gaming practices.
  7. Assign tasks strategically: Having a larger workforce enables you to juggle multiple tasks at once. Assign workers to different buildings, research, and resource gathering activities to maintain a steady momentum and progress throughout your city management endeavours.
  8. Maintain a balanced worker distribution: Ensure that your workforce is evenly distributed among various tasks. Avoid allocating too many workers to a single task, as this will overburden certain areas of your city and result in a lack of workers for other essential tasks and activities.
  9. Monitor and optimize worker usage: Routinely review your active workers and the tasks they’re working on. Make adjustments if necessary by reallocating workers to more pressing tasks or areas, ensuring every worker’s potential is optimized.

Utilize Your Resources Wisely

Conquering The Viking Rise Game World: Tips, Guides, And Insights

  1. Understand resource types: In Viking Rise, there are four primary resources: Food, Wood, Stone, and Iron. Each resource plays a crucial role in different aspects of your city’s growth. Familiarizing yourself with their respective usage will enable you to make informed decisions on where to allocate these resources.
  2. Efficient resource gathering: Ensure your workers are assigned to resource-generating tasks like farming and logging camps, as well as mining for stone and iron. Additionally, upgrade your resource-generating buildings to improve their output and maximize your resource production capacity.
  3. Invest in Resource Technology: Research technologies that increase resource production, storage, and gathering speed. Focusing on resource-related technologies in your Tech Tree will enable you to optimize your resource management and fuel your city’s growth.
  4. Participate in events to gain resources: Regularly engage in time-limited events or complete quests that offer resource rewards. These activities can provide a significant boost in resources, allowing for more significant expansion and upgrades.
  5. Plan expansions and upgrades strategically: Develop a plan for your city’s expansion and upgrades by deciding well ahead of time the order in which buildings will be constructed or upgraded. It’s essential to prioritize these tasks to avoid excess usage of resources or inefficiency in progress.
  6. Explore the wilderness for unclaimed resources: Send out your army to explore the wilderness and identify resource nodes ripe for the taking. By capturing these nodes, you can supplement your resource production, increasing your overall resource stockpile.
  7. Monitor your city’s resource consumption: Keep a close eye on the rate at which your city consumes resources and adjust accordingly. Make sure you maintain a proper balance between production and consumption to prevent any resource bottlenecks that could hinder your city’s progress.
  8. Trade resources with other players: Trading with other players can be an excellent method of managing your resources. If you have a surplus of a particular resource, consider trading it for another to ensure balance and adequate supplies of all required materials.
  9. Choose your battle targets wisely: When attacking other players or NPCs, target those who possess a wealth of resources that could benefit your city’s development. Efficiently identify and loot these valuable resources to fuel your empire’s growth even further.
  10. Resource protection: Construct and upgrade your shield generators to protect your resources during enemy attacks. This precaution, while not directly contributing to your resource pool, can save you from substantial resource loss in times of adversity.

Strengthen Your Army – Powerful Forces for the Battle Ahead

Conquering The Viking Rise Game World: Tips, Guides, And Insights

  1. Training your troops: First and foremost, build and upgrade Barracks, Archery Ranges, and Stables to train your troops. Unlock advanced units in each building by raising your Tech Research level. Ensure you maintain a diverse mix of infantry, archers, and cavalry to tackle different opponents and scenarios.
  2. Invest in military technology: Research Military Technologies in the Tech Tree to enhance various aspects of your army’s capabilities, such as troop attack, defense, health, and training speed. Prioritize the research that corresponds to your preferred fighting styles and units.
  3. Strategically deploy your troops: Avoid one-size-fits-all tactics. Analyze your enemy’s weaknesses and adapt your army composition accordingly. Focus on creating a balanced force that exploits your enemy’s vulnerabilities while defending against their counterattacks.
  4. Heal your troops after battles: After each battle, ensure you send troops for healing in your Healing Springs. Restoring your army’s health helps maintain its strength, providing a better chance of success in future encounters.
  5. Utilize alliances and reinforcements: Leverage the support of your Tribe or allies by requesting reinforcements during battles. With combined efforts and strategic collaborations, even the most formidable of opponents can be overcome.
  6. Scout before attacking: Send out Scouts to gather crucial information on your enemy’s city defenses, troop composition, and resource stockpiles. Use this intel to strategize your approach, customizing your army deployment to suit the enemy’s city layout and defenses.
  7. Coordinate with your Tribe: When planning massive-scale attacks or defense, coordinating with your Tribe members increases your chances of success significantly. Share information, pool resources, and carefully time attacks or joint battle engagements for maximum impact.
  8. Train your Heroes: Recruit, upgrade, and assign Heroes to lead your troops into battle. Your Heroes’ abilities and skills can significantly enhance your army’s performance. Strategically use their skills to complement your army’s composition and gain an upper hand in fights.
  9. Keep your troops supplied: Allocate resources smartly to maintain an adequately sustained and equipped army. Ensure constant resource inflow to provide for troop upkeep and training while balancing city upgrades, technology research, and other in-game activities.
  10. Monitor and improve your army’s performance: Continuously evaluate and learn from previous battles. Adjust your strategy, army composition, and deployment accordingly to strengthen your forces and boost your winning rate in future confrontations.

Establish Powerful Alliances – The Power of Tribe Collaboration

Conquering The Viking Rise Game World: Tips, Guides, And Insights

In Viking Rise, forming and nurturing powerful alliances with your fellow players can pave the way for long-term success and protection. To truly thrive in the game, it’s essential to establish connections with other players and immerse yourself in Tribe collaborations.

  1. The advantages of joining a Tribe: By joining a Tribe, you gain access to various benefits such as resource contributions, reinforcements in combat, knowledge sharing, and the collective progression towards common goals.
  2. Choosing the right Tribe: When deciding on which Tribe to join, consider factors like its size, activity, member experience, and how closely they align with your gameplay style. Research, communicate, and spend time understanding the Tribe’s culture to find a group that best suits your preferences.
  3. Creating your own Tribe: If you wish to carve your path, you can create your own Tribe. As the Founder, you have the authority to establish rules, recruit members, set Tribe goals, and manage every aspect of your Tribe’s progression.
  4. Coordination and communication: Establish and maintain open communication channels with Tribe members using in-game chat, messaging, or voice communication platforms. Coordinate strategies, prepare for battles, and share experiences or resources to strengthen your Tribe’s unity and collective advancement.
  5. Support and reinforcements: Through the Reinforce feature, Tribe members can send their troops to support each other during attacks or defense, significantly enhancing military strength and collaboration. This mutual aid reinforces your alliances and improves your chances of emerging victorious in combat.
  6. Engage in Tribal events: Participate in Tribe-specific events and challenges that offer considerable rewards and opportunities for growth. These events often require coordination and joint efforts, making them perfect opportunities to strengthen your Tribe’s bond and prowess.
  7. Strategize and plan with your Tribe: Conduct regular discussions with your Tribe members to outline goals, share strategic insights, and identify areas for improvement within the group. This proactive and collaborative approach will ensure your Tribe’s continuous evolution and competitiveness within the game.
  8. Respect and cooperation: Foster a welcoming and supportive environment within the Tribe. Offering advice, supporting newer players, and respecting your Tribe members’ diverse expertise and opinions will lay the foundation for a strong and cohesive Tribe that can overcome any obstacle.
  9. Leverage Tribe Territories: Work together to conquer and maintain Tribal Territories for shared benefits and resources. Territories grant additional boosts and advantages that contribute to the Tribe’s collective power and progression.

Mastering Event Participation – Unlock Rewards and Progress Faster

Conquering The Viking Rise Game World: Tips, Guides, And Insights

  1. Keep track of ongoing events: Check the in-game event notifications and designated event tabs frequently to stay updated on current and upcoming events. Regularly participating in events maximizes your chances of acquiring valuable and unique rewards.
  2. Assess event objectives and rewards: Before participating in an event, carefully review its objectives and rewards. Direct your efforts towards events that provide the most beneficial rewards for your city’s current needs and long-term goals.
  3. Manage your time and resources: Events often come with time constraints and varied resource requirements. To maximize event participation, efficiently manage your time and resources by prioritizing objectives that align with your city’s development plans.
  4. Combine event and Tribe objectives: Coordinate with your Tribe members to combine event and Tribe goals, maximizing efficiency and achieving shared progress. This collaborative approach will provide greater benefits to you and your entire Tribe.
  5. Prepare for events in advance: Upon learning the details of an upcoming event, plan your city management and resource allocation accordingly. Anticipating events and leveraging their requirements ahead of time will put you in an advantageous position to compete effectively and secure valuable rewards.
  6. Utilize boosters and items: Some events may require more than just proper planning and participation. Utilizing boosters and in-game items strategically during these events can give you an edge and increase your chances of success.
  7. Research event-specific strategies: Certain events have unique objectives, layouts, or mechanics. By researching and familiarizing yourself with event-specific strategies, you can tailor your approach to the event, resulting in improved performance and higher rewards.
  8. Balance participation with daily objectives: While events can offer significant benefits, it’s essential not to overlook your daily tasks and long-term goals. Balance regular event participation with your daily activities to maintain steady growth without sacrificing valuable progress in other aspects of the game.
  9. Evaluate event outcomes and learn: After each event participation, assess the results and learn from your experiences. Identify areas of improvement and adapt your approach for future events, ultimately enhancing your performance and increasing your rewards over time.

Exploring the World Map – Widen Your Horizon and Reap the Benefits

Conquering The Viking Rise Game World: Tips, Guides, And Insights

  1. Familiarize yourself with map locations: The World Map features various locations like resource nodes, neutral or enemy camps, NPC strongholds, and other player cities. Understanding the layout and significance of these locations helps you plan your expansion, gather resources, and engage in battles effectively.
  2. Unlock additional exploration features: As you progress through the Tech Tree and building upgrades, you’ll unlock advanced scouting, faster marches, and enhanced World Map interactions. These improvements will expand your map usage capabilities and give you an edge over your opponents.
  3. Scout and gather information: Regularly send scouts to gather vital information on enemy cities, camps, and resource nodes. Analyzing this intelligence allows you to strategize your attacks, defend your city, and optimize your resource gathering expeditions.

 Valuable Mail Updates – Stay informed and Don’t Miss Out on Opportunities

Conquering The Viking Rise Game World: Tips, Guides, And Insights

Checking your in-game mail regularly is crucial in Viking Rise, as it offers essential updates and information related to your game progress.

  1. System messages: These messages provide updates on completed construction projects, technology advancements, troop recruitment, and other crucial happenings in your city.
  2. Battle reports: Keep track of your victories and losses with comprehensive updates on troops, resources, and objectives of each battle you participate in.
  3. Mail from other players: Communication with fellow players can cover topics such as diplomacy, resource trades, or even sharing tips and guides.
  4. Event notifications and rewards: Stay informed about ongoing and upcoming events and receive related rewards through your mail.

Guide and Help Rewards – Get a head start with these freebies

Conquering The Viking Rise Game World: Tips, Guides, And Insights

In Viking Rise, the Guide & Help section includes a series of tutorials and milestones that reward players as they complete specific tasks.

  1. Progression rewards: Obtain rewards in the form of resources, troops, and boosts as you unlock new buildings, technologies, or complete other objectives.
  2. New player guide: Receive valuable guidance and tips, assisting new players in understanding the game mechanics and making rapid progress.

Finishing Tasks – Timely Completion and Reward Collection

Conquering The Viking Rise Game World: Tips, Guides, And Insights

Claiming finished tasks promptly helps maintain a steady resource inflow and keeps your city on a rapid growth trajectory.

  1. Keep an eye on completed tasks: Regularly check your task list to spot completed tasks and claim their rewards, ensuring you always have supplies to fuel your city’s growth.

Section 12: Summon Heroes the right way

Summoning powerful Heroes can significantly enhance your army, affecting the outcome of battles.

  1. Use Summon Stones: These in-game items are instrumental in acquiring mighty Heroes, unleashing their abilities to boost your army’s performance.

Heal your troops after each fight

Conquering The Viking Rise Game World: Tips, Guides, And Insights

In Viking Rise, maintaining a healthy and powerful army is essential for continued progress and combat prowess.

  1. Send troops for healing: Following each battle, dispatch your troops to the Healing Springs, ensuring they recover and are combat-ready for the next skirmish.

By collectively implementing these strategies, you can build and maintain a powerful Viking empire, paving your way to success in Viking Rise. Monitoring your progress, securing powerful Heroes, and keeping your troops in peak condition will ensure you stand tall against any challenge the game has to offer.


Viking Rise offers an enthralling experience that goes beyond simple city management and troop deployment. With an expansive world to explore, powerful alliances to forge, and strategic knowledge to acquire, you have all the tools you need to become an exceptional Viking leader. The guide’s tips and tricks, from optimizing your workforce to embracing the power of collaboration with Tribes, are designed to take your gaming experience to new heights.

As you delve deeper into the world of Viking Rise, remember the importance of striking a balance between exploring the game’s diverse elements and honing your unique Viking identity. By mastering these strategies, you’ll be able to lead your city and your Tribe towards a prosperous and thriving future, conquering any challenges that stand in your way.

Embrace your inner Viking and embark on a thrilling journey of growth, conquest, and epic adventure. Happy gaming!

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