The Expert Battle Guide in Lords Mobile

The Expert Battle Guide in Lords Mobile
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Lords Mobile is not a game for the faint-hearted or those seeking a friendly farming experience! The essence of Lords Mobile lies in wreaking havoc on other kingdoms and leaving a trail of destruction in your wake. Welcome to our battle guide, filled with strategies and insights to make you an unstoppable force in this ruthless game.

This ultimate guide will equip you with everything you need to dominate enemy guilds and castles in your kingdom. Bear in mind that the opinions presented here may differ from others, but if you’re looking to cause chaos and emerge victorious, you’re in the right place. So brace yourself and get ready to master the art of obliteration and take your seat as a bona fide conqueror.

Understanding Your Troops: The Foundations of Battle in Lords Mobile

The Expert Battle Guide in Lords Mobile

In the realm of Lords Mobile, innumerable facets contribute to warfare success. However, the cornerstone of victory lies in understanding your troops. To be truly formidable in battle, you must not only know when to attack but how to execute a robust strategy as well.

Mastering the intricacies of warfare in Lords Mobile may not be the simplest feat, but approaching it with the grit and determination of a conqueror will yield impressive results. The secret to reigning supreme on the battlefield is amassing knowledge about your troops and how to deploy them effectively. In doing so, you will be able to topple even the mightiest of castles with strategic precision and unmatched power.

Comprehending your troops’ capabilities and limitations is crucial in making informed decisions when launching attacks. This knowledge will serve as the foundation for both your troops’ strength and your strategic prowess.

As you delve deeper into the world of Lords Mobile, ensure that you constantly learn, adapt, and refine your techniques. In time, you will become an unstoppable force capable of annihilating any formidable foe that dares to stand in your path. Though no player may be invincible, with the right knowledge in your arsenal, you’ll come closer to it than most could ever dream.

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Troop Counters: Mastering the Art of Tactical Deployment in Lords Mobile

The Expert Battle Guide in Lords Mobile

In the ruthless world of Lords Mobile, understanding and employing troop counters is essential to claiming victory on the battlefield. The three primary troop types – Infantry, Range, and Cavalry – each have their unique strengths and weaknesses against opposing troop types. By carefully observing your opponent’s forces and deploying your troops with precision, you can maximize your chances of success.

  1. Deploy Cavalry against Infantry: Visualize cavalry units charging through ranks of foot soldiers, easily overpowering them with their speed and mobility.
  2. Send Range against Cavalry: Picture archers taking advantage of a higher ground, launching a rain of arrows upon unsuspecting cavalry below, neutralizing their swift charges.
  3. Utilize Infantry against Range: Imagine swift infantrymen closing the distance with agile movement, leaving archers vulnerable and unable to reload their bows in time.

Crafting the perfect counter-strategy requires careful observation and analysis of your enemy’s forces. For example, suppose your opponent has 100,000 Range and 50,000 Cavalry troops. In that case, you have several potential strategies:

A. Deploy 100,000 Infantry (to counter the Range) and 50,000 Range (to counter the Cavalry).
B. Send 150,000 Range troops to overwhelm the enemy Cavalry and match their Range numbers.
C. Attempt an unconventional tactic by sending 150,000 Infantry (though not recommended in most situations).

Similarly, if your enemy possesses 150,000 Cavalry and 50,000 Infantry troops, you can deploy either:

A. 150,000 Range (to counter the Cavalry) and 50,000 Cavalry (to counter the Infantry).
B. Focus your attack with a powerful 200,000 strong Cavalry force.

Troop Formations: Optimizing Battle Strategies in Lords Mobile

The Expert Battle Guide in Lords Mobile

To maximize the effectiveness of your troops and achieve victory on the battlefield, perfecting troop formations is a critical component of your Lords Mobile strategy. In addition to troop counters, it’s essential to deploy your troops in the most effective formation based on your enemy’s composition.

Suppose your enemy’s forces consist of 70% Infantry and 30% Range. In this case, deploy 70% Cavalry and 30% Infantry. However, this setup alone isn’t sufficient. Ensure that your Cavalry is positioned at the front to assert their dominance over the enemy’s troops.

Access the Troop Formation options on your main screen, located below the button that enables you to change your main hero. The game offers three default formation options and three unlockable ones:

  1. Infantry Phalanx
  2. Range Phalanx
  3. Cavalry Phalanx
  4. Infantry Wedge (unlocked)
  5. Range Wedge (unlocked)
  6. Cavalry Wedge (unlocked)

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Battle Heroes and Leaders: Know When to Send Them

The Expert Battle Guide in Lords Mobile

Choosing whether to send your leader when attacking an enemy is a crucial decision. Sending your leader offers a reward of approximately a threefold attack boost. However, there’s the risk of having your leader captured if your enemy successfully resists and defeats your attack.

The recommendation is to almost ALWAYS send your leader. If you have the courage to initiate an attack, commit fully to the assault. Refusing to dispatch your leader during battle is akin to skydiving with your eyes closed, never fully experiencing the exhilaration of the plunge.

Approach the battle with determination and seize every opportunity to conquer, leading your forces with your strongest heroes and leaders. Investing in paid heroes can significantly enhance your assault, but exercise caution and research the best-paid heroes before spending a dime.

Infantry Heroes: Building a Powerful Infantry Lineup

The Expert Battle Guide in Lords Mobile

In Lords Mobile, a strong infantry lineup is vital. However, not all infantry heroes are created equal – some are highly effective, while others fall short in terms of performance and specifications.

Below is a list of Free to Play Infantry Heroes, ranked based on their effectiveness:

  1. Demon Slayer (Infantry ATK and Infantry HP)
  2. Oath Keeper (Infantry ATK and Infantry HP)
  3. Sea Squire (Infantry ATK)
  4. Soul Forger (Infantry ATK)
  5. Scarlet Bolt (Infantry DEF) – considerably less effective
  6. Shade (Infantry DEF) – considerably less effective

If you’re looking to invest in paid infantry heroes for a more dominant lineup, here are some options:

  1. Twilight Princess (Infantry ATK, Infantry HP, and Infantry DEF)
  2. Grim Wolf (Infantry ATK, Army HP, and Infantry DEF)
  3. The Big Guy (Infantry ATK and Infantry DEF)
  4. Femme Fatale (Infantry ATK)

It’s essential to select the best infantry heroes for your lineup to maximize your troops’ power and efficiency. By focusing on the most effective heroes and considering premium options, you can create an infantry force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Range Heroes: Cultivating a Formidable Range Lineup

The Expert Battle Guide in Lords Mobile

While cavalry may often be a popular choice in Lords Mobile, it’s essential to recognize the undeniable potential of range heroes. These heroes, with their long-range capabilities, deliver a powerful punch on the battlefield. This advantage extends not only to free-to-play range options but to paid heroes as well (with some exceptions, such as Mastercook).

To achieve an optimal range lineup, consider the following range heroes, ranked by effectiveness:

  1. Snow Queen (Range ATK and Range HP)
  2. Tracker (Range ATK and Range DEF)
  3. Death Archer (Range ATK)
  4. Black Crow (Range HP and Range DEF)

If investing in pay-to-play heroes is within your strategy, consider the list below to enhance your range troops:

  1. Petite Devil (Range ATK and Range HP)
  2. Grove Guardian (Range ATK, Range HP, and Range DEF)
  3. Mastercook (Range ATK, Range HP, Army DEF)

Cavalry Heroes: Assembling an Unstoppable Cavalry Lineup

In Lords Mobile, a formidable cavalry lineup is an invaluable asset on the battlefield. As a popular choice for many players, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the top heroes that complement this troop type.

Presenting the top cavalry heroes in Lords Mobile:

  1. Rose Knight – Although technically an Army Hero (Army ATK and Cavalry HP)
  2. Child of Light (Cavalry ATK and Cavalry HP)
  3. Night Raven (Cavalry ATK and Cavalry DEF)
  4. Death Knight (Cavalry HP and Cavalry DEF)
  5. Sage of Storms (Cavalry DEF)

For those willing to invest in pay-to-play cavalry heroes, consider the following options to bolster your lineup:

  1. Barbarian (Cavalry ATK, Cavalry HP, and Cavalry DEF)
  2. Steambot (Cavalry ATK, Cavalry HP, and Cavalry DEF)
  3. Vengeful Centaur (Cavalry ATK and Cavalry DEF)

War Familiars: Unlocking Their True Potential in Lords Mobile

The Expert Battle Guide in Lords Mobile

War familiars hold immense power in Lords Mobile, playing a significant role in determining the outcome of battles. These mystical creatures possess unique abilities that can impact the performance of your troops, offering a clear advantage if utilized efficiently. In this guide, we’ll explore the importance of War Familiars, strategies for effectively employing them, and ways to unlock their full potential in combat.

Selecting the Right War Familiars

Choosing the right War Familiars to complement your troops is a crucial step in creating an unparalleled force on the battlefield. Each familiar holds its own set of strengths and abilities, which can be used to exploit the enemy’s weaknesses and provide essential boosts to your troops.

Prioritize high-level familiars, such as those found in Pact 3 and Pact 4, as they offer exceptional military enhancements that can drastically improve your troops’ performance, damage output, and overall capabilities.

A few notable high-level War Familiars include:

  1. Huey Hops (Pact 3): increases deployment size for rallying and attacking.
  2. Goblin (Pact 4): delivers a wall-crashing active skill in battle, lowering the opponent’s wall HP.
  3. Gargantua (Pact 4): boosts infantry, ranged, and cavalry ATK.
  4. Tidal Titan (Pact 4): increases infantry, ranged, and cavalry max HP.
  5. Frostwing (Pact 4): inflicts direct damage to a percentage of the enemy’s troops.

Training and Leveling Up War Familiars

Once you’ve selected the most suitable War Familiars for your lineup, it’s essential to train and level them up. War Familiars gain experience through Training, which is accessible through the Monsterhold building. Regular training is crucial for increasing their level, improving their abilities, and enhancing their overall impact on the battlefield. Also, merge your pacts to create even stronger familiars.

Elder and Skillstone Upgrades

As you progress in the game, you’ll need to take further advantage of your War Familiars by unlocking their Elder and Skillstone upgrades. An Elder familiar gains access to powerful active skills, while Skillstone upgrades offer passive boosts to your troops. Investing in these upgrades will ensure that your War Familiars reach their full potential, providing a formidable force in every battle you face.

Tactical Use of War Familiars

Harnessing the power of War Familiars requires more than merely obtaining and leveling them up; it also demands strategic deployment in battle. Consider the enemy’s troops, heroes, and formation when deciding which Familiars to deploy, ensuring that their abilities match up well against your opponent’s forces. Additionally, keep an eye on the cooldowns of active skills to ensure they’re available when you need them most.

Gear and Jewels: Maximizing Combat Efficiency in Lords Mobile

The Expert Battle Guide in Lords Mobile

Gear and Jewels are crucial components to consider in Lords Mobile when optimizing your troops’ performance and ensuring their combat efficiency. Equipping your leader and heroes with the best gear and jewels for their respective troop types is essential for engaging in a successful battle. In this guide, we’ll explore the importance of gear and jewels and discuss how to optimize their usage to gain an advantage over your enemies.

Selecting the Appropriate Gear

In Lords Mobile, various pieces of gear cater to different troop types and leader specialties, including Infantry, Range, and Cavalry. Each piece of gear grants specific boosts and effects when equipped, and higher-grade gear provides more considerable enhancements.

When selecting the appropriate gear for your leader, focus on pieces that boost the primary troop type you employ in battles. Coordinating your gear with the dominant troop type enhances not only their overall performance but also their survivability in combat.

Some high-quality gear examples for each troop type include:

  1. Infantry: Beast Helm, Firewall Plate, and Ambrosial Cup.
  2. Range: Bumblehelm, Tasset, and Wyrm’s Rod.
  3. Cavalry: Noceros Mask, Lightning Guard, and Golden Cog.

Crafting and Upgrading Gear

To obtain gear in the game, you’ll need to gather materials and resources through completing quests, hunting monsters, and participating in various in-game events. Once you’ve gathered the necessary materials, use your troops to craft the gear in the Workshop.

Upgrading your gear to higher grades (green, blue, purple, and gold) significantly improves the boosts they provide. Be prepared to invest time and resources in obtaining higher-grade materials to create the best possible gear for your leader and heroes.

Choosing the Right Jewels

Jewels play a vital role in optimizing the efficiency and performance of your gear in Lords Mobile. Each jewel type offers specific stat boosts, similar to gear pieces, improving the capabilities of your leader and heroes in battle.

Assess the primary troop type in your lineup and equip jewels that correspond with their needs, further enhancing their combat performance and overall power.

Examples of jewel types for each troop type are:

  1. Infantry: Infantry ATK Jewel, Infantry DEF Jewel, and Infantry HP Jewel.
  2. Range: Range ATK Jewel, Range DEF Jewel, and Range HP Jewel.
  3. Cavalry: Cavalry ATK Jewel, Cavalry DEF Jewel, and Cavalry HP Jewel.

 Scouting and Preparation

Before attacking an enemy, scout their kingdom to gather crucial information. Analyze their castle, troops, heroes, and gear to develop a battle strategy. Send scouts to gain further insight into your enemy’s defenses and troops.

 Solo and Rally Attacks

Choose between solo or rally attacks based on your battle strategy. Solo attacks involve your own army, while rally attacks include multiple castles from your guild. Evaluate the risks and rewards of each attack method.

 Boosting Your Attack

Take advantage of various boosts and research to amplify your troops’ power. Provide the optimal environment for your troops, from turf boosts and research to prison and altar boosts, among others. Utilize vassal titles, familiars, and Vergeway cards to further enhance your attack.

 Capturing Bases and Forts

Achieving control over a base or fort offers considerable military benefits for your entire guild. However, only attempt this feat if your guild has a chance at success. Capturing bases and forts provides a rewarding battle experience and additional boosts to your troops.


Dominating the battlefield in Lords Mobile requires a comprehensive understanding of various game elements, from troop types and formations to gear, jewels, and War Familiars. This extensive guide has provided an in-depth look at the strategies, tips, and insights necessary to conquer kingdoms, defeat formidable foes, and ultimately establish yourself as a fierce leader in the world of Lords Mobile.

With the mastery of your troops and the effective deployment of heroes, familiars, and the right gear, you can rise to unparalleled heights and embrace the chaos and destruction at the heart of Lords Mobile. Embody the relentless spirit of a conqueror and constantly refine your skills, knowledge, and strategies, becoming an unstoppable force to be reckoned with in this ruthless game.

Remember, victories in Lords Mobile are more than just trophies; they signify your growth, determination, and prowess on the battlefield. So, gear up, plan wisely, and march forward with confidence, leading your forces to triumph and etching your name in the annals of Lords Mobile history.

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