The Ultimate List of Top 20 Roblox Tycoon Games: Build Your Empire

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Roblox Tycoon games have long been a favorite among players, offering endless opportunities for creativity, management, and strategic thinking. With the vast number of options, finding the perfect one to spend time on can be challenging. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive list of the top 20 Roblox Tycoon games, with links to play each. Get ready, entrepreneur – your empire awaits you on any device!

  1. Retail Tycoon

    Image from Retail Tycoon Roblox

In Retail Tycoon, you’re in charge of your retail store. Customize it by expanding your space, optimizing product placement, determining the best-selling items, and hiring employees. Do you have what it takes to create the ultimate retail empire?
Play Retail Tycoon here

  1. Theme Park Tycoon Image from Theme Park Tycoon 2 Roblox

Design, build, and manage your theme park in this immersive game. Find the perfect balance of roller coasters, concessions, and park facilities to ensure your visitors have an unforgettable experience.
Play Theme Park Tycoon 2 here

  1. Clone Tycoon 2
    Image from Clone Tycoon 2 Roblox

Imagine cloning yourself and leading your clone armies into battle! Upgrade your base and factory to create the ultimate clone army and dominate the battlefield.
Play Clone Tycoon 2 here

  1. Lumber Tycoon 2

    Image from Lumber Tycoon 2 Roblox

Put on your hard hat and prepare to chop down trees, build up your lumber mill, and sell your wood for a profit. But be cautious, as other players might try to steal your precious wood supply!
Play Lumber Tycoon 2 here

  1. Restaurant Tycoon 2

    Image from Restaurant Tycoon 2 Roblox

Have you ever dreamt of running your restaurant? Build, cook, and manage your culinary empire in this game as you choose the menu, staff your kitchen, and cater to your customer’s tastes.
Play Restaurant Tycoon 2 here

  1. Vehicle Tycoon
    Image from Vehicle Tycoon Roblox

Car enthusiasts will love this game, which allows you to collect over 45 cars, build your dealership, and race with friends. How fast can your empire grow?
Play Vehicle Tycoon here

  1. Super Hero Tycoon

    Image from Superhero tycoon Roblox

Have you ever wished to become a superhero? In this game, you can become one and build your base to fight against villains and other players. Defeat your enemies and become the ultimate Super Hero Tycoon!
Play Super Hero Tycoon here

  1. Pet Store Tycoon

    Image from Pet Store Tycoon Roblox

Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit in the world of pets! Open your very own pet store, acquire a diverse assortment of lovable animals, and manage your new business as you cater to the needs of both your pets and customers.
Play Pet Store Tycoon here

  1. Ice Cream Tycoon

    Image from Ice Cream Tycoon Roblox

Perfect for any sweet tooth, create your ice cream parlor and serve delightful treats to your customers in this deliciously fun Tycoon game. Can you make the perfect scoop?
Play Ice Cream Tycoon here

  1. Cookie Tycoon

    Image from Cookie Tycoon Roblox

If you love cookies, this is the game for you! Tap into your baking skills and build up your cookie empire. Manage your resources and bake your way to the top.
Play Cookie Tycoon here

  1. Factory Town Tycoon

    Image from Factory Town Tycoon Roblox

Starting small, build up your factory town from scratch, upgrading it into a bustling city. Show off your managerial prowess and create an industrial empire to be proud of.
Play Factory Town Tycoon here

  1. Bank Tycoon

    Image from Bank Tycoon Roblox

Were you ever wanted to manage a bank? Now’s your chance to build and run the most successful bank in Roblox. Create a secure and efficient financial institution, and watch the deposits roll in.

Play Bank Tycoon here

  1. Hospital Tycoon

    Image from Hospital Tycoon Roblox

In Hospital Tycoon, build your hospital empire from the ground up, saving lives. Hire staff, upgrade facilities, and ensure your patients receive the best care possible.
Play Hospital Tycoon here

  1. School Tycoon

    Image from School Tycoon Roblox

Create the school of your dreams by hiring teachers, building new classrooms, and customizing your campus. As the principal in this tycoon, it’s up to you to ensure the success of your students and staff.
Play School Tycoon here

  1. Arcade Empire

    Image from Arcade Empire Roblox

Step into an exciting gaming world as you manage and build a vibrant arcade filled with vintage and modern games to create the ultimate gamer’s paradise.
Play Arcade Empire here

  1. Miner’s Haven

    Image from Miner's Haven Roblox

Climb the ranks quickly in this mining tycoon as you upgrade your machinery, build your mining empire, and collect unique artifacts from dominating the mining world.
Play Miner’s Haven here

  1. Gym Tycoon

    Image from Gym Tycoon Roblox

Get ready to pump some iron and manage your dream gym with various equipment and facilities. It’s up to you to ensure your gym thrives, from staffing to membership sales.
Play Gym Tycoon here

  1. Car Dealership Tycoon

    Image from Car Dealership Tycoon Roblox

Customize, upgrade, and sell the best vehicles as you expand your dealership and store in this Car Dealership Tycoon.
Play Car Dealership Tycoon here

  1. Pizza Factory Tycoon

    Image from Pizza Factory Tycoon Roblox

Create and manage your pizza factory, starting from the ground up and upgrading it to become the best pizza parlor in town. Will your pizza recipe be the top choice for all Robloxians?
Play Pizza Factory Tycoon here

  1. Aquarium Tycoon
    Image from Aquarium Tycoon

Fish in unique environments, collect various species and upgrade your fishing gear as you compete with others for the title of the ultimate Aquarium Tycoon.
Play Aquarium Tycoon here


With these top 20 Roblox Tycoon games, you can immerse yourself in fun and challenging gameplay while building your empire. Please choose one or try them all, and enjoy the journey of managing your empire, whether it be retail, theme parks, restaurants, or ever-expanding industries. The opportunities are limitless, and the choice is in your hands.

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Happy building, and may your empire flourish on any platform. Just do not fall for the free Robux Scams!

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