Football Manager 2024 Best Tactics, Tips And Tricks for Android and iOS

Top Strategies For Building A Successful Football Manager 2024 Team
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Football Manager 2024 has taken the gaming world by storm and has gained immense popularity among both Android and iOS users. This addictive and immersive game lets players create and manage their dream football teams from scratch. This article will focus on the top strategies for building a successful Football Manager 2024 team, ensuring you rise through the ranks and lead your team to victory.

A key aspect of building a strong team in Football Manager 2024 is scouting and recruiting talented players. Use the in-game scouting network to discover and sign young prospects who have the potential to be future stars. Pay attention to player attributes, skills, and potential ratings, while also considering factors such as their preferred positions, playing style, and potential future value.

Balancing Formations, Roles, and Tactics

Top Strategies For Building A Successful Football Manager 2024 Team

Finding the right balance between formations, player roles, and tactics is an art in itself and is essential for creating a successful Football Manager 2024 team. Let’s delve deeper into these components, providing you with more in-depth strategies and tips to give you an edge over your competition.


Formations not only dictate how your team is organized on the field but also play a significant role in dictating the overall style of play. The best formation for your team ultimately depends on your players’ strengths, your tactical preferences, and the specific match you’re playing.

  1. 4-4-2: The Classic: Utilizing two central defenders, four midfielders, and two strikers, this balanced formation provides a solid defense and is built for quick counter-attacks. The 4-4-2 can be adapted for a more defensive or offensive approach with the use of wide midfielders or wingers, depending on your preferences.
  2. 4-2-3-1: The Modern Favorite: This formation uses a defensive midfield duo sitting in front of the back four, providing additional defensive cover. The lone striker is supported by an attacking trio that can either play narrow or with width, depending on your strategy.
  3. 4-3-3: Attacking Powerhouse: Consisting of three forwards, this attacking formation can overwhelm opponents with offensive pressure. The midfield trio needs to be well-balanced, featuring advanced playmakers and holding midfielders to provide both creativity and stability.
  4. 3-5-2: For the Bold: This formation utilizes three central defenders, providing increased solidity against strong attacking teams. The wing-backs offer width and are key to supporting your midfield and creating goal-scoring opportunities for your forwards.

Roles, Duties, and Mentality

Understanding player roles and assigning duties based on each player’s strengths is crucial for optimizing your team’s performance. Each position on the pitch has a variety of roles that dictate how a player will act during the match.

  1. Goalkeepers: Sweeper Keeper or Goalkeeper: Depending on your team’s overall defensive approach, the goalkeeper can play a standard role or take on additional responsibility, joining in possession plays and supporting your defenders.
  2. Defenders: Central Defender, Ball-Playing Defender, or Libero: Select the best-suited role based on the defenders’ attributes, considering both their passing ability and overall defensive skill.
  3. Midfielders: Box-to-Box Midfielder, Deep-Lying Playmaker, Defensive Midfielder, or Advanced Playmaker: Choose wisely, as your selection will heavily influence your team’s overall style of play.
  4. Forwards: Target Man, Pressing Forward, or Forward: Select the role to maximize your forwards’ goal-scoring potential, considering factors such as speed, strength, and finishing.


Choosing the right tactics, and effectively implementing them in conjunction with formation and player roles, will give you a significant advantage over your opponents.

  1. High Press: Pressure your opponents by closing down the space quickly and winning the ball back higher up the pitch, disrupting the opposition’s rhythm.
  2. Tiki-Taka: Focus on short passing, quick movement, and maintaining possession, which will often result in creating goal-scoring opportunities as your opposition is drawn out of position.
  3. Counter-attacking: Defend in a structured manner and exploit the space behind the opposition’s defensive line with pacey forwards, hitting your opponents on the break.

Trying different formations, roles, and tactics and observing how they impact your team’s performance is the key to unlocking your team’s full potential in Football Manager 2024.

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Training, Morale, and Team Dynamics

Top Strategies For Building A Successful Football Manager 2024 Team

Training, along with managing morale and team dynamics, are integral components for building a formidable Football Manager 2024 team. They are connected to every aspect of your club’s performance, on and off the pitch. Let’s explore these crucial aspects in more detail, providing valuable insights to enhance your team’s development.

Training Programs and Player Development

Designing comprehensive training programs targeting various aspects of your players’ development is crucial for improving individual skills and overall team performance. Keep the following aspects in mind while planning training sessions:

  1. General Training: Provide a balanced development approach that covers all key attributes using different training schedules. Emphasize technical, tactical, physical, and mental aspects to create versatile players.
  2. Position-Specific Training: Design training programs focusing on the attributes relevant to each player’s position, optimizing their performance in their assigned role on matchdays.
  3. Individual Training: Identify areas where particular players need improvement, assigning targeted training sessions to develop these attributes. This personalized approach can be extremely effective in enhancing their potential.
  4. Youth Development: Invest in youth training facilities and coaching staff to develop your team’s future stars. Providing academy players with a top-notch training environment ensures a continuous supply of talent for your senior team.

Morale and Mental State

Maintaining high morale and a positive mental state within your squad can have a significant impact on their performances, driving the team towards success. Consider the following tactics to keep your players motivated:

  1. Communication: Hold regular team meetings to discuss tactics, performance, and objectives, giving your players a clear direction. Providing feedback, praise, and constructive criticism can enhance their motivation and help them overcome challenges.
  2. Player Interaction: Be proactive in engaging with your players, addressing their concerns promptly, and managing their expectations. A player’s individual concerns should be treated fairly to prevent possible discontent spreading throughout the squad.
  3. Sports Psychologist: Hire a skilled sports psychologist to address players’ mental health concerns, ensuring they’re always in the right frame of mind during games.

Team Dynamics and Cohesion

Fostering strong team dynamics and unity is essential for a successful Football Manager 2024 squad. A harmonious team will not only perform better on the field but will also support each other during tough times. Consider the following strategies to enhance team dynamics and cohesion:

  1. Team Bonding: Organize team bonding activities and events that allow players to connect on a personal level. This will improve their communication on the field and their understanding of each other’s style of play.
  2. Core Group: Identify a core group of players who have significant influence within the squad, utilizing these players as your leaders and role models. These experienced players can serve as mentors for younger players, guiding them on and off the field.
  3. Conflict Resolution: Monitor your players’ interactions and relationships, intervening if conflicts or disagreements arise. Addressing tensions and animosities early on can prevent the squad from becoming fractured and, ultimately, negatively impacting performances.

By carefully following these guidelines and focusing on your players’ development, morale, and team chemistry, you can create a successful Football Manager 2024 team that will consistently perform at the highest level.

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In-Game Management and Squad Rotation

Top Strategies For Building A Successful Football Manager 2024 Team

To build a successful Football Manager 2024 team, effective in-game management and strategic squad rotation are crucial. Understanding how to adapt to various in-game situations and maintaining a balanced and fit squad can be the difference between a successful or subpar campaign. These components more thoroughly, offering insights to make you a master tactician.

In-Game Management Strategies

  1. Reading the Opposition: Assess your opponent’s formation, tactics, and key players to tailor your game plan accordingly. Identifying their weaknesses and exploiting them will significantly enhance your chances of securing a victory.
  2. Adaptation: Adapt your tactics and strategy throughout the match to counter changes in your opponent’s approach. This may involve switching formations, altering player instructions, or changing your attacking and defensive strategies to gain an upper hand.
  3. Timing Substitutions: Making the right substitution at the right time can swing the momentum of the match in your favor. Consider the match situation, player fatigue, and tactical adaptations when deciding which player to bring on and when.
  4. Late-Game Management: Knowing how to manage the final minutes of the match is vital in securing tight leads, or pushing for an equalizer. Switching to a more defensive approach when leading or going all-out attack when trailing can have a significant impact on the outcome.

Squad Rotation Essentials

  1. Avoiding Fatigue: Keep a close eye on player fitness and ensure that players with low match sharpness or high fatigue levels are rested. Be extra cautious with players returning from injuries and avoid risking their long-term health by overplaying them.
  2. Developing Youth: Squad rotation presents a great opportunity to provide young talents with valuable game time, allowing them to develop their skills and attributes faster. These game experiences will significantly aid their growth and readiness to contribute to the senior team.
  3. Managing Injuries and Suspensions: Keep a well-balanced squad to adequately manage injuries and suspensions, ensuring that you have suitable cover in every position. Rotating your lineup regularly will help maintain higher fitness levels and reduce the risk of injuries.
  4. Squad Depth: Build a deep squad with players capable of playing in multiple positions. This flexibility will ensure that you always have enough options to rotate players and adapt your lineup to specific opponent strategies or challenges.
  5. Maintaining Form: Giving regular game time to all squad members will help maintain their form and readiness to perform when called upon. Strike the right balance between rotating the squad and maintaining stability to maximize overall performance.

By mastering in-game management and implementing a well-thought-out squad rotation strategy, you will increase your team’s performance, develop a more robust roster, and maximize results in Football Manager 2024.

Mastering Finances and Long-term Success

Top Strategies For Building A Successful Football Manager 2024 Team

Transfer Strategies and Player Acquisitions

  1. Scouting Network: Develop a comprehensive scouting network that covers domestic, regional, and international talents. Investing in a robust scouting department will yield a higher quality of players for you to choose from and can lead to the discovery of hidden gems.
  2. Marketable Signings: Occasionally, signing players with high marketability can boost your club’s finances through increased merchandise sales and sponsorships. While not the primary focus, be mindful of marketing potential when considering player acquisitions.
  3. Transfer Targets: Targets players who complement your team’s strengths and address key weaknesses. Be prudent with your spending while considering potential resale value as part of your transfer strategies.
  4. Free Agents and Loans: Exploit the free agent and loan markets to acquire valuable additions to your squad without spending inordinate amounts. This approach can be particularly useful for short-term reinforcement of positions or temporary cover due to injuries.

Managing Contracts and Wages

  1. Wage Structure: Implement a fair and sustainable wage structure to ensure financial stability and maintain harmony within your squad. Avoid breaching the wage structure for individual players to prevent discontent and unreasonable demands from other team members.
  2. Contract Negotiations: Be strategic during contract negotiations, avoiding excessively long contracts that can burden the club financially. Offer sensible bonuses and contract clauses to keep players motivated while accommodating your club’s financial health.
  3. Player Sales and Contracts: Regularly assess your squad’s contract situation and plan how to manage players nearing the end of their contracts. Determine whether to renew, sell or release the player, ensuring that no valuable talent leaves the club on a free transfer.

Investing in Infrastructure and Future Growth

  1. Training Facilities and Youth Academy: Invest in state-of-the-art training facilities and youth academies to ensure long-term development of players and continuous supply of talent from within your club. Enhanced facilities improve player development and attract high-potential youngsters to join your club.
  2. Expanding Stadium and Fan Base: Develop plans for stadium expansions or upgrades to accommodate your growing fan base and enhance matchday revenue. A larger stadium attracts more fans, allows for increased ticket prices and also enhances your team’s reputation.
  3. Sponsorships and Partnerships: Forge strong sponsorships and partnerships that can boost your club’s finances, providing additional resources to invest in player acquisitions, infrastructure improvements, and other initiatives to drive long-term success.

By focusing on effective financial management and long-term club development, you will set the foundations for a successful Football Manager 2024 campaign while simultaneously future-proofing your club for years to come. The result is a stable, competitive, and self-sustaining footballing powerhouse delivering consistent performance on and off the pitch.


If you are looking for great tactics in Football Manager Mobile Version, then you have come across the right place. These tactics will guarantee you a higher chance of getting a win but just read the article completely because if your team is strong in attack, then you will need a tactic which focuses more on attacking instead of defending all the time.

These tactics have barely failed me in Football Manager 2023 and 2024. I won a lot of trophies thanks to these tactics, and I also have a win percentage of around 75 Percent; if you want to be like me, then you will have to use these tactics in Football Manager 2023 and 2024

The 3-4-3 Tactic – Best Tactic in Football Manager 2023 and 2024 for Strong Attack and Midfield

The 3-4-3 Tactic - Best Tactic in Football Manager 2022 and 2021 for Strong Attack and Midfield

This tactic is perfect for you if your team has a strong defence and a strong midfield with a decent attack; with these tactics, I have won the Champions Cup 10 Times in a row.

After you have set it to 3-4-3, go to Shape, and the Shape should look a bit like this for both of the tactics in this article.

  • Team Mentality = Attacking
  • Width = Narrow
  • Tempo = Fast
  • Creative Freedom = Expressive

This is how the Defence should look like

  • Defensive Line = High
  • Closing Down = All Over
  • Tackling = Normal
  • Offside Trap = No
  • Time Wasting = No

This is how the Attack should be like

  • Final Third = Look For Overlap, Shoot On Sight, Run At Defence
  • Passing Style = Direct
  • Passing Focus = Both Flanks
  • Goalkeeper Distribution = Short

If you have set everything correctly and got a decent or a good squad, you are ready to win the league and the Champions Cup with these tactics, and if it does not work, give it at least 3-10 matches because sometimes your team does not get used to new tactics easily, so it is harder to get good results straight away but once they got these tactics figured out and your team remains strong in Midfield, Defence and Attack then you should not worry about changing tactics at all during your entire playthrough of Football Manager 2023 or 2024

The 4-3-3 Tactic – Best Tactic in Football Manager 2023 and 2024 for Good Defence

The 4-3-3 Tactic - Best Tactic in Football Manager 2021 and 2022 for Good Defence

If your defence is good and you do not wanna let the other team score goals, then this formation is perfect for you, and the instructions such as Shape, Defence and Attack should be the same as in the tactic which is given above. This tactic has won me World Cup and Euros twice in a row; even if my team was terrible, this type of tactic always worked after finding ways to make my defence stronger.

Gegenpressing 4-2-3-1

This is the best tactic for Gegenpressing in Football Manager Mobile

  • Team Mentality = Control
  • Width = Narrow
  • Tempo = Fast
  • Creative Freedom = Expressive

This is how the Defence should look like

  • Defensive Line = High
  • Closing Down = All Over
  • Tackling = Normal
  • Offside Trap = Yes
  • Time Wasting = No

This is how the Attack should be like

  • Final Third = Work into Box, Run At Defence
  • Passing Style = Direct
  • Passing Focus = Both Flanks
  • Goalkeeper Distribution = Short

Best Tactic for Relegation Side Teams 4-1-2-2-1

  • Team Mentality = Attacking
  • Width = Narrow
  • Tempo = Normal
  • Creative Freedom = Balanced

This is how the Defence should look like

  • Defensive Line = Balanced
  • Closing Down = All Over
  • Tackling = Normal
  • Offside Trap = Yes
  • Time Wasting = No

This is how the Attack should be like

  • Final Third = Look For Overlap, Shoot On Sight, Run At Defence
  • Passing Style = Mixed
  • Passing Focus = Mixed
  • Goalkeeper Distribution = Mixed


Football Manager’s Game Engine has been the same for a while, so these tactics should work from 2019-2024 Versions.

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What do you think about these tactics in Football Manager Mobile and What are your tactics in the game? Please let us know in the comments below.



Building a successful Football Manager 2024 team on Android and iOS requires a combination of skill, strategy, and effective management. Focusing on scouting and recruitment, balancing formations and tactics, effective training and morale management, and mastering in-game adjustments will significantly enhance your team’s performance and improve your chances of success.

Remember, the key to excelling in Football Manager 2024 lies in constant experimentation and adaptation as the season progresses. Stay updated with the game’s latest developments and community feedback to further refine your strategies, and see your team rise through the ranks. With dedication, perseverance, and smart decision-making, you’ll undoubtedly lead your team to numerous victories and accolades.

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