Football Manager 2024 Best Tactics For PlayStation And Xbox

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Football Manager 2024 is undoubtedly one of the most immersive and challenging sports management games available for PlayStation and Xbox platforms. It is a dream come true for football enthusiasts who aspire to lead their teams to success. This article aims to provide essential tactics and tips that will help console players master the game and dominate the virtual football world.

A comprehensive understanding of tactics, player roles, and utilizing appropriate resources is vital for success in Football Manager 2024. Implementing an effective strategy and adapting to changes on the fly can be the decisive factor in securing victories in tough fixtures. This guide provides insights into enhancing gameplay, ensuring a successful managerial career, and pushing teams to reach their potential.

Developing a Tactical Foundation

Football Manager 2024 Best Tactics For PlayStation And Xbox

A strong tactical foundation is essential to succeed in Football Manager 2024. Follow this step-by-step process to develop a robust and effective strategy:

  1. Assess Your Squad: The first step in formulating a successful tactical approach is examining your team’s strengths and weaknesses. Identify key players, their preferred positions, and roles within your desired formation. Analyze each player’s attributes and potential to determine their effectiveness in your preferred tactical style.
  2. Choose a Formation: Select a formation based on your evaluation of the players and their strengths. It is crucial to ensure that individual player attributes align with their positions on the pitch. For example, selecting a narrow 4-3-3 formation may work for teams with strong central midfielders, while a 4-4-2 formation might be preferred for squads with talented wingers. Experiment with various formations to determine the one that works best for your squad, taking into consideration opponents’ tactics and the need for flexibility.
  3. Develop a Team Mentality: Setting the right team mentality influences your players’ behavior on the pitch. Choose a balanced approach, like the standard “balanced” mentality, when formulating your initial tactical plan. As you gain experience and have a better understanding of your squad, adjust the mentality accordingly. Consider adopting a more aggressive “attacking” mentality to press high up the pitch, or a “defensive” mentality for a more cautious approach.
  4. Player Roles & Instructions: Assign player roles based on their individual expertise. Analyze each player’s attributes and assign them appropriate roles within your formation. Specific instructions ensure that players know their responsibilities and contribute effectively during a match. For example, instruct a full-back with excellent crossing ability to overlap with the winger, providing additional width and attacking threats.
  5. Implement Tactical Styles: Football Manager 2024 offers pre-defined tactical styles that you can use as a foundation for your own strategy. These styles include Tiki-Taka, Gegenpress, Catenaccio, and Vertical Tiki-Taka, among others. Each style has a distinctive approach to different phases of the game, like pressing, counter-attacking, and possession. Experiment with these styles and adapt your tactics to find the most suitable approach for your team.
  6. Set Piece Strategy: Devise intelligent set piece strategies to take advantage of your opponent’s weaknesses during corner kicks, free kicks, and penalties. Assign players with strong aerial and heading ability to attack the ball, while designating proficient free-kick takers to deliver accurate balls into the box.
  7. In-Game Adjustments: Flexibility is key to success in Football Manager 2024. As opponents adapt their tactics to counter your strategy, it is essential to continuously observe and react accordingly. Watch your team’s performance during a match and identify areas that need improvement. Adjust your tactics in response to match events, such as a change in formation, player fatigue, or goals scored.
  8. Analyze Match Performance: After each match, review player and team performance to identify tactical strengths and weaknesses that can be refined in future games. Utilize data analysis tools provided within the game to gain insights into match events. This critical post-match evaluation will enable you to make crucial adjustments to your tactical plan.

Mastering tactical gameplay in Football Manager 2024 requires patience, flexibility, and keen observation. By following and implementing these steps, you will be better equipped to develop an effective football strategy that supports your team’s strengths and exploits opponents’ weaknesses.

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Scouting and Transfers

Football Manager 2024 Best Tactics For PlayStation And Xbox

Acquiring the right talent is a cornerstone of success in Football Manager 2024. Follow these steps to elevate your squad and strengthen your team for the challenges ahead:

  1. Set up a scouting network: Assign your scouts to different regions based on their skills and the club’s scouting range. Be strategic in evaluating the best locations based on potential talent and the type of players you’re looking for, such as lesser-known leagues or countries with emerging talent. Ensure that your scouting team is tasked with finding players who suit your tactical approach and specific requirements.
  2. Identify transfer targets: Keep an eye on players with attributes and potential that align with your team’s style and necessities. Create a shortlist of potential transfers and monitor their progress to determine if they would be a good fit for your squad. Furthermore, you can set up specific player search filters to narrow down possible transfer prospects according to various criteria such as age, position, and skill attributes.
  3. Research potential signings: Before making a move for a player, conduct thorough research into their background, such as injury history, salary demands, and personality traits. This information will help you avoid potential issues and ensure a smoother transfer process. Additionally, consider the player’s adaptability to the league and team dynamics, as well as their ability to gel with teammates.
  4. Master the art of negotiation: Entering transfer negotiations with a firm understanding of your transfer budget and limitations is crucial. Aim to meet the selling club’s demands without overspending and be prepared to negotiate bonuses and additional clauses that could benefit your club in the long run. Factor in clauses like future sell-on fees, appearance-based payments, or performance-related incentives to lower the initial transfer fee.
  5. Utilize loans and free agents: Monitor the loan market or free agent pool for valuable additions to your team. Loans can be an excellent way of temporarily filling a gap in your squad, while free agents may provide experienced options at a lower cost. This approach can be a cost-effective method of adding talent without depleting your transfer budget.
  6. Account for contract negotiations: Securing the right transfer target is only half the battle; signing them to a contract that suits both the player and the club’s financial limitations is equally important. Be mindful of wage expectations, contract length, and additional clauses such as release fees or bonuses that could impact your team’s finances in the long run.
  7. Integrate new signings: Properly integrating new signings into the squad requires thorough planning and assessment. Ensure that the player adapts well to their new environment, both on and off the field. Schedule individual and team training to facilitate better understanding between new signings and their teammates, and manage their expectations regarding playing time and team performance.
  8. Youth recruitment policy: Strengthen your team’s future prospects by investing time and resources into scouting and developing young talent. Prioritize improving youth facilities, hiring skilled youth coaches, and building partnerships with clubs that have a reputation for nurturing young players. Developing a strong pipeline of talent will ensure a self-sustainable squad capable of competing at the highest level for years to come.

By implementing these scouting and transfer tips, you will be better equipped to strengthen your team, making them more competitive and capable of overcoming the obstacles they face in Football Manager 2024.

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Developing Players and Enhancing Squad Performance

Football Manager 2024 Best Tactics For PlayStation And Xbox

Improving individual players and overall squad performance is crucial to achieving milestones in Football Manager 2024. Implement these comprehensive steps to unleash your squad’s full potential:

  1. Customize training schedules: Design individual training plans for each player, focusing on their position, role, and areas for improvement. Balance workload and training intensity to ensure optimal development while preventing injuries or overexertion. Include specific training modules aligned with your tactics, such as ball distribution for possession-based tactics or stamina for high-pressing strategies.
  2. Group training routines: Implement group training sessions tailored to your tactical approach and specific needs. These sessions can lift the team’s performance in key areas, such as attacking movement, defending positioning, and set piece execution. Be mindful of the overall workload and training intensity to avoid adverse effects on player conditioning and morale.
  3. Develop youth prospects: Investing time and effort into your youth academy can provide a stream of talented players ready to graduate to the first team. Schedule regular training sessions, assessment, and feedback sessions for young prospects. This will facilitate their development, enabling you to gauge their readiness for first-team action or potential loans for further growth.
  4. Rotate your squad: Regularly rotating players is essential to maintaining overall squad fitness. Playing the same lineup in every match can result in fatigue and increased chances of injuries. Strategically rotate your team to ensure balanced development, maintain match fitness, and provide opportunities for fringe or backup players to prove themselves.
  5. Set high standards: Foster a winning culture by setting objectives and discussing performance with your players and staff. Encourage healthy competition and hold players accountable for their performances on and off the field. Establishing high standards and expectations will contribute to player progress and enhanced overall squad performance.
  6. Monitor data analysis: Use in-game data analysis tools to identify trends and analyze player performance. Assess player heat maps, pass completion rates, possession percentages, chances created, and much more. This comprehensive data analysis will guide you in refining your tactics and training strategies, ensuringyour team remains adaptable and effective.
  7. Invest in coaching staff: Enlist the support of highly-rated coaches with various specializations to help deliver optimal training and tactical advice. Having a well-rounded coaching staff can significantly impact the development and improvement of your players, as well as your tactical decisions during matches.
  8. Manage team morale: A cohesive and motivated squad is more likely to achieve success than a dispirited and disjointed one. Address issues such as player dissatisfaction, low morale, or interpersonal conflicts. Enhance team chemistry by involving the entire squad in team-building exercises and maintaining transparent communication.
  9. Plan for the future: Keep an eye on upcoming contract expirations, loan returns, and the potential need for replacements due to age or declining performance. Make informed decisions about contract extensions and transfer-listing players to ensure your squad remains competitive in the long run.

By following these development and performance enhancement strategies, you will be better positioned to help your team reach new heights in Football Manager 2024.

Managing Coaching and Staff for Success

Football Manager 2024 Best Tactics For PlayStation And Xbox

An often overlooked aspect of mastering Football Manager 2024 is the effective management of your coaching and support staff. Surrounding yourself with exceptional staff members can significantly improve your team’s performance, help you make better decisions, and maintain a high level of professionalism within the organization. Follow these steps to ensure your staff operates efficiently:

  1. Assemble a strong staff: Appoint highly-rated staff members with diverse skills, such as fitness coaches, goalkeeping coaches, physiotherapists, and data analysts. These specialized professionals contribute their expertise to specific areas of your team’s performance and play a crucial role in the overall management.
  2. Delegate responsibilities: Effectively delegate tasks to your staff by assigning responsibilities that best suit their skills and experience. This will free up your time to focus on more pressing matters such as tactics, transfers, and team management.
  3. Seek advice and reports: Regularly consult with your staff for advice on various club matters, including player signings, tactical adjustments, and upcoming opposition analysis. Utilize their knowledge and expertise to make better-informed decisions.
  4. Maintain staff morale: Just as with players, staff morale is a crucial factor in achieving success. Address any concerns your staff may have, and foster a positive working environment. This will lead to better staff performance and contribute to the overall harmony within the club.
  5. Invest in staff development: Encourage your staff to continually improve their skills and knowledge. Allocate resources towards staff training and development to ensure they remain up-to-date with the latest techniques, trends, and knowledge in football management.
  6. Monitor staff contracts: Keep track of staff contracts, making informed decisions about renewals or possible replacements. Regularly review staff performance to ensure they are contributing positively to the club’s objectives.
  7. Establish communication channels: Maintain open and transparent communication channels with staff across all levels of your organization, fostering a sense of unity and clarity of expectations. This will enable you to receive valuable input and insights from all departments, enhancing your decision-making process.

By following these tips for managing your coaching and staff members effectively, you can create a thriving and successful environment for your club in Football Manager 2024.


Mastering Football Manager 2024 on PlayStation and Xbox requires a comprehensive understanding of tactics, scouting, player development, and squad management. By implementing the tips and guidelines outlined in this article, console players can enhance their strategic approach and elevate their team’s performance.

Remember, success in Football Manager 2024 is an ongoing process. Continuously assess and adapt your tactics, transfer strategy, and player development approach to ensure sustained growth and achievement. Embrace the challenges of virtual football management, and lead your team to glory by applying these essential tactics and tips in your gameplay.

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