Sony Patents DualSense Haptic Feedback for Pre-Recorded Videos and Streams

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Written by Ankit Gaba

Last week Sony published a Patent for DualSense Haptic Feedback. In the patent, it is stated, “Metadata indicating demanded haptic events during playback of an audio-video (AV) stream is embedded with the AV stream, such that the metadata can be extracted during AV playback and rendered on the player’s side as demanded. In this way, previously recorded video can be spectated during playback without losing whatever haptic experiences may have been generated for original playback without having to rely on merely deriving haptic events from audio.”

In normal wording, it means that DualSense will support haptic feedback in Videos (I think walkthroughs and stuff like that?) I’m interested to see how it works; I think streamers might be able to use it to make their streams more engaging. This sounds weird to me as of now but let’s see how it works and how it might improve streams and the experience of watching Videos.
Just an opinion on this patent, but I think if it is used in stuff like Gameplay reveals (Something like the State Of Play), it could work, but just like I mentioned before, it is up to the person uploading the video – or streaming.

DualSense has already changed my experience of Gaming and made it better now; it might be able to change the experience of watching videos and live-streams of your favorite content creators as well.
Sony also patented a Back Button Attachment for DualSense previously.
Source: WIPO / Segment Next
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