Xbox Series X|S sales are behind Xbox One Sales compared by same post-launch timeframe

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Written by Ankit Gaba

According to a recent report by Ampere, Xbox Series X and S combined sales are around 2.8 million currently, which is lower than the amount of Xbox One sales during the same time-frame. Microsoft stopped giving updates on Xbox Sales a while ago because they are focusing on their Live Services more, such as Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Gamepass. So I do not expect them to announce official numbers or anything unless they decide to start sharing updates again, which most likely won’t happen. I think the main reasons for the sales being lower are the production shortages. A thing you should know about this data is that Ampere Analysis claims that their data focuses on the consoles directly sold to consumers and not the ones shipped to retailers.
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On the other side, PlayStation has managed to match to catch up by selling 4.5 Million Units of PlayStation 5 despite the production shortages. Sony is aiming to sell 8 million units by March 2021. I really hope the production shortage ends soon, but I doubt it will happen until June-July. AMD CEO has also said that these types of shortages might continue until Mid-2021, and they might even last longer due to the increasing demand for Next-Gen Consoles.

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