Raids, their role and ways to increase the chances of passing

Raids are an important stage of any MMO RPG, as they combine interesting challenges, bright and spectacular battles against hordes of enemies under the leadership of the boss, and the opportunity to get a rare and unique reward, especially if you choose a high dungeon difficulty.


What is a raid


This is a combat zone in which the boss lives alone, or with his retinue.


Usually if the head of the dungeon is alone, then he is more ferocious than if he is surrounded by guards, who can simply beat enemies, or strengthen and heal his boss.


Raids are divided into difficulty levels that open gradually, after passing the previous one, and where the minimum requirements for equipment and the number of participants to enter increase, since this is how many players, according to the developers, are required to successfully clear the dungeon and defeat the boss.

Difficulties and subtleties of raids


Raids are a whole scheme and a chain of actions to select the right classes for successful participation and victory, and at the same time a requirement for good performance of their roles so as not to make mistakes on trifles.


The rewards in raids depend on the game itself – somewhere the drop falls one for everyone and who gets it will be decided by the case, but there is where everyone gets the reward, but which one depends on luck.


It is precisely because of the frequent mistakes and unpredictability of many players, regardless of their level and degree of equipment, that the raidcarry service from the Skycoach service is popular.


What is raid carry service


Raidcarry is a way to guarantee the passage of dungeons, regardless of their complexity, which is provided by the Skycoach service and a squad of professional players.


If in a regular raid in a squad with random players everything is decided by chance, preparation and selection of roles, then the service always creates ideal conditions and selection of the composition so that it is guaranteed to be successful.


The service is guaranteed to pass a raid of any complexity and transfer all the rewards and experience to your character.

How is raidcarry from the Skycoach service


You need to transfer your account to the service manager to start the service.


The service guarantees the security of your personal data, does not transfer it to third parties and performs services exclusively by Skycoach employees, and also provides money-back guarantees in case of disputes.


VPN is used when logging in.


This is done to solve two problems at once – the security of the client and the quick solution of the problem without the influence of extraneous factors.


  1. Security – the service is obliged to provide the client with guarantees that nothing will happen to the account and property and the game administration will not interfere in the transaction process. For this, VPN and other precautions are used.


  1. Player comfort – You do not have to participate in the process of passing the raid without much zeal to do so. Professional players play as their team with a well-chosen system of heroes and equipment and tactics honed like clockwork, and since the boss reacts to everyone, he can attack your hero, in the case of your personal participation, you will need to make quick decisions, which may affect the fate of the raid, especially the epochal difficulty level. Therefore, in order not to put the threat of raid failure under the responsibility of the player, services often simply close the service on their own and control the provided character in order to independently collect the entire reward and not share the experience for everyone.


You can also be dead during the farming stage and resurrected in the finishing stage.


Your actions after placing an order for a raidcarry service from Skycoach


  • Go about your business and wait for a notification about the completion of the task.
  • Log in to the game account and check the execution of the assigned task – this can be done through the system of tasks, achievements, by checking the overall scale of experience.
  • Confirm that the order has been completed and that there are no complaints against Skycoach service employees.
  • View all the rewards, turn in tasks, confirm the completion of new achievements and just enjoy the result.
  • Optionally, leave feedback on the work done by the Skycoach service employees.


Why raids are so popular


This is pretty much the only way to get legendary equipment in combat other than crafting.


Which classes must be in a group for a successful clear


You must have a tank to protect the group, attacking units with the potential for stable and strong damage – warriors, daggers, archers, warlocks. You can take a magician to weaken enemies and massive attacks and destroy the retinue. You definitely need a healer with the ability to mass heal and the ability to resurrect allies in critical situations.


Conclusions on the raid system and the raid carry service


Raids remain a good and reliable source of obtaining valuable equipment, the analogue of which can be found only in complex crafting, or purchases from more successful players.


You need to strive to master the raid system and advance to a higher level of difficulty to get really rare and unique rewards in the form of legendary armor and weapons, jewelry and raid boss accessories with additional parameters for most classes, which can also be sold if they are not of particular use to you.


You need to carefully approach the selection of the group and provide all kinds of offensive potential and protection to hold off attacks and gradually reset the health of the boss and his retinue.


The raid carry service is suitable for players who do not want to bet on chance, but want not only stability, but also a high chance of getting a valuable reward and a lot of experience.


The battle group will clear the entire dungeon itself, and you will only have to study the reward that will be delivered to your inventory.


The subtleties of a campaign in a raid are in a high level of responsibility, equipment and quickness. In complex Mythic raids, you need to force the battle as decisively and carefully as possible and react to changing situations and cunning attacks of the boss, which can be fatal for the entire group if one person does not have time to react in time.


Normal and heroic raids you can do on your own with a random group, but epochal ones require special training, a high degree of equipment, caution and understanding of all risks, therefore such raids often become a source of popularity for the raid carry service, because it is easier and more profitable than spending many hours for a potential failure in the finishing stage, when the boss is especially fighting for his life and atrocities.

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