NIP to bet on more change? Another player being linked with a departure!

There are increasing indications that Ninjas in Pyjamas may undergo a significant line-up overhaul in the face of unsatisfactory results. Indeed, rumours have emerged about another possible departure of one of the Swedish organisation’s existing representatives.

Will hampus leave the NIP?

NIP itself had already made it clear some time ago that something might happen. This could be indicated, among other things, by the involvement of Björn “THREAT” Pers as the new general manager of the Counter-Strike division. And also the announcement published at the time. “Björn has been working together with Erik Wendel, Troels Robel and Daniel “djL” Narancic over the past few weeks, considering the different development paths. This work is ongoing and the aim is to increase our efforts in CS – both in our main team and in Young Ninjas. At this point, however, we are not ready to announce anything or set any deadlines,” the organisation’s representatives assured.


Despite this, the possible departure of Ludvig “Brolan” Brolin was already rumoured some time ago. Now, Hampus “hampus” Poser is being linked with a break-up, as Vladislav “harumi” Radvilovich reports. NIP engaged the 24-year-old back in May 2020 and under his leadership he reached the semi-finals of the ESL Pro League twice. However, the performance in the last season of this competition was abysmal, as Ninjas dropped out already in the group stage. As if that wasn’t enough, Casper “cadiaN” Møller was recently linked to the team. The Dane has been involved with Heroic for the past four years, where he served as a leader. In the event of a transfer, he would therefore be a natural successor to hampus.


If the rumours are confirmed, the Ninjas in Pyjamas line-up will look as follows:

  • Fredrik “REZ” Sterner
  • Danyyl “headtr1ck” Valitov
  • Kristian “k0nfig” Wienecke
  • Daniel “djL” Narancic (coach)

NIP pulls 4-time world champion from Astralis

More and more signs in heaven and earth indicate that Ninjas in Pyjamas could be on the verge of a personnel revolution of sorts. Interestingly, a four-time world champion in Astralis colours could also be involved!

gla1ve a new NIP player?

Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander is the most successful Astralis player of his career. As a leader, he not only won world championships with Astralis, but also many other prestigious trophies. However, the 28-year-old has been out of the game since June. This is all because, following the changes in the team, there has been no room for him and, perhaps surprisingly, he has not found a new home during these four months. Nevertheless, it is not impossible that one of the most successful IGLs in history will be presenting himself to us on the server again in just a moment. Or at least this is what Eastern European insider Aleksey “OverDrive” Biryukov assures us in his post.


According to his reports, gla1ve would continue his prolific career at the aforementioned Ninjas in Pyjamas. And such a move would make perfect sense, after it has been rumoured for some time that former leader Hampus ‘hampus’ Poser might end his adventure with Ninjas in Pyjamas. It is in his place that Rossander would enter the line-up. 


But it is also unclear who the Dane would find in this line-up. After all, on the one hand, the departure of Ludvig “Brolan” Brolin is not out of the question, and on the other hand, the transfer of Casper “cadiaNa” Møller from Heroic is being considered in the media sphere. So, it cannot be ruled out that Ninjas, who will be competing in Counter-Strike 2, will take on a form quite different from that known from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


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