7 All-Time Favorite Casino Games of Filipinos

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People from the Philippines love casino games. With all the latest improvements in the gambling industry, no one can blame them. Their favorite games are available on mobile phones and other smart devices. And there are so many of them, with exciting features and bonuses. Everything can be found, no matter if they prefer dice, cards, or bingo.

Some games are naturally more popular than others, due to the various factors or the people’s preference due to their culture or history. Players have spoken, and here are the 7 all-time favorite casino games of Filipinos.

Bingo in the Philippines

Brought to the country by the people of the Christian churches, bingo was the game that was played in celebrations and fundraisers. It was the exciting gameplay and unpredictability that rooted deep among the Filipinos, making it one of the most beloved games.

Today, it can also be played at some of the best online casinos in the Philippines such as 20bet casino, where you can see why it is so popular. It is even being sponsored by PAGCOR and played nationwide. Gamblers of all ages are playing it due to its simplicity and it seems that bingo will remain one of the most popular casino games here.

Pusoy Dos

This game is one of the most popular “shedding” card games in the country. Pusoy Dos is a similar version of another game called the Big Two. Shedding card games are easy to grasp, as the players start the game with a deck of cards, and the one that is first to discard them all is the winner.

If none of the players can discard all of them, the one with the least cards in his hands has won the round. Cards are being discarded using all known combinations from poker.


If Pusoy Dos represents a variation of poker, then the Tong-its is very similar to Mahjong. Gamblers use a full deck of standard cards. It is yet another game in which the goal is to be the first one who has discarded all cards from his deck. The game is full of different terms like “Bahay”, “Sapaw” and of course “Tong-its” which is one of the ways to end a game by discarding your whole deck.

Sports Betting

Now here we have something attractive to many Filipino gamblers. Sports betting represents a popular choice among casino games, as almost 40 percent of the population (38,91 exactly) is indulging in this activity. It is ranked highly since there are many different sports on which gamblers can place bets. They can bet on football, horse racing, boxing, and even e-sports.

Video games are extremely popular, as you can see in this latest Assassin’s Creed Mirage review. 20bet casino offers more than 2.000 events from various sports. According to some research reports, the current year will end with a revenue of almost 300 million USD just from sports betting in this country.

Chinese Poker

No wonder that a game designed as a sort of poker for newbies will be a huge hit. As gamblers start their adventure in playing casino games, they will frequently stumble on Chinese poker. It is a game that follows the poker rules, but the cards are divided differently.

Each player gets 13 cards which are divided into three decks. The players must manage all three of them at the same time, and the one with the best combination is the clear winner.

Classic Table Games

Table games have a huge audience in the gambling community. People had a chance to get familiar with them in films, music videos, and magazines. There were always some cool movies with people playing roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat, and others.

That is why you can find them in land-based casinos, online websites, and gambling applications. There are so many different types of these games that you will certainly pick your favorite.


This traditional game is still popular among Filipinos. The reasons for that may be its simplicity and history. Players can participate in it, and all they must do is throw three coins on a stone slab. The bets are placed on which side of the coin they will land. The coins that miss the target are eliminated. You can see taxi drivers playing this game often.


The gambling industry is thriving, thanks to the exciting games they provide for players. Every nation has its picks for the most popular casino games, and these are the preferred choices for Filipinos. If you haven’t tried them yet, check out why they are so loved.

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