Mastering Cookie Run: Kingdom in 2023: An In-Depth Tier List Analysis and Essential Gameplay Strategies Guide

Mastering Cookie Run: Kingdom in 2023: An In-Depth Tier List Analysis and Essential Gameplay Strategies Guide
Written by Alexis

With the excitement of digital cookie adventures brewing even more in 2023, Cookie Run: Kingdom continues to be a hot contender in the gaming community. As such, an updated and detailed tier list becomes vital for ardent players looking to boost their performance and game strategy.


This article comprises a comprehensive tier list for the Cookie Run: Kingdom 2023 version. We aim to equip you, the avid player, with knowledge about the best performing cookies in two critical sections – the Arena and the Story modes. Several cookies have shown exceptional prowess like the Pure Vanilla Cookie, Cotton Cookie, Eclair Cookie, and many more.


Both newbies and veterans can benefit immensely from the insights provided by community voting and numerous submitted rankings, thus enriching their gaming experience. The tier list below represents a collective intelligence, skill analysis and individual smartness going beyond just overpowered cookies or average performers. It lights up a path to amendable strategy modifications that can evolve as you progress.

The Prized Cookie Characters in 2023

The Prized Cookie Characters in 2023


Clumped in different grades and volition, the cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom pose an impressive variation of abilities and strengths that players can make the most of. This section sheds light on the best cookie characters of 2023 appreciated by the gaming community for their performance and effectiveness in various stages of gameplay.

For those seeking Strategical choices, particularly recommended ones include Pure Vanilla Cookie, Cotton Cookie, and Eclair Cookie. These distinguished cookies have proven to excel in the Arena and the Story modes, standing out vividly in the crowd of cookies. Subsequently, Wildberry Cookie, Squid Ink Cookie, Dark Cacao Cookie, among others, are rated highly in efficiency too.

In the unmissable category of tank characters, Dark Cacao, Wild Berry, and Strawberry Crepe Cookie are the top contenders. Their tanking prowess formulates strategies that help players soak up damages effectively while building a strong playtime strategy. The addition of Hollyberry as one of the best tank cookies supports this lineup.

Regarding the best team and characters, Almond, Pastry, Snow Sugar, Werewolf, and Vampire are exceptional choices gained popularity owing to the synergies they can create with other cookie characters. Further, characters like Herb, Eclair, and Cotton are also a part of this esteemed list.

Unlocking the Gameplay Strategies in 2023

Unlocking the Gameplay Strategies in 2023

Achieving exceptional merit in Cookie Run: Kingdom requires a blend of smart choices and strategic planning. This section dwells on the realm of gameplay strategies in the Cookie Run: Kingdom 2023 edition, enabling players to maximise their game progression effectively.

Highly recommended for beginners and advanced players alike is the ‘Full AUTO Master Mode Guide.’ This exceptional guide walks players through chapters with strategic outlines, guiding players to make the most of the auto mode and other features of the gameplay.

Creating an ideal team composition forms the crux of a strong gameplay strategy. Identifying the right cookies to mold your dream team is paramount for success in both Story PVE and Arena PVP. To add value to the formation, equipping multi-toppings of the same type activates bonus set effects, thereby enriching your gameplay.

Also, understanding the characters’ roles and making the right selections adds to your strategic overlay. A valuable tip is to ensure your cookies are equipped with the most appropriate toppings for their roles. For instance, the Stardust cookie demonstrated a significant surge in its performance when equipped with Resonant toppings.

Team Composition Strategies in 2023

Team Composition Strategies in 2023

Building a solid team composition significantly influences your success in Cookie Run: Kingdom. Crafting the right team entails understanding the strengths, weaknesses, and unique abilities of the cookie characters. This section details the team composition strategies that can significantly optimize your gameplay in 2023.

In the PvP Arena, a combination of Kumiho, GingerBrave Carmel Arrow, Dark Cacao, and Sea Fairy, along with Wildberry, Crunchy Chip, and Pumpkin Pie, has proven efficacious. The synergy created by these cookies can lead to excellent outcomes in your PvP battles.

There are several advantageous team compositions suggested by the gaming community. One such is the Vampire-Black Pearl Comp, where leveraging the specific strengths of these characters can lead to effective game progress. Other recommended compositions include the Tri Ambush, Mono Tank, Summoner Team, and Double Charge Team.

The main team usually includes Purple Yam, Financier Cookie, and Black Pearl supported by Captain Caviar and any of the BTS cookies. Considering the effectiveness and popularity of this team composition, it makes for a compelling choice.

Another interesting aspect of team-building is the dynamic introduced by ‘Team Combos’. By carefully crafting your team, you can unlock powerful combos, such as ‘Sleep’, ‘Light ATK SPD’, and ‘Injury’, that can greatly enhance your team’s performance.

Innovating with Cookie Combinations in 2023

Constructing a perfect playing squad involving more than 90 cookies is essentially a creative puzzle for a player. This section delves into the amalgamation of various cookie combinations that increase the potential for victory in 2023.

The innovation of ‘Team Combos’ brings in a new axis of strategy, such as Sleep, Light ATK SPD, and Injury. Exploring such unexpected bonds can give you a strategic upper hand in your gameplay. For instance, the enchanting combination of Darkvamp and Slingshot is an asset to utilize in your journey through Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Creating an ideal team often goes hand in hand with finding the right cookie-topping combination. Multiple toppings can be quite complex, but the right choice can strengthen your cookies considerably, driving a decisive advantage in your gameplay.

Your choice of combination also depends on whether you are focusing on PvP or PvE arena. From positioning Hollyberry Cookie and Strawberry Crepe Cookie together to pairing Frost Queen and Sea Fairy Cookie, successful team-building lies in appreciating the individual powers and combining them effectively.

Cookie Run: Kingdom – Updates and Features in 2023

Being an ever-evolving game, Cookie Run: Kingdom constantly integrates intriguing updates and exciting features, keeping the player community on their toes in 2023. This section will recount some of the exceptional updates along with related features that have spurred more excitement amongst CRT fans.

Renowned as the “Legend of the Red Dragon,” the Version 4.4 update was introduced into the game on May 18th, 2023, bringing in a wave of new dimensions to the game. Similarly, the Version 4.9 update titled “A Mermaid’s Tale Part 1”, released on August 9th, added another intriguing chapter to the game.

Particularly popular in 2023 was the fabled second anniversary update, packed with several new features. It managed to win the heart of players, offering them abundant reasons to celebrate their affinity for the game. The stage was set with numerous fun elements allowing players to engage and enjoy the anniversary jubilantly.

Moreover, Cookie Run: Kingdom has been keen on introducing new cookies to the roster, like the Prophet Cookie in January 2023. Wielding the Scroll of Prophecy, this cookie brought a new battle strategy for the players, escalating the gameplay’s dynamism.

Cookie Run: Kingdom 2023 also facilitated players with available codes to enhance their gameplay, although sporadic and transient. Monitoring these codes and redeeming them timely added another flavor of victory for adroit players in the game!

Gameplay Tips for Cookie Run: Kingdom 2023

Gameplay Tips for Cookie Run: Kingdom 2023

Extending the knowledge spectrum for players, this section offers salient gameplay tips for Cookie Run: Kingdom in 2023. These tips aim to enhance your gameplay strategy and provide you with insights that can make your game progress smoother.

  1. Be persistent but measured with your gameplay time. Overplaying can lead to fatigue that adversely affects your tactical decision-making in the game.
  2. New players should initially focus more on the base game than the events. Mastering the fundamental aspects of the game first can make participating in events more rewarding later on.
  3. Always be producing (ABP): Keeping your production buildings working at all times is crucial. It ensures that you have plenty of materials for various functions and upgrades in the game.
  4. It becomes beneficial to hire your third Sugar Gnome as it seems quite helpful from the gameplay perspective. Gnomes can help accelerate your resource production, thereby speeding up the game’s progress.
  5. The game brings out several events from time to time, so it’s essential to keep an eye out for these. Participating in them can fetch you significant rewards.
  6. Building an optimized and strategic team composition is crucial to your success in different game modes. The right pairings can give you an edge

Future Updates in Cookie Run: Kingdom

The excitement never slows down in Cookie Run: Kingdom as Devsisters continually ensure to keep the magic alive with incessant updates. The following section brings to you the prospective updates expected in the world of cookies in 2023.

Certainly what catches every player’s eye is the thrill of new game versions. For instance, the Version 4.4 known as “Legend of the Red Dragon” was a remarkable addition in May 2023. Players are always keen on such updates as they often bring fresh perspectives, intriguing challenges, and attractive rewards.

Moreover, the development team constantly strives to introduce new cookies into the kingdom. Moving along the same lines, it is hoped that further updates would bring more flavors of cookies, each unique in their abilities and functionalities.

An important part of future updates would be tweaks and optimizations to improve gameplay based on player feedback and analysis of game data. These updates aim to improve gaming experience and balance issues, providing players with smoother and fair gameplay.

Future updates in the game might also bring more event updates, continuing the legacy of events like the second anniversary update. These occasion-based updates bring more excitement and offer a chance to earn exclusive rewards.

The developers at Devsisters have always been keen on keeping the game exciting and evolving. With this dedication, it wouldn’t be surprising if the future updates of 2023 and beyond would continue to exceed player expectations and contribute to the endless charm of the game.

How to Download and Get Started with Cookie Run: Kingdom

How to Download and Get Started with Cookie Run: Kingdom

Get ready to embark on an enthralling adventure in the delightful universe of the Cookie Run: Kingdom! The game is available on many platforms, ensuring easy access to all players across different devices. Here’s how you can begin your journey:

Android Users:

For users on Android devices, the game can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Download Cookie Run: Kingdom on your Android device.

iOS Users:

Apple users can conveniently access the game from the Apple App Store.

Download Cookie Run: Kingdom on your iOS device.

Introduction to the Game:

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a delightful blend of strategy, creativity, and adventure. You begin your journey with the character of GingerBrave and establish your Cookie Kingdom, step by step.

The game involves multiple missions, or ‘stages,’ that require strategic planning and implementation. Each stage cleared paves the path to the subsequent stage, gradually opening new landscapes for your Cookie Kingdom. Fighting off Cake Monsters and rebuilding your Kingdom are your primary missions.

As you progress in the game, you can unlock more than 90 unique Cookie characters, each with its unique strengths and abilities.

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