5 Trick-Avoidance Games Every Card Game Fan Should Try

Card game fans always seek new ways to challenge themselves and test their skills. Whether you’re a seasoned card game player or just starting, there’s no better way to sharpen your trick-avoidance strategies than by trying some of these five must-play games!


From the original trick-avoidance game Hearts to the Bavarian Grasobern – each one is guaranteed to offer its unique twist on traditional card gaming rules and will help you hone your creativity. So grab your deck, round up a few friends, and get ready for some serious trick-dodging fun – it’ll be worth it in the end!

Trick-Avoidance Game You Must Be Aware Of!


Trick-taking games are so last season, so it’s time to try something new that will test your card skills to a different level. These are trick-avoidance card games, which are different from the usual! Check them out below!



Probably the most popular evasion-type trick-avoidance game, which some players also call a trick-taking game, is Hearts. Due to its popularity, you can find numerous apps or browser-based platforms to play Hearts for free, anytime and anywhere you want!


Hearts was derived from Reverse, so they have the same game elements. The game is primarily played by four players, but modern rules allow between three to six. 2♣ cards removed for three players, 2♣ and 2♦ are removed for five players, and 3♣, 2♣, 2♦ and 2♠ are left out for six players. The aim is to avoid taking cards from the Hearts suit in tricks. 


In general, this card game is very competitive. You must be quick with your calculations and strategies. Otherwise, you’ll end up receiving a lot of penalty cards. If you want to play Hearts, now’s the chance and try it for free so that you can hone those trick-avoiding skills to the next level!



Trick-avoidance games were common in Old Bavaria, especially in eastern Bavaria. One such game is Grasobern, also called Graseberla, Lauboberl, or Graseberla. Its game rules are pretty relaxing, so it’s an ideal card game for those wanting to have fun without stress or high mental demands. You may try the modern version called Grünober Suchen (Queen of Spad, which is free and downloadable on your smartphone!


Some facts that might pique your interest:


  • First ever record of the game being played was in 1826
  • Called “The Brother’s Game” due to low stakes
  • Featured in 19th-century poetry and literature as a social game
  • Receiving trick cards results in a penalty


In Grasobern, four players must use the traditional 32 Bavarian-pattern playing cards. However, it can also be played by three to eight players. The game starts with each player receiving the same number of counters or coins of the same value. The aim is to avoid taking the first and last tricks and tricks with the Grasober or the Ober of Leaves.

Black Lady


Black Lady is a variation of the Hearts game, but it’s still unique nonetheless. Due to its popularity, it even overshadowed the original Hearts card game, so you’ll find it on browser-based platforms too! Their similarities may make it an excellent variation for beginners to familiarize themselves with trick-avoidance card games.


Some Black Lady facts you ought to know:


  • Developed in the early 20th century
  • Also called Discard Hearts
  • Q♠ is an additional penalty point of 13 points


Of course, the goal is for players to avoid getting cards from the Heart suit and the Q♠ card, as it’s equivalent to 13 penalty points. Because of the additional “wild card” elements of the Queen of Spades card, the game has become more competitive and unpredictable. Fortunately, you can play it on your smartphone by downloading Queen of Spades for free!

Black Maria


A British version of Hearts is Black Maria. It’s also playable for three to six players and an extended or more elaborate version of Black Lady. It’s often confused with Black Lady since the Queen of Spades card has a notable role in the game. However, it’s regarded as the best game for three players.


Many people may think it’s like the numerous variants of the Hearts game, but it has some key elements that make it sufficiently different and famous. Therefore, it’s justified as a separate type of card game.


A standard French pack is used with an English pattern in the game. It has 13 cards for each of the four suits. The cards are ranked from A to 2, with Ace as the highest and two as the lowest. The objective is to avoid all penalty cards, which are all cards from the Hearts suit, and A♠, K♠ and Q♠.


A Spades is equal to seven points, King of Spades is ten points, while Queen of Spades is 13 points. All Hearts cards are one point. The winning player should have the lowest score after a number of agreed deals. Try Black Maria on your smartphone, and familiarize yourself with its exhilarating rules!

Badam Satti


An Indian variation of Hearts of 7 of Hearts is Badam Satti or Badam Saat. Some international variations are Fan Tan, Sjuan, Laying Out Sevens, Dominos, and Crazy Sevens. It’s also best played by four players using a 52-card standard deck. The player who owns the 7 of Hearts card will begin the game.


Basics of Badam Satti:


  • The remaining 7 cards are used as the first cards of their respective suits
  • Cards are played to lay out a sequence going up and down in suit beginning from the sevens
  • Players who can’t place a card passes
  • The game is to empty one’s hand before other players


The player with the least total score wins the game, which usually consists of seven rounds. It’s pretty evident that this isn’t your usual trick avoidance game. However, the goal is to have the least tricks. Therefore, it’s still considered a trick-avoidance card game with the added twist of having to empty your hand faster than other players.

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Trick-avoidance games are becoming more popular and accessible on smartphone platforms. Some of these apps or browser-based games are mentioned above. Undoubtedly, more and more games will be added to the list, which is inevitable since these are fun, challenging, and highly addictive! Download or access them today, and add them to your arsenal of games today!


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