Last Cloudia: Ultimate Guide and Tier List

Mastering Last Cloudia: A Comprehensive Tier List Guide
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Last Cloudia is an exciting mobile role-playing game that offers a unique gameplay experience with its diverse cast of heroes and powerful arks. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, having a comprehensive guide and tier list can greatly enhance your gaming journey. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about Last Cloudia, including a detailed guide on the game mechanics, team compositions, and a comprehensive tier list of the best heroes and arks.

Game Mechanics and Strategies

Mastering Last Cloudia: A Comprehensive Tier List Guide

To start your adventure in Last Cloudia on the right foot, it’s crucial to understand the game mechanics and develop effective strategies. The game features an engaging combat system where you can control up to four heroes and unleash powerful skills and combos. Mastering the art of chaining attacks, dodging enemy moves, and utilizing the unique abilities of your heroes and arks is key to victory.

In Last Cloudia, heroes are categorized into different roles such as tanks, damage dealers, and support units. Tanks are frontline heroes that excel at soaking up damage and protecting the team. They have high defense and excellent survivability, making them invaluable in challenging battles. Some notable tank heroes in Last Cloudia include Gerald, Sevia, and Prince Gorm.

Damage dealers, as the name suggests, are heroes who specialize in dealing massive damage to enemies. They are usually squishy and rely on their powerful skills and combos to defeat foes quickly. Randi, Lukiel, and Eliza are popular damage dealers in Last Cloudia known for their devastating abilities and high damage output.

Support units provide essential buffs, healing, or crowd control effects to the team. They play a crucial role in keeping the team alive and enhancing their overall performance. Support heroes like Lilebette, Zekus, and Melza can provide healing, mana regeneration, and debuff removal to ensure your team stays in top shape during battles.

In addition to heroes, arks are another key element of Last Cloudia. Arks are ancient artifacts that grant various bonuses and special abilities to your heroes. Each hero can equip multiple arks, further enhancing their stats and skills. Arks come in different rarities, with higher rarity arks providing more powerful effects. It’s crucial to obtain and upgrade strong arks to strengthen your heroes and unlock their full potential.

Strategic team composition is vital for success in Last Cloudia. Building a cohesive team that synergizes well with each other’s abilities and strengths can make a significant difference in battle. For example, pairing a tank hero with a healer can create an excellent frontline for surviving tough encounters. Combining damage dealers with support units can unleash devastating combos and turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Furthermore, Last Cloudia offers a variety of game modes, including story quests, boss battles, and PvP arenas. Each game mode requires a different approach and strategy. Story quests allow you to progress through the game’s narrative and provide valuable rewards. Boss battles test your team’s strength and require careful planning and coordination. PvP arenas challenge you to compete against other players and display your strategic prowess.

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Last Cloudia Tier List

Mastering Last Cloudia: A Comprehensive Tier List Guide

Now, let’s dive into the highly anticipated tier list for Last Cloudia. The tier list categorizes heroes and arks based on their overall effectiveness in various aspects of the game, including PvE and PvP content. It provides valuable insights into which heroes and arks are worth investing in and can significantly impact your gameplay experience.

The Last Cloudia tier list serves as a comprehensive guide to help you make informed decisions when building your team. It takes into account factors such as viability, versatility, and overall performance of each hero and ark. Keep in mind that the tier list is subjective and may vary depending on personal playstyle and preferences.

When evaluating heroes, the tier list considers their damage output, survivability, utility, and synergy with other heroes. S-tier heroes are considered top-tier units that excel in multiple areas and can carry your team to victory. A-tier heroes are strong contenders with solid performance in various aspects of the game. B-tier heroes are average units that can still be viable if used strategically. C-tier heroes may have limited usefulness and may require more investment to shine. D-tier heroes are generally considered weaker and may struggle to keep up with higher-tier options.

Similarly, arks are evaluated based on their unique abilities, stat bonuses, and overall impact on your team. S-tier arks provide game-changing effects and can greatly enhance your heroes’ performance. A-tier and B-tier arks offer substantial benefits and are worth investing in. C-tier arks may have niche uses or offer more specialized bonuses. D-tier arks are generally less impactful and may be considered lower priority for investment.

To find the most up-to-date tier list for Last Cloudia, you can refer to reputable sources such as the Last Cloudia subreddit and gaming websites like Pocket Gamer and Gamezebo. These platforms often feature community-driven tier lists and discussions that can provide valuable insights from experienced players.

Remember, while the tier list serves as a helpful resource, it’s essential to experiment and find the heroes and arks that best suit your playstyle. Every hero and ark has unique strengths and weaknesses, and team synergy plays a vital role in achieving success in Last Cloudia.

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Hero Spotlight

Mastering Last Cloudia: A Comprehensive Tier List Guide

In this section, let’s take a closer look at some of the top heroes in Last Cloudia and delve into their unique abilities and strengths. These heroes have proven to be exceptional units in various game modes and can greatly contribute to your team’s success.

  1. Theria – Spirit Maiden Theria is widely regarded as the best Healer in Last Cloudia. With her healing capabilities, she can provide crucial support to keep your team alive during challenging battles. Additionally, her abilities to cleanse debuffs and increase the team’s resistance make her an invaluable asset.
  2. Lukiel – Lukiel is a versatile hero known for her excellent damage output and crowd control abilities. She excels in both single-target and area-of-effect damage, making her a strong choice for both boss battles and clearing waves of enemies. Her unique mechanics, such as evolving into Angel Lukiel, further enhance her power.
  3. Goroth – Goroth the Insatiable is a formidable tank hero with high defense and excellent survivability. He can soak up damage and protect the team, making him a reliable frontliner in challenging encounters. Goroth’s abilities also allow him to debuff enemies, reducing their effectiveness in battles.
  4. Sevia – Thunderbolt Sevia is a powerful damage dealer specializing in lightning-based attacks. Her skills can deal massive damage to both single targets and multiple enemies, making her a versatile choice. Sevia’s ability to increase her own critical hit rate and unleash devastating combos makes her a force to be reckoned with.
  5. Kyle – Knight Lord Kyle is a well-rounded hero capable of dealing substantial damage and providing support to the team. He has a good balance of offense and defense, making him a reliable choice for different game modes. Kyle’s abilities to buff the team’s damage and decrease the enemy’s defense make him a valuable asset in battles.
  6. Rabbala – Advocate of God Rabbala is a versatile support hero who excels in providing mana regeneration and buffing the team’s abilities. Her mana support abilities ensure that your team can unleash their skills consistently, allowing for more powerful combos and sustained damage output. Rabbala’s unique support skills make her an excellent addition to any team composition.

Remember, while these heroes are recognized as top-tier units, it’s essential to consider team composition and playstyle when building your team. Each hero has unique abilities and synergies that can be better utilized in specific strategies and game modes. Experimentation and finding the heroes that suit your preferred playstyle is key to maximizing your team’s potential.

Ark Showcase

Mastering Last Cloudia: A Comprehensive Tier List Guide

Arks play a crucial role in Last Cloudia, providing additional skills, stat bonuses, and passive effects to your heroes. In this section, let’s showcase some of the most impactful arks in the game and explore their abilities and synergies with heroes.

  1. Skyship Lonvalion – Skyship Lonvalion is widely regarded as one of the best arks in Last Cloudia. It offers a range of powerful abilities, including damage boosts, mana regeneration, and increased critical hit rates. The ark’s unique skill, “Raging Barrage,” unleashes a devastating barrage of attacks, making it a top choice for damage dealers.
  2. Pirate Ship Legnis – Pirate Ship Legnis is another highly sought-after ark. It provides exceptional offensive capabilities, enhancing critical hit damage, attack speed, and granting the powerful skill “Blade Strom,” which deals massive damage to foes. This ark is particularly valuable for heroes focusing on physical attacks.
  3. Sandwyrm – Sandwyrm is an ark that excels in both offense and defense. It offers defensive buffs, increased HP recovery, and the skill “Devouring Sands,” which inflicts continuous damage over time. Sandwyrm is a versatile choice that can benefit various heroes, especially those who rely on sustained damage.
  4. God of the Dead – The ark “God of the Dead” provides unique abilities focused on crowd control. It enhances the chance of inflicting status ailments on enemies, boosts area-of-effect damage, and grants the powerful skill “Fury’s End,” which deals damage and has a chance to instantly kill targeted foes.
  5. Beast of the End – Beast of the End is an ark known for its offensive prowess. It increases physical attack power, critical hit rate, and offers a skill that deals massive damage to enemies. This ark is highly valued for damage dealers who rely on physical attacks.
  6. Aldana Colosseum – Aldana Colosseum is a versatile ark that provides a mix of offensive and defensive capabilities. Along with increased attack power and critical hit damage, it also offers defensive buffs and HP recovery abilities. This ark is suitable for heroes who need a balance of offense and survivability.

Remember that the choice of arks should consider the specific abilities and playstyle of your heroes. Each hero may benefit from different arks based on their skills and attributes. Experimenting with different combinations of heroes and arks will allow you to find the optimal synergy and maximize your team’s potential in battles.

Consulting community-driven tier lists, such as those found on the Last Cloudia subreddit and gaming websites, can provide further insights into the effectiveness of various arks. Additionally, in-game events and updates may introduce new arks with unique abilities, so keep an eye out for these opportunities to expand your arsenal.


Last Cloudia offers a captivating gaming experience with its intricate mechanics, diverse roster of heroes, and powerful arks. By understanding the game mechanics and developing effective strategies, you can navigate through the vast world of Last Cloudia with confidence.

The tier list provides valuable insights into the best heroes and arks to invest in, helping you optimize your team composition and gameplay. Remember that the tier list serves as a general guideline, and personal playstyle and preferences can influence your choices. It’s important to experiment and find the heroes and arks that best suit your preferred strategy and playstyle.

Mastering the unique abilities of your heroes and the synergies with powerful arks is crucial for success in Last Cloudia. Whether you prefer a team focused on heavy damage output, solid defense, or versatile support, there are heroes and arks available to suit your preferred playstyle.

Continuous updates and new content in Last Cloudia provide opportunities to discover new heroes and arks with exciting abilities and playstyles. Stay engaged with the Last Cloudia community through platforms like the subreddit and gaming websites to stay updated on the latest tier lists and recommendations.

As you progress through the game’s numerous challenges, be sure to continuously evaluate your team composition and adjust as needed. Experiment with different combinations of heroes and arks to find the optimal synergy for each battle.

Now armed with a comprehensive understanding of Last Cloudia’s mechanics, the tier list, and the impact of heroes and arks, you can confidently embark on your journey in the world of Last Cloudia. Unleash your strategic prowess, harness the power of your chosen heroes, and conquer the challenges that await you.

Remember, Last Cloudia is not just a game; it’s an adventure where your decisions and strategies determine your path to victory. May your journey be filled with excitement, triumph, and unforgettable experiences in the ever-expanding world of Last Cloudia.


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