Kingdom Rush Vengeance Guide 2023: Best Heroes and Towers for Total Domination

Kingdom Rush Vengeance Guide: Best Heroes and Towers for Total Domination
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Kingdom Rush Vengeance, the latest addition to the top-rated tower defense series, challenges players to strategize, deploy powerful heroes, and build unbeatable defenses. To help you conquer every level, this guide will highlight the best heroes and towers in Kingdom Rush Vengeance.

Best Heroes

Image from Kingdom Rush Vengeance

  1. Veruk: Veruk is an incredible hero with substantial health, damage, and crowd-control abilities. His exceptional skills, including Earth Smash and Crimson Sentence, excel in taking down swarms of enemies. Veruk’s resilience and strength make him an ideal frontline combatant.
  2. Asra: This dual-wielding deadly assassin has a mix of solid damage and crowd control. Asra’s ability to summon clones and her swift poisonous attacks that can pierce through multiple enemies make her suitable for picking off hordes of foes. She’s perfect for taking out high-priority targets across the battlefield.
  3. Oloch: A powerful necromancer, Oloch can summon skeletons and utilize his Death Ray to overpower enemies. His crowd control and great damage output make him an excellent choice for controlling the battlefield and wiping out strong enemy units.

Best Towers

Best Towers in Kingdom Rush Vengeance

  1. Grim Cemetery: Positioning the Grim Cemetery at chokepoints enables it to spawn undead warriors continuously. These warriors slow enemy advances, giving your other towers more time to deal damage. This tower can summon a mighty Skeleton Knight and increase its spawn rate when upgraded.
  2. Dark Knights: These resilient knights can withstand substantial punishment, making them an ideal tanking tower. When fully upgraded, Dark Knights can reduce enemy armor, making them even more effective against well-armored foes.
  3. Shadows Archers: Fast-firing and long-ranged, Shadow Archers are perfect for dealing damage from a distance. Their high DPS output and unique abilities, such as the Bloodletting Shot or the Withering Breath make them indispensable for taking out large numbers of enemies.
  4. Orc Shaman: Prized for their utility, Orc Shamans can shoot out deadly totems that provide various debuffs to your enemies. These debuffs include reduced attack speed, area-of-effect damage, or even armor reduction. Stationing the Orc Shaman near choke points or heavily-trafficked areas maximizes its effectiveness.
  5. Infernal Mage: The Infernal Mage brings massive magical damage to the battlefield. With abilities like Arcane Burst and Infernal Portal, this tower annihilates hordes of enemies in a concentrated area. Additionally, the building can slow down flying enemies, giving your other buildings more time to destroy them.

Continuing our exploration of Kingdom Rush Vengeance’s robust hero roster and tower arsenal, here’s another list of formidable heroes and towers that can bring versatility and power to your gameplay:

Additional Heroes

Heroes in Kingdom Rush Vengeance

  1. Eiskalt: This ice elemental hero excels at crowd control and slowing down enemies. Eiskalt’s abilities, including Frost Cone and Ice Storm, freeze and damage multiple enemies simultaneously, making him perfect for halting enemy advances.
  2. Beresad: Beresad, the fire-breathing dragon, boasts a high-damage AoE attack and can wipe out entire groups of airborne foes. With powerful skills like Infernal Combustion and Wildfire Barrage, Beresad is a fearsome ground and air control hero.
  3. Margosa: A vampire warrior with various versatile skills, Margosa shines in both damages dealing and healing. Her unique abilities, Bloodsucker and Vampiric Embrace allow her to recover health while inflicting significant damage on her opponents.

Additional Towers

more towers in Kingdom Rush Vengeance

  1. Melting Furnace: An area-damage tower that sets enemies ablaze, it is a valuable asset for stopping multiple foes in their tracks. Upgrading the building enables its Lava Fountains to leave a fire trail, further damaging enemies that pass through.
  2. Elite Harassers: Skilled in melee and ranged combat, the Elite Harassers provide high damage output and excellent crowd control. When upgraded, they can execute deadly Flurry of Knives and use their Caltrops ability to slow down groups of enemies.
  3. Zeppelin: As an air-based tower, the Zeppelin offers a unique advantage by blocking flying enemies and providing impressive AoE damage. Its abilities, like Airstrike or Remote Detonation, make it an essential tower for combating aerial threats and supporting ground defenses.
  4. Rotten Forest: This tower unleashes nature’s wrath upon foes, summoning carnivorous plants to devour enemies. When upgraded, this tower can produce the feared Plant Hydra, which devours multiple enemies at once, making it a practical option for handling large swarms.
  5. Goblirangs: The Goblirangs are ranged attackers that hurl boomerangs at enemies, hitting multiple targets with each throw. When fully upgraded, their abilities, like Multi-Throw and Pass-through Skills, increase their damage output, making them ideal for thinning herds of weaker enemies.

General tips and tricks for Kingdom Rush Vengeance

general tips and tricks for Kingdom Rush Vengeance

While selecting the right heroes and towers plays a crucial role in conquering Kingdom Rush Vengeance, understanding and implementing general strategies will further hone your success in the game. Here are some valuable tips and tricks to help you master various stages and challenges:

  1. Survey and Plan: Before starting a level, take the time to examine the layout, enemy pathways, and potential choke points. Use this knowledge to plan your tower placements and hero usage effectively.
  2. Optimal Tower Order: When building your defenses, consider the order in which towers are placed. For example, place slowing towers like the Melting Furnace or Orc Shaman before high-damage towers like Shadow Archers or Infernal Mage to maximize their effectiveness.
  3. Use Reinforcements: Deploy reinforcements not only to slow down enemies but also to execute well-timed strategies. Properly positioning these additional troops can make a significant difference in your ability to maintain control over the battlefield.
  4. Upgrade Efficiently: Focus your early resources on upgrading essential towers, providing you with stronger long-term defenses. Prioritize upgrades that bring the most significant benefits to your strategy, and avoid spreading your resources too thin.
  5. Be Agile with Heroes: Keep an eye on the battlefield and move your hero to where they will be most effective. Don’t be afraid to reposition your hero frequently – their strength and versatility can help neutralize major threats and bolster your defenses.
  6. Use Hero Abilities Wisely: Utilize your hero’s special abilities strategically. Save high-impact abilities for crucial moments, like defeating boss enemies or controlling large groups of foes.
  7. Learn from Defeat: Losses can provide valuable lessons. Reevaluate your strategies, tower placements, and hero usage, and experiment with alternative tactics to overcome challenging levels.
  8. Pay Attention to In-game Tips: Keep an eye out for tips provided by the game, as they often include useful hints about enemy types, tower effectiveness, and appropriate strategy adjustments for specific situations.
  9. Test Different Strategies: Experiment with various heroes, towers, and tactics to identify the most powerful combinations and match your gameplay style. What works for some players may not work for others, so don’t be afraid to try out new approaches.
  10. Revisit Completed Levels: Replaying completed levels and challenges can help you accrue additional resources, practice new strategies, and improve your overall proficiency in the game.

By putting these general tips and tricks into practice, you are well on your way to conquering the world of Kingdom Rush Vengeance. Stay flexible, think strategically, and enjoy the successes as you build your tower defense empire!

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