Egg, Inc. Master Guide 2023: Tips, Tricks, and Cheats to Become an Egg Farming Tycoon

Egg, Inc. Master Guide 2023: Tips, Tricks, and Cheats to Become an Egg Farming Tycoon
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Egg, Inc., developed by Auxbrain, is an addictive idle clicker game that casts you as a budding egg farmer. Your mission is to grow your modest farm into an egg empire by upgrading your coops, researching the best technology, and expanding your earnings. To help you excel in this venture, our detailed guide will discuss the essential tips and tricks, as well as the available in-game cheats to maximize your success.

Tips & Tricks: Optimizing Your Farm

Tips & Tricks: Optimizing Your Farm in Egg Inc

  1. Prioritize Egg Production Rate: Focus on upgrading your egg-laying rate as early as possible. This increase will help improve your farm’s value and boost your income, enabling you to expand and upgrade other essential areas more effectively.
  2. Balance Chicken Population and Egg Value: Ensure that your chicken population doesn’t grow too quickly, as this may lead to decreased egg value. Avoid overcrowding your farm by maintaining a balance between the two parameters.
  3. Hire Vehicles for Shipping Capacity: Invest in vehicles to improve your shipping capacity. Faster and more efficient vehicles help in transporting produced eggs to the market, generating more income.
  4. Upgrade Hen Coops: As your farm grows, your need for chicken coop space increases. Upgrade your hen coops regularly to accommodate your expanding flock to maximize your farm’s earning potential.
  5. Don’t Forget Research: Regularly research upgrades for your chicken farm – they can help with egg production, shipping capacity, and overall farm income. Focus on long-term research projects that offer substantial benefits, such as the ‘Double Value Eggs’ under the Quality Upgrades section.
  6. Discover the Value of Elite Drones: Keep an eye out for special, high-speed elite drones buzzing around your farm. Tapping these drones can yield hefty rewards, such as cash boosts and large amounts of golden eggs.
  7. Complete Missions and Trophies: Aid your progress by completing various egg-laying missions and collecting trophies. These accomplishments provide valuable prizes, including golden eggs and other essential resources.

Egg, Inc. Cheats: Boost Your Game

Egg, Inc. Cheats: Boost Your Game

Egg, Inc does not offer traditional cheats or hack codes. However, there are in-game options to enhance your gameplay and gain additional advantages:

  1. In-Game Time Skips: By watching video ads, you can sometimes activate 2-hour time skips. This boost accelerates your farm’s production, allowing you to earn more income with minimal effort.
  2. In-Game Boosts: You can access several purchasable in-game boosts like the ‘Epic Clucking’ or ‘Limitless Hatchery.’ These upgrades come at a cost, either in golden eggs or real money, but they can be quite helpful in advancing your farm’s progress.
  3. Piggy Bank: As you progress, a virtual piggy bank accumulates golden eggs over time. You may opt to pay real money to ‘crack’ the piggy bank, allowing you to collect all the golden eggs.
  4. Google Play Achievements: For Android users, achieving milestones in Egg, Inc. can lead to Google Play rewards. These bonus points can ultimately be redeemed for Google Play credit, which can be spent on in-game purchases.

Bonus Tips & Tricks for Egg, Inc.

Bonus Tips & Tricks for Egg, Inc. 

Continuing with our guide to help you further excel in the world of Egg, Inc., here’s a list of bonus tips and strategies to make your egg farming journey smoother and more profitable.

  1. Use Internal Hatchery Calm: This upgrade increases your internal hatchery rate while you’re away from the game. It’s perfect for boosting chicken production passively when you’re not actively playing, so take advantage of occasional downtime for this purpose.
  2. Complete Daily Gifts and Tasks: Don’t forget to claim your daily rewards and complete daily tasks to earn valuable resources, including golden eggs or cash. Consistently checking in and completing these objectives can lead to significant improvements in your farm’s capabilities.
  3. Time Warp Exploitation: As a strategy, if you’re planning to make any significant changes to your farm, like upgrading multiple buildings, make use of the Time Warp immediately afterward. This will grant you the bonus income generated during the accelerated time period, capitalizing more effectively on your investments.
  4. Combine Boosts Intelligently: To maximize efficiency, combine multiple active boosts during gameplay to dramatically increase production and income. Choose appropriate boosts and stack them effectively to reap the most rewards.
  5. Keep an Eye on Contracts: Participate in co-op contracts and limited-time events that offer enticing farming challenges. Completing these contracts can yield immense rewards, such as powerful boosts, golden eggs, and other valuable resources.
  6. Participate in the Community: Engage with the active Egg, Inc. community on forums, social media, and dedicated subreddits. Interact with fellow players for tips, strategies, and news updates about the game, as well as any limited-time event details.
  7. Prioritize Prestige and Eggs of Prophecy: As your farm reaches its peak, consider the ‘Prestige’ option to reset your progress and earn valuable Soul Eggs. These Soul Eggs boost farm income and can be compounded with each Prestige. Additionally, focus on collecting Eggs of Prophecy, as they serve as a multiplier for the power of Soul Eggs.

By implementing these bonus tips and strategies alongside our comprehensive Egg, Inc. guide, you can fine-tune your gameplay even further and dominate the world of egg farming. Embark on this exhilarating journey with confidence, continually expand your farm, and become the envy of egg farmers everywhere. Happy farming!

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