How to Get Custom Songs in Beat Saber for Oculus Quest 2 Devices

How to Get Custom Songs in Beat Saber for Oculus Quest 2 Devices
Written by Ankit Gaba

Getting Custom Songs in Beat Saber is definitely harder than getting them in the PC version of the game, but it is definitely not impossible.
Just know that you could be potentially putting your Oculus Account at risk since Meta does not support Sidequest; they have not done it to anyone yet, but they still gave warnings, so we do not know if they will be taking action against people who do this in the future or not.

Things Required to Get Custom Songs in Beat Saber for Oculus Quest Devices

  • Mac or Windows or Android Device
  • Beat Saber on Oculus Quest
  • Sidequest

Step 1:Turn on Developer Mode on Oculus Quest 2

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You can turn on the Developer Mode on Oculus Quest 2 with the Mobile App or on your Oculus Quest 2 Device

To Turn it on using Mobile do the things that are given below:

  • Install the Oculus App if you do not have it
  • Click The Settings Button
  • Select your Oculus Device from the list
  • Click More Settings
  • Click Developer Mode
  • Reboot your Oculus Quest 2 Device, and the Developer Mode will automatically be enabled on it.

Step 2:Install Sidequest on your PC

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WARNING: You will not be able to play Multiplayer in Beat Saber if you do this.
First of all, you will need to install Sidequest on your PC 

Connect your Oculus Device with your PC using Sync Cable
Install BMBF using Sidequest on your Oculus Device
Use SyncSaber to get Custom Levels into BMBF and Beat Saber on your Oculus Quest Device

BMBF is usually updated for the latest version of Beat Saber; if it does not work, then it is not updated yet, and you will have to wait for an update to get your custom songs into Beat Saber for Oculus Quest Devices.

Things you need to know

Beat Saber Artwork

This process is very complicated, and it can potentially get your account banned; you will not be able to play Beat Saber online if you do this, and we suggest you to stick with the official songs on Beat Saber along with the DLC Packs that keep on coming. 

If you install pirated apps using Sidequest, then your Oculus Device may get bricked as well; you will never be able to use it again, so just be careful while doing all of this and think about it twice because it is a major risk.

Beat Saber is an amazing game normally as well, so try playing the official songs only along with the DLC Packs; they are not bad at all, especially the latest Song Packs which include Artists like Linkin Park, and they even have an Interscope Mixtape Pack which includes Kendrick Lamar.

If you have not bought Beat Saber on your Oculus Quest, then what are you even waiting for? It is one of the best games ever made, and it never stops being fun. I think that they should just make an official page where people can get custom songs as well, but the only reason they are not going to do that yet is because of the Legal Issues that are gonna come with it. Record Labels won’t like people using their music in Beat Saber, and that’s the main reason why the process of getting Custom Songs in Oculus Quest 2 for Beat Saber is so hard and dangerous for your account and your Oculus Quest 2 device.

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What do you think about the tough process of getting custom songs in Oculus Quest 2 for Beat Saber? Please let us know in the comments below.


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