Will Worldbox ever receive a Modern Era Update?

Will Worldbox ever recieve a Modern Era Update?
Written by Ankit Gaba

Worldbox has been receiving back to back updates from the developer, and many people have been asking for a Modern Era Update where they add Modern Stuff such as Skyscrapers, Cars, Guns and Other Modern Stuff, but the developers of Worldbox don’t seem to be caring about that as of now.

They have stated in a Reddit post, “we don’t have any plans on working on modern progression.” but they have tons of other plans. I just cannot wait to see where they will take this game from here; it just has tons and tons of potential, and it keeps getting great updates; they recently added Robots in Worldbox as well I still have not played the new update I feel like I really need to because they just added a lot of great stuff recently.

Image from Worldbox

The Developers also stated, “We are currently focusing on the medieval fantasy theme. And since we still have over 9000 features to implement in the next many years.”
I really like their vision of a Medieval Fantasy Theme, and I cannot wait to see where they take this theme to in the next big update; the next 2 years will be fun for any fan of Worldbox.

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