Frontline Hero – Epic War Games: Guide, Tips & Tricks

Frontline Hero – Epic War Games: Guide, Tips & Tricks
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Frontline Hero – Epic War Games (FHEWG) is an immersive strategy game that transports players into a tumultuous world of warfare and conquest, where alliances and cunning tactics hold the keys to victory. As the commander of your forces, it’s up to you to navigate the challenges of building a formidable base, training elite units, and engaging in spectacular battles that will leave you feeling like a true frontline hero.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into essential tips and tricks to help turn your gaming experience into an epic adventure. From understanding the game’s features and mechanics to mastering base building and unit management, we’ll cover everything you need to know to become unstoppable on the battlefield, secure valuable resources, and forge formidable alliances with fellow players.

Getting Started: Base Building and Unit Management

Frontline Hero – Epic War Games: Guide, Tips & Tricks

Success in Frontline Hero – Epic War Games (FHEWG) hinges upon your ability to effectively manage your base and your units, ensuring a solid foundation for your campaign.

Base Building

Constructing and upgrading essential buildings is crucial for a thriving base. Key structures to focus on include:

  1. Resource Production Buildings: These are vital for generating the resources required to build, upgrade, and maintain your forces and structures. Prioritize upgrading production buildings such as farms, sawmills, mines, and oil refineries to ensure a steady income of resources.
  2. Research Facilities: The research lab plays a crucial role in advancing your in-game technology, which unlocks new units and grants bonuses to various aspects of your base and army. Aim to consistently maintain research progress throughout your campaign.
  3. Military Barracks: Constructing and upgrading your barracks allows for the training and recruitment of a more extensive range of units. Unlock powerful troops to bolster your army and turn the tide of battle in your favor.
  4. Defense Installations: Protecting your base and resources from enemy attacks is essential. Invest in building a robust defensive perimeter, including walls, towers, and various defense systems, which can be further enhanced as you progress through the game.
  5. Command Center: The heart of your base operations and the key to unlocking many other essential structures. Keep your Command Center upgraded to pave the way for overall development.

An essential aspect of base building is planning a coherent, well-organized base layout. Efficient placement of structures will aid in optimizing production and resource collection. In addition, consider the defensive positioning of walls, towers, and traps to maximize their effectiveness in repelling enemy intrusions. A carefully planned base layout provides a strong foundation for growth and advancement in Frontline Hero – Epic War Games.

Unit Management

Strategically building and managing your army is vital in FHEWG. Different types of units have varying strengths, weaknesses, and roles on the battlefield. Important factors to consider when managing your troops include:

  1. Troop Types: Infantry, tanks, artillery, and air units all have unique attributes and functions. Take the time to familiarize yourself with these different troop types to gain a deeper understanding of their advantages and limitations on the battlefield.
  2. Abilities: Some units possess unique abilities that can be activated during battles, granting beneficial effects to your forces or dealing devastating blows to your enemies. Make sure to capitalize on these abilities and integrate them into your overall strategy.
  3. Upgrades: Units can be upgraded in various ways to improve their stats, abilities, and overall usefulness in battle. Make use of available upgrades to enhance your army’s strength and achievements.
  4. Unit Compositions: Experiment with different combinations of troops to create a balanced and versatile army. Aim for a mix of units that can handle diverse opponents and scenarios, ensuring your forces are prepared for whatever challenges they face.
  5. Army Size: Expanding your army size should be a priority. As you progress through the game, increasing the number of units you can field will give you an edge over your adversaries.

Remember, a well-rounded approach to base building and unit management is crucial for thriving in the challenging world of Frontline Hero – Epic War Games. Keep exploring the game’s intricate mechanics, and don’t forget to continuously level up your commander and research new technologies to maintain a competitive edge.

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Battle Strategies and Tactics

Frontline Hero – Epic War Games: Guide, Tips & Tricks

Battles form the core of Frontline Hero – Epic War Games, and your success depends heavily on your strategic ability, tactical expertise, and adaptability on the field. Mastering diverse techniques will improve your chance of victory in various scenarios. Here are some essential tips and tactics that will help you dominate the battlefield:

  1. Scouting and Intelligence Gathering: Before committing your forces to an assault, scout your opponent’s base. This will provide valuable information regarding their defensive setups, unit compositions, and resource stockpiles. By leveraging this intelligence, you can predict their strengths and weaknesses and tailor your tactics to exploit any vulnerabilities.
  2. Terrain Manipulation: The lay of the land can have a significant impact on the outcome of your battles. Understanding and controlling key terrain features is essential to achieve victory. High ground, cover, and chokepoints all provide unique tactical benefits and should be factored into your battle plans.
  3. Unit Coordination: Various units have distinct roles on the battlefield. Ensuring that your units work as a cohesive force can greatly improve your chances of victory. Tank units can be used to absorb incoming damage, while ranged and artillery units should be placed behind them to deal sustained damage. Deploy air units strategically for precision attacks.
  4. Timing and Cooldown Management: Many units possess unique abilities that can be activated during battles. Use these abilities at opportune moments to maximize their effectiveness. Be mindful of ability cooldowns and time their usage wisely for the most significant impact.
  5. Advanced Tactics: When engaging with a formidable opponent, basic strategies may not suffice. Employ advanced tactics such as flanking and surrounding maneuvers to break through defenses. Coordinate simultaneous attacks from multiple directions to confuse your adversaries and create openings for your forces.
  6. Adaptability: In the fast-paced world of Frontline Hero – Epic War Games, fluid, adaptable strategies often lead to success on the battlefield. Be prepared to modify your approach as new challenges arise or when your initial plans falter. Constantly analyze the battlefield and make swift, informed decisions to respond to changing circumstances.
  7. Resource Management: Strategic use of resources during battles can give you a competitive edge. Determine when and where to deploy your resources to maximize their potential. Use abilities and power-ups that provide your troops with temporary stat boosts or abilities to gain an advantage during crucial moments.
  8. Teamwork and Collaboration: Whether you are part of a small squad or a large alliance, teamwork and collaboration can be the key to victory over your enemies. Coordinate with your allies to share intelligence, combine forces, and launch devastating joint offensives that your opponents will be hard-pressed to counter.
  9. Enemy Analysis: While conducting battles, it’s crucial to analyze and predict your enemy’s actions and adapt accordingly. By understanding your opponent’s behavior, habits, and patterns, you can then devise counter-strategies to neutralize their attacks and exploit their weaknesses.
  10. Retreat and Regroup: Sometimes, the best course of action is to withdraw to save your troops from a losing battle. This can help conserve valuable resources and give you time to rethink your strategy, allowing you to strike back with renewed vigor.

With these extended battle strategies and tactics in your arsenal, you will be well-equipped to face dynamic challenges in Frontline Hero – Epic War Games. Embrace this knowledge to emerge victorious and establish yourself as a dominant force on the battlefield.

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Game Resources and Currency

Frontline Hero – Epic War Games: Guide, Tips & Tricks

In Frontline Hero – Epic War Games (FHEWG), efficiently managing resources and currency is vital for ensuring consistent growth, strong defenses, and a formidable military force. By fully understanding and maximizing the various sources of resources and currency, you can maintain a competitive edge in the game’s ever-changing landscape:

  1. Basic Resources: FHEWG features several primary resources: food, wood, stone, and oil. These are necessities for the construction and upgrading of buildings, research, and troop recruitment. Ensure consistent resource production by upgrading your production buildings, such as farms, sawmills, mines, oil refineries, and expanding your territory.
  2. Resource Storage: Adequate storage of resources is essential to prevent wastage. Upgrade your resource storage buildings regularly to accommodate your growing stockpile and keep your base running efficiently.
  3. Resource Gathering: In addition to production buildings, you can gather essential resources by exploring the map and claiming nodes that generate food, wood, stone, and oil over time. Remember to defend these nodes to prevent enemy players from stealing or contesting your hard-earned resources.
  4. Premium Currency: Gold is the game’s premium currency that can be used to accelerate processes, buy special in-game items, and acquire resources directly. You can obtain gold through in-game achievements, daily rewards, and special events; it’s also available for purchase with real money.
  5. Mission and Achievement Rewards: As you progress through FHEWG, completing missions and unlocking achievements provides valuable rewards such as resources, experience points, and exclusive items. Continuously strive for these objectives to accelerate your growth and development.
  6. Alliance Help and Donations: By joining an active alliance, you gain access to various benefits. Members of your alliance can support your resource requests and accelerate your building, research, and recruitment timers. Contributing resources to your alliance’s communal projects can also grant you unique bonuses and rewards.
  7. Daily Rewards and Events: Consistent engagement with the game is essential. Regularly log in to claim daily rewards, and participate in time-limited events to earn valuable resources, powerful items, and exclusive rewards that can bolster your growth and competitiveness.
  8. Resource Exchange: Acquire much-needed resources by trading with alliance members or engaging with the in-game market. Trade excess resources for those that are scarce to balance your stockpile and support your growth effectively.
  9. Defending and Raiding: In FHEWG, players often raid their opponents’ bases to steal resources. Ensure your base defenses are strong to protect your resources from enemy raids. Likewise, when scouting for targets, aim to raid opponents with a wealth of resources to support your expansion.
  10. Gold Management: Utilize gold wisely, focusing on the well-timed investments that support your overall strategy. If using gold to speed up processes, only do so when the benefits outweigh the cost. Save your gold for essential upgrades, exclusive items, or critical circumstances where spending it will offer you a decisive advantage.

Alliance System and Social Interactions

Frontline Hero – Epic War Games: Guide, Tips & Tricks

The alliance system in Frontline Hero – Epic War Games (FHEWG) provides a wealth of strategic benefits, fostering inter-player cooperation and facilitating social interactions that can significantly enhance your in-game experience. By engaging with other players, you can unlock unique opportunities to grow your base, train your army, and tackle more substantial challenges:

  1. Forming Alliances: Look for an active alliance or create one to connect with like-minded players. Active engagement and communication within your alliance contribute to the growth and success of all members. Remember that strong alliances are built not only on power but also dedication, loyalty, and mutual support.
  2. Alliance Donations and Help: In an alliance, players can request resources or support from other members. Contributing and helping others will not only accelerate everyone’s progress but can also grant unique alliance currency that can be exchanged for valuable items and bonuses.
  3. Alliance Events and Missions: Participate in alliance-specific events and missions for a chance to earn valuable rewards, contribute to the alliance’s collective goals, and boost your personal growth. Strengthening your alliance through these events will greatly impact your overall success in FHEWG.
  4. Alliance Wars and Joint Operations: Cooperate with alliance members in large-scale battles and wars. Organizing joint raids, base defenses, and territory control operations require coordination and teamwork, which can lead to impressive rewards and a more robust alliance presence on the game map.
  5. Shared Intelligence: Exchange vital scouting reports, battle strategies, and other strategic information within your alliance. Learning from the collective experience of your fellow alliance members can help you refine your own tactics and bolster your defenses.
  6. Leadership Roles and Responsibilities: Within an alliance, various roles and responsibilities can be assigned to members, allowing you to take a more active part in alliance management. Demonstrating your dedication and skills can lead to promotion within the alliance hierarchy, giving you opportunities to guide and influence your alliance’s strategic direction.
  7. Trade and Economy: Establish a thriving trade network with your alliance members to exchange surplus resources and fill shortages. This trade network’s mutual benefits can help maintain balanced growth among all alliance members.
  8. Diplomacy and External Relations: Forge diplomatic ties with other alliances for mutual protection and support. By establishing non-aggression pacts, trade agreements, and military alliances with external partners, your alliance can navigate the complex world of FHEWG politics and secure its long-term success.
  9. Social Interaction and Community Building: FHEWG’s alliance system encourages a thriving community, allowing players to build friendships, coordinate in-game activities, and engage in lively discussions. Embrace these opportunities to enrich your gaming experience and strengthen ties within your alliance and across the wider game community.

By leveraging the alliance system and social interactions in Frontline Hero – Epic War Games, you can create an extensive network of supporters, facilitating your journey to ultimate success. Harness the power of unity, teamwork, and strategic cooperation to forge a legendary legacy in the epic world of FHEWG.

Balancing Growth, Conquest, and Defense

Frontline Hero – Epic War Games: Guide, Tips & Tricks

  1. Sustainable Growth: Prioritize the development of your base to establish a solid foundation that will support your military campaigns. Ensure that your resource production and storage capacities are continuously upgraded to meet your expanding requirements for construction, research, and troop training.
  2. Building Up Your Military: Grow your military forces wisely by developing a strategic mix of unit types and levels. Focus on unlocking and upgrading advanced units, while maximizing your troops’ capabilities through research and technology. Remember to balance offensive and defensive power to excel in both conquest and defensive scenarios.
  3. Conquering New Territories: Adopt an offensive strategy by identifying and targeting suitable opponents to expand your sphere of influence. Raid and conquer neighboring bases and territories to accumulate resources, improve your global ranking, and secure strategic positions on the game map.
  4. Managing Defenses: Be mindful of protecting your base, resources, and units from potential attacks. Enhance your base defenses by strategically placing defensive structures, constantly upgrading them, and researching advancements for maximum efficiency. Build a balanced defense to deter different types of attacks and minimize potential damage.
  5. Diversifying Your Arsenal: As your strength grows, so do the challenges you’ll face. Diversify your military arsenal with advanced unit types, abilities, and tactics to confront various or unpredictable enemy formations and strategies effectively.
  6. Smart Expansion: While engaging in conquest, be mindful of overextending your reach. Expanding too rapidly might leave your base vulnerable to counterattacks. Grow and conquer territory deliberately, taking the time to solidify your hold and maintain your defenses.
  7. Maintaining Alliances: Cultivate and value your relationships with alliance members. A reliable and supportive alliance can provide essential assistance in both conquest and defense, promoting shared prosperity and security for all members.
  8. Adapting to Changing Scenarios: In the dynamic world of Frontline Hero – Epic War Games, adapting to evolving situations is crucial. Continuously refine your strategy based on new challenges, emerging threats, and changes in the game environment, ensuring that your approach remains relevant and effective.

Utilizing Research and Technology Advancements

Frontline Hero – Epic War Games: Guide, Tips & Tricks

  1. Prioritizing Research: Assign priority to technology advancements that best align with your overall strategy and goals. If your focus lies in expanding your base, prioritize boosting resource production and storage capacity. If your approach centers around conquest and military prowess, prioritize troop advancements and combat technologies.
  2. Research Categories: Decipher the various branches of research to uncover technologies that will significantly impact your growth, conquest, or defense. Research categories include Economy, Combat, Defense, Command, and many more. Allocate your research efforts wisely to optimize your gameplay experience.
  3. Balancing Research Efforts: While focusing on a specific research strategy is essential, it’s crucial to preserve some balance between research branches. Ensure that your military technologies are complemented by economic expansions and defense enhancements to maintain a well-rounded approach to the game.
  4. Utilizing Research Accelerators: Take advantage of research accelerators, including alliance support and special boosts, to reduce research time significantly. This allows you to unlock new technologies faster and implement their benefits sooner.
  5. Planning Long-term Research Goals: Develop a long-term research plan to guide your technology advancements. By setting measurable objectives, you can assess your progress periodically and adjust your research strategy as needed based on your goals and the changing game landscape.
  6. Collaborative Research and Alliances: Within an alliance, members can exchange knowledge, insights, and resources, fostering collaborative research that accelerates everyone’s progress. Sharing research strategies and experiences with your alliance members can lead to the discovery of efficient research paths and the optimization of individual research plans.
  7. Continuous Technology Advancements: In the dynamic and competitive environment of Frontline Hero – Epic War Games, staying ahead of your adversaries is essential. Strive for continuous research and technology advancements to maintain, or even surpass, your opponents’ capabilities on the battlefield.


Mastering Frontline Hero – Epic War Games requires a thorough understanding of its intricate mechanics, efficient base building, tactical prowess, wise alliance choices, and strategic balancing of growth, conquest, and defense. Embracing research and technology advancements is also crucial to maintaining a competitive edge. This comprehensive guide has equipped you with essential tips, tricks, and insights that will enable you to conquer adversaries, establish an enduring legacy, and rise as a true frontline hero in the epic world of FHEWG.

As you delve further into the game, nurture your alliances, engage in diverse challenges, and adapt to the ever-changing landscape to secure your position among the game’s most powerful players. Remember, the key to success lies in continuous learning, collaboration, and adaptability. May your journey through Frontline Hero – Epic War Games be marked by immense growth, thrilling battles, and engaging social experiences that forge unforgettable memories in the realm of gaming.

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