Fly Corp: Airline Manager Guide: Unlocking all locations, Expanding Your Airports, Strategies, and Making Money

Fly Corp: Airline Manager Guide: Unlocking all locations, Expanding Your Airports, Strategies, and Making Money
Written by Alexis

Fly Corp is an engaging mobile and PC game that puts players in charge of managing their airlines, scrutinizing flight routes, optimizing airport facilities, and expanding their global reach. This comprehensive guide’ll cover everything you need to know to excel in this game, including airport upgrades, route planning, financial strategies, and in-game tips.

  1. Expanding Your Airports

Image of routes from Fly Corp

Always keep your airports upgraded to accommodate increasing passenger inflow. To maintain an efficient airport, keep an eye on the color indicators:

  • Green: Plenty of room in your airports or planes
  • Yellow: Half full
  • Orange: Nearing capacity
  • Red: Warning! Airport reaching capacity

If an airport fills up completely, you lose the game, so expansions and maintenance are crucial. Zoom out frequently to check all your airports and spot potential issues early.

  1. Planning Your Routes

image of reward in fly corp

  • Keep your flight routes clear and manageable.
  • Avoid overcomplicated routes that could result in inefficiency and toxic congestion.
  • Instead of connecting all airports, streamline your routes to maintain a steady flow of passengers and income.
  1. Capital Cities as Key Airports

image of Washington in fly corp

  • Focus on capital cities as they have the highest influx of passengers and potential income.
  • Most planes should fly to and from capital cities, especially for international flights.
  1. Interconnected Domestic Flights

  • Keep domestic cities interconnected to reduce airport congestion.
  • Ensure domestic flights only occur within the same country for ease of management.
  1. Maintaining Financial Stability

  • Always reserve some money to tackle emergencies like a near-full airport.
  • Have a minimum of 5000 in your account at all times, and try to keep your expenditure within this limit.
  1. Unlocking Countries Strategically

image of India in Fly Corp

  • Prioritize unlocking countries adjacent to each other until you reach your goal.
  • This technique, known as “country-hopping,” extends your timer and gives you access to more cities and potential income.
  1. Upgrading Your Planes

  • Increase the passenger capacity and speed of your planes by upgrading them.
  • Be cautious, as overzealous upgrading can drain your funds.
  • Bigger planes are more efficient but also more costly.
  1. Balancing International and Domestic Flights

  • Assign multiple planes to international flights from capital cities to manage the heavy flow of passengers.
  • For domestic flights, especially in countries with many cities like Russia, having more planes can prove beneficial.
  1. Making Money in Fly Corp

  • Transport passengers to their desired destinations.
  • The further the distance, the more money you earn.
  • How fast the passengers arrive doesn’t matter; when planes are freed up, they can take off and make another flight.
  1. Unlocking Cities in Fly Corp

  • The limit is 25 cities/airports per country, with some exceptions,, like the United States.
  • Unlock cities by progressing through the game and making as much progress as possible.
  1. Mastering Your Hub Locations

Create an efficient and lucrative airline by maintaining major hubs in each region. Here are some suggested corners based on their strategic importance:

image of south east Asia in fly corp


  • Germany: Berlin, Frankfurt
  • France: Paris, Marseille
  • Spain/Portugal: Madrid
  • United Kingdom: London, Glasgow (optional)
  • Scandinavia: Stockholm


  • China: Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Wuhan, Harbin
  • Taiwan: Taipei
  • Japan: Tokyo
  • South East Asia: Bangkok, Thailand
  • India: New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata

North America:

  • USA: New York, Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, Seattle
  • Canada: Toronto, Vancouver

South America:

  • Brazil: Brasília, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Manaus
  • Northern: Bogota, Caracas (optional)
  • Western: Lima, Iquitos, Arequipa
  • Southern: Buenos Aires, Santiago


  • Morocco: Rabat
  • Egypt: Cairo, Alexandria
  • West Africa: Bamako, Mali
  • Central Africa: Abuja (optional), Kinshasa, Kisangani
  • South Africa: Cape Town, Johannesburg, Antananarivo (optional)
  • East Africa: Addis Ababa, Nairobi


  • Australia: Sydney, Canberra
  • New Zealand: Auckland
  • Papua New Guinea: Noumea, New Caledonia
  1. Applying Fly Corp Strategies and Tips:

  • Prioritize unlocking countries with large populations (USA, China, India, Brazil, etc.).
  • Establish your airline in the USA as early as possible to generate long-distance income.
  • Focus on your capital cities, as they have the highest passenger inflow.
  • Maintain emergency funds to manage unexpected challenges that may arise.
  • Be mindful of the color indicator to avoid airport overcapacity.
  • Allocate multiple planes to long international flights and high-density domestic flights.
  1. Capitalizing on Popular Events and Seasonal Demands

image of germany and France in fly corp

Certain events and seasons within the game can lead to a spike in demand for air travel to specific locations. Here are some tips to identify and make the most of these opportunities:

  • Keep an eye on in-game notifications and news, as they can provide valuable information about upcoming events or celebrations.
  • Adjust and allocate more planes to cities experiencing high demand during these events.
  • Example: Oktoberfest in Germany can lead to increased demand for flights to Munich. By temporarily upgrading planes or allocating additional flights to Munich during this time, you can maximize your profit.
  1. Implementing Efficient Route Planning

  • Use capital cities as central hubs and focus on distributing the passengers from these hubs to their final destinations.
  • When connecting distant countries, prioritize establishing long routes between major hubs in these countries. This can lead to better overall income flow. For instance, connecting New York with Paris or Beijing will be more profitable than connecting smaller cities directly.
  • Periodically revisit your route connections to optimize them according to changing demands and growth in your airline.

With our Fly Corp guide, you now have the tools and strategies needed to manage your airports, plan flight routes efficiently, and maintain steady income and growth. Keep an eye on your airport capacities, unlock new locations strategically, and balance your finances for successful airline business. Time to soar to new heights!

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