How to Get Grandfather Sword in Diablo 4 and Benefits

How to Get Grandfather Sword in Diablo 4 and Benefits
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The Grandfather Sword is a renowned weapon in Diablo 4, boasting incredible damage and potent affixes. Its unique effect significantly boosts players’ critical strike damage, making it a highly sought-after item in the game. Found exclusively in World Tier 3 Nightmare Difficulty, the Grandfather Sword is crucial in creating powerful character builds.

Notable Aspects of the Grandfather Sword:
Grandfather sword diablo 4

  • One of Diablo 4’s legendary unique items, capable of dealing massive critical strike damage.
  • She was acquired as a rare RNG drop in World Tier 3 Nightmare Difficulty and World Tier 4 Torment Difficulty.
  • Obtainable via enemy encounters, opening chests, and completing Nightmare dungeons and Helltide events.
  • The ideal weapon for Ice Vortex and Double Swing Barbarian builds.

Acquiring the Grandfather Sword in Diablo 4

Unlocking the elusive Grandfather Sword requires players to venture into World Tier 3 Nightmare Difficulty or World Tier 4 Torment Difficulty. Within these challenging tiers, the sword appears as a rare RNG drop. To maximize the chances of finding this legendary weapon, players should:

  1. Engage in combat and seek out high-level enemies, particularly bosses, in dungeons.
  2. Open chests and destroy crates and barrels during exploration to uncover valuable rewards.
  3. Complete Nightmare dungeons, offering unique loot and unique items.
  4. Participate in Helltide events and engage in elite enemy showdowns in various map regions.

Mastering Each Class with the Grandfather Sword

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The Grandfather Sword is renowned for its ability to handle durability loss, making it suitable for various character builds. Although it shines with Barbarians and Druids due to their affinity for two-handed weapons, Rogue players can benefit from its capabilities. Remember, the Rogue class in Diablo 4 is primarily centered on speed and high mobility, and the Grandfather Sword is considerably slower than other melee weapons.

Best Grandfather Sword Builds

The incredible stats of the Grandfather Sword make it an excellent weapon for developing powerful character builds in Diablo 4. Here are two highly recommended builds for Barbarians:

  1. Ice Vortex Build

Focusing on the Whirlwind skill paired with Penitent Grieves, the Ice Vortex build for Barbarians synergizes well with the Grandfather Sword. Use skills like Challenging Shout and passive skills like Unconstrained and Unbridled Rage for maximum effect. This build offers excellent resource generation while reducing damage at the same time. Equip aspects such as Aspect of Protector, Aspect of Grasping Whirlwind, and Aspect of Anemia for additional enhancements to the build.

  1. Double Swing Build

The Double Swing Build is another potent option for Barbarians, concentrating on skills like Prolific Fury, War Cry, and Counter-Offensive. With Ultimates like Wrath of the Berserker or Heavy-Handed and Unbridled Rage as a passive skill, this build benefits significantly from the Grandfather Sword’s increased strike speed. Utilize aspects like Aspect of Disobedience, Accelerating Aspect, Aspect of Numbing Wrath, and Retribution to enhance your character’s abilities further.

In Diablo 4, possessing a formidable weapon is essential to overcoming the countless challenges that lie before you in Sanctuary. One of the most powerful and unique weapons sought after by players is The Grandfather Sword, a two-handed behemoth capable of decimating foes. While this weapon is particularly well-suited for Barbarians and Druids, any class can wield The Grandfather Sword and experience its immense destructive capabilities. However, before savoring the taste of victory, you must first obtain this elusive weapon.

Unlocking The Grandfather Sword in Diablo 4

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To obtain The Grandfather Sword, players must complete the main story and engage in either World Tier Three or World Tier Four. It is crucial to note that your chances of acquiring this weapon increase by progressing to World Tier Four once you reach level 70, as the drop rates of rarer items improve within this difficulty level.

As a random drop, The Grandfather Sword does not have a guaranteed acquisition method tied to a specific quest or dungeon. To enhance your chances of finding this highly sought-after weapon, consider the following activities:

  1. Farming Nightmare Dungeons for powerful loot and potential Grandfather Sword drops.
  2. Completing Tree of Whisper quests and choosing sword caches as rewards.
  3. Participating in Helltide events and defeating high-level enemies.

Keep in mind, The Grandfather Sword is a basic Legendary weapon in Diablo 4, which means it is not Unique, Sacred, or Ancestral. While this increases your chances of obtaining the sword, luck plays a significant role, and finding the weapon can take hundreds of hours of gameplay.

Optimizing Your Use of The Grandfather Sword

Once you have obtained The Grandfather Sword, it’s crucial to understand how to maximize its potential effectively. As a two-handed weapon, it offers raw brute force, making it ideal for Barbarians and Druids who rely on such power. However, players from all classes can leverage The Grandfather Sword’s tremendous capabilities to dominate their enemies within Sanctuary.

To use The Grandfather Sword to full effect, consider the following tips:

  1. Pair the sword with powerful character builds to enhance your potential damage output.
  2. In the case of Barbarians, the Ice Vortex Build and Double Swing Build are particularly suitable, offering excellent synergy with The Grandfather Sword’s capabilities.
  3. For improved striking speed, integrate useful Aspects into your equipment, such as the Aspect of Disobedience, Accelerating Aspect, Aspect of Numbing Wrath, and Aspect of Retribution.
  4. Experiment with various builds, focusing on the advantages offered by two-handed weapons.


In Diablo 4, The Grandfather Sword represents the pinnacle of brute force weaponry, making it a sought-after item for players ready to take on the challenges of Sanctuary. Though obtaining this elusive sword requires persistence and luck, wielding it grants your character unparalleled destructive power. By unlocking and maximizing The Grandfather Sword’s potential, you can face the toughest enemies Diablo 4 has to offer and emerge victorious.

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