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Easy way on How to become an actor in Bitlife

Easy way on How to become an actor in Bitlife
Written by Ankit Gaba

If you are wondering how to become an Actor in Bitlife, it is actually pretty simple. However, there are several requirements to do this. If you manage to do this properly, you might become a famous actor as well and gain a lot of money.
This article will make the process of becoming a famous actor in Bitlife very easy.

Now read all of these steps. Do not do anything in Bitlife while reading this because there are multiple requirements that can allow you to become a famous actor.

Having Good Looks will easily help you in the process of “How to become an Actor in Bitlife.

Bitlife Good Looks For An Actor

There are multiple ways to have good looks in Bitlife.

You can do this either by just starting a new life again and again until you have good looks, or you can ignore that by buying God Mode, which will make you have Good looks very easily.

Another way to do that by free is to get a normal job in Bitlife or, even better, do part-time jobs and stuff like that in Bitlife when you are in High School, which will save you enough money to get a surgery or even multiple depending on the rate of your current looks try getting a job as an apprentice cameraman since it pays a lot and doesn’t require really high education.

So by the age of 21, you will have nearly everything you need to get good looks in Bitlife to become an actor.

Now get surgeries on your characters done such as Liposuction or Tummy Tuck since those usually help a lot just do not get the Enlargement surgery.
It will not give you as good results as others. In fact, I’d recommend you to get all of them except the Enlargement (You can get some of them twice).

Another thing I would suggest you to do is go running, go to the gym, have a proper diet and go to the saloon and spa if you aren’t really far off the 95 Percent mark.

However, I would suggest doing the start a new life again and again thing because the earlier you get the job it’s better because you’ll have more time.

If you did everything we mentioned correctly, you now have at least 95+ Looks.

High Smarts

Bitlife get smart

Now there is really an easy way to get higher smarts without the Bitlife God Mode. We have found the easiest possible one. By the age of 6, you unlock the ability to read books, and most of these books will have 32 Pages because you are still a kid in the game. Just keep reading books until you get your smarts to 100 (Required is 95+ but the more, the better).

After that, the smarts really don’t drop to a lower rate that much, but if they do, try practising meditation every year in Bitlife.
If you followed this procedure correctly, you would probably end up having 100 Smarts which is higher than the required number to become an actor in Bitlife. You have completed the second step of the process on How to become an actor in Bitlife.

Look for the Job

Bitlife look for an actor job

Now assuming that you have done all of these steps, you should look for the Voice Over Actor Job now. If you are unable to see it in the Jobs section, just keep quitting and restarting the game because it will reset the jobs and change them. It might take you multiple tries but do not give up. Now, if you have gotten the job, I would recommend you to click the work harder button every year and eventually, you will be promoted to Actor then lead actor at one point.

How to Become a Famous Lead Actor

bitlfie how to become a famous lead actor

You will not be able to get much money until you have fame. For this process, I would recommend you to start all Social Media Platforms at the age of 13 and even buy followers or subscribers at one point (Only once, though). If you get suspended on one platform, do not worry because you’ll eventually get unsuspended just do not spam the platform. Also, never post “Political Video” since it will just end up making you lose followers instead of getting you followers – post at least once on all platforms every year.

Now by the time you become a lead actor, you will have enough following to quickly make you a famous actor; if you try to get verified, you will achieve fame and if you get verified on all platforms, you’ll end up achieving a lot of fame.
This guide works on both Android and iOS, so you do not have to worry about the platform you are on.

If you have any issues or are unable to become a famous actor in Bitlife, please comment below, and I’ll try my best to help you.

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