Bitlife Guide – How to Escape all Prisons easily in Bitlife

Bitlife Guide -How to Escape all Prisons easily in Bitlife
Written by Ankit Gaba
If you were wondering how to escape prisons in Bitlife, then you have stumbled across the right page because we will explain to you how to escape prison in an easy way. It won’t even take much effort unless you are already in prison, but we got you covered for that as well. This article will make the process of becoming a Godfather in this game very easily as well. There are multiple ways to escape prison in this game, and the easiest one is just quit the game on your phone then open it again right when you get convicted. By doing that, you will basically be at a place where you never did any crime after reopening. We will show you how to do that.

How to Escape every Prison/Crime Sentence in Bitlife easily.

Do everything in this video to not get into prison in the first place. It is very easy, and I am pretty sure it works on iOS, too, but if it doesn’t, let us know in the comment section below so we can come up with a solution for that. But if you are already in Prison in this game and you are looking to get out, we got you in that case too!

A Video of escaping all prisons in Bitlife

The video above has all the ways to escape a prison in Bitlife, but again the developers keep adding new prisons so if you do not find yours in the video given above, please let us know in the comments so we can find a proper solution for your problem. Getting into the prison might be very easy in Bitlife, but getting out of prison is like the hardest part of the game, and in order to become a Godfather, you basically gotta do a lot of crimes in Bitlife, and you are very likely to go to prison, but you can easily avoid that by just closing and reopening the app to be fair. Bitlife prisons are basically a bit like Chess. I guess once you know how to properly do it kind of becomes very easy, but again there’s a way to just avoid going to prison, and that is way easier than trying to escape a prison in Bitlife. For more Bitlife Guides, please visit this page We plan to create more guides like this to make this game easier for everyone; please let us know what type of guide you would like to see next. BitLife – Life Simulator is a popular mobile game that continues to grow in appeal. People are only switching to BitLife in 2021 because of its mini-games. BitLife has a variety of mini-games that will keep you occupied for hours. In BitLife, there is a micro in which players must escape from all prisons. Those who have played BitLife will be aware of how difficult it is to escape prison in the game, which is why a significant number of players have recently inquired about BitLife’s escape from prison. In BitLife, there are three types of prisons: minimum, medium, and maximum. It’s worth noting that each prison map is unique. If you’re in BitLife’s low or medium prisons, you can simply escape, but if you’re in the maximum prison, you’ll have to put in a lot of work to get out. BitLife: How to Escape Every Prison (Min, Med & Maximum Jail Layouts) To go to prison in BitLife, you just have to commit a crime, just as in real life. You will be sacked from your current employment and sentenced to prison if you commit a crime. Notably, there are certain professions available to you as a prisoner, but they do not pay well. BitLife: How To Escape From Every Prison There’s no disputing that escaping a high-security prison in BitLife is difficult, but there are a few techniques and tricks that can help you get out quickly. Before you try to break out of BitLife prison, keep in mind that the guard moves twice as you move. The difficulty with this guard is that he only marches horizontally. We’ll have to barricade the cop against the prison walls if he does the same. Even if you’re surrounded by cops, you may just walk to the right or left because he’ll go horizontally first. Since he only moves laterally, if there is a wall above them after that, he will be capable of capturing you. That’s not the only way to get out of jail in BitLife, but it is the easiest. Aside from this strategy, we also offer a checklist for each map layout as well as a video that explains it in the most straightforward way possible. On the checkerboard with you, there is one security guard who will make two moves for every move you make. He won’t just make two moves in any direction; he’ll take them to you, starting horizontally. If the guard finds you while you’re attempting to flee, you’ll get a couple of extra years added to your sentence for attempting to flee. The idea is to stop the security officer in the maze’s walls so that his movement is limited, allowing you to break free from BitLife prison. In the Bitlife jail, he can be trapped in three-sided boxes, and you can easily maneuver towards the escape. Everyone, especially those who are new to Bitlife, knows that escape is a difficult undertaking. For beginner gamers, we recommend horizontal walking initially to block the cop against the prison walls. If a police officer is blocked by a wall, he will not notice you or do anything after having been below you. As a result, you can freely go right or left, and the cop must first travel horizontally to clear the obstacle. As a result, you should always strive to obstruct the cop with any obstacle and find a method to flee. BitLife Prison Escape Guide – Plan Your Escape The game has many jail layouts, the majority of which are mirror images of one another. It means you make a few adjustments to get to the exit and win. If you fail to escape, the game will forward you one year and give you another chance. BitLife Prison Map Layout 3×4 – How to Escape This may be the game’s most precise map. You must bring the Guard around the corner and use the hurdle to trap him. You’re free to leave once you’ve finished. What’s more, guess what? A Prison Ribbon is something that almost everyone desires. They are willing to commit any crime to achieve this. The game will punish you, and many of the options will lengthen your time in prison. As a result, you should exercise caution whenever you attempt to break free from Bitlife’s prison. You will discover more as you play the game. Before you begin the game, the game recommends that you decide what you want to become. Read our BitLife Guide to learn what to focus on to land your dream job or earn BitLife Ribbons. Whether you want to be a rock star or a doctor, the game contains everything you need to succeed. BitLife Prison Map Layout 4×4 – How to Escape It’s a grid-based map in which both characters, like you and the Guard, move at the same time. The Guard will begin marching toward you once they realize that your movement is horizontal first. It’s probably the most accessible level because you walk from right to left until you reach a dead-end and then start moving forward. Next, take your player to the dead end and start retracing to your starting location. After that, walk to the exit point to exit. BitLife Prison Map Layout 4×4 Second Map – How to Escape There is a start and a finish location on each map. You’ll meet a cop and a prisoner who are both looking for a way out on the map. Because the Guard moves in a predictable pattern, catching him in a safe location may help you win. As a consequence, you should act in such a way that you avoid being caught by the Guard. Stay one step ahead of the Guard and get to the exit point to win. To fool the Guard and escape in this map, you must take your character around the corner and toward the exit point step by step. Here’s an example of how to catch and evade the Guard.

How to Become a Godfather in Bitlife

image from Bitlife So basically, you gotta do a lot of crimes, and you just have to be promoted; to get promoted, you have to do crimes and do the right thing for the Mafia; it can be tough at times, but when you know what you are doing it seems like nothing. Just make sure to contribute all of what you earn. You are more likely to earn a promotion easier in this way. In basic steps
  • Join the Mafia
  • Complete crimes
  • Contribute the full amount of your earnings
  • Wait for your promotion
  • Repeat the process until you’re the boss
You can view the complete guide for this by clicking here If you need anything else related to Bitlife content on our website, you can request that in the comments, and we will try our best to make that content and get it to you as soon as we can. We have already made a guide on how to become a famous actor or actress in Bitlife. You can view that by clicking here What do you think about our Guide to escaping Prison in Bitlife? Please let us know in the comments below.      

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