Best Weapons in Dying Light Ranked

Written by Ankit Gaba

One of the best things about Dying Light is its weapons; the number of weapons in Dying Light is insane, so we have decided to compile a list of some of the best weapons in Dying Light and the ways you can unlock these weapons as well. Dying Light is one of the best FPS-Zombie Games of all time, and I love how much attention they put into the weapons and combat in this game. Dying Light 2 seems to be bigger and better for now.
This is how you can show fps in Dying Light 2

Some of these weapons are Gold Tier, and Some are legendary. Do not worry; we will show you how to get them in the game along with the list and all of the pros and cons that come along with these weapons.

Battle Axe of Titans in Dying Light

Image of Battle Axe of Titans from Dying Light

Since Battle Axe of Titans is a Gold Tier Weapon, it cannot be obtained easily but do not worry; there is a way to easily gain all four of the Gold Tier Weapons. The best way to get this weapon in Dying Light is by using Bolter Poison blueprints.

This weapon is my favourite in Dying Light; it does a lot of damage, and the animations of this weapon are really good, but again it is kind of hard to obtain since it is a Gold Tier Weapon, and we have provided you with a video which shows how to get all of the Gold Tier Weapons easily.


image from Dying LightKatana is one of the best weapons in Dying Light; for sure, it can get the zombies down with just one hit, and the customisation for the Katana is pretty decent as well.
You can purchase the Katana from vendors once you are at Survival Level 16 and the best part about this weapon is that there are no long swinging times.

This is how you can get a Katana in Dying Light 

Semi-Automatic Shotgun

Semi-Automatic Shotgun in Dying Light
The Semi-Automatic Shotgun is arguably the best gun in Dying Light; you can just blast through the zombies with this gun pretty easily.
It is easy to obtain as well; there is also a way to get this gun right at the start of the game; if you are already further into Dying Light, then watch this video to get the Semi-Automatic Shotgun.

Ferocious Sledgehammer

Ferocious Sledgehammer can do tons and tons of damage if it is modified properly, and it can become the most overpowered weapon in the game; this way, I love how much damage it can do. It can even do more damage than some of the Gold Tier Weapons as long as it is modified properly.


Image of EXPcalibur in Dying Light

EXPcalibur is one of the most famous weapons in Dying Light, and for a good reason, it is undeniably one of the best weapons in the game; if you want the EXPcalibur sword, watch this video for the exact location of the weapon, but there is a downside to this weapon it cannot be repaired, and on top of that the durability of this weapon is really low however there is a trick to duplicate this weapon though.

Korek Machete


Korek Machete is one of the best melee weapons in this game, but it cannot be repaired just like the EXPcalibur. Korek Machete can do a one-hit kill for the first 35 hits, but after that, it goes to a 3 hit kill because of the durability and the damage done to this weapon.
Watch this video to find out how to get Korek Machete in Dying Light; and there is also a V2 of this weapon, but I haven’t tried it for myself, and to get the V2 of this weapon, watch this video.

Gold Legendary Crowbar

Image of Golden Legendary Crowbar in Dying Light

This weapon is just amazing it does tons of damage but it is pretty hard to find.

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