Best Overwatch Characters to Play as in 2022

Best Overwatch Characters to Play As in 2022
Written by Srishti

It’s one of the most popular games we’ve seen in a long time. With such a diverse cast of characters and play styles, it’s easy to see why Overwatch is so popular among online multiplayer gamers. Choosing a favorite character is difficult to choose a favorite character due to the wide range of battle styles, designs, personalities, and skills.

1. Doomfist

Doomfist from Overwatch

Doomfist is another strong hitter who, despite his tank-like appearance, has a surprising degree of agility. His abilities include the Hand Cannon, which launches short-range missiles; the Seismic Slam, which, like Zarya’s ultimate, pulls enemies in and momentarily stuns them; the Rising Uppercut, which can propel enemies into the air; and the Rocket Punch, which is essentially the Falcon Punch.

Meteor Strike is Doomfist’s ultimate, and it entails him soaring into the air and pounding the ground, causing tremendous, generally lethal damage to any enemies within range.

2. Tracer

Tracer from Overwatch

In terms of incredible speed and trickier mechanics that allow a larger ceiling, this DPS player is similar to Genji. As mentioned in the last chapter, experienced Tracer players can undoubtedly run the table and cause a lot of trouble for the opposing side.

She can ambush players, pursue lesser opponents, or simply act as a decoy. In general, she’s great for those who are mechanically and strategically minded.

To be sure, she’s fragile, but her narrow hitbox, Recall ability, and quick movement help to combat this. And, while her Pulse Bomb isn’t as powerful as certain Ults’ nuclear weapons, she can get it far faster than most Heroes.

3. Bastion

Bastion from Overwatch

Bastion, a calm and compassionate robot, has one of the most powerful damage outputs of any character. Bastion can convert to turret mode, which turns him into a heavy artillery machine gun capable of wiping out anything in his path, thanks to his ability to shift configurations.

The cherry on top of this strong offensive technique is that Bastion can Self-Repair while walking, making him a highly effective player even when not in turret mode. Configuration: Tank is Bastion’s ultimate, in which he transforms into a mobile canon with a massive blast radius.

4. Widowmaker

Widowmaker from Overwatch

Widowmaker is the go-to sniper if you prefer long-range combat. Widowmaker easily puts her into the top ten Overwatch characters, with the longest scope, headshot kills, and a combo sniper and rifle for long- and short-range warfare.

Widowmaker can see adversaries through the battlefield for a brief period by infecting them with her Venom Mines, which slowly deliver damage, and she can reach sniper positions using her Grappling Hook. Infra-Sight, Widow Maker’s ultimate, enables her and her teammates to see opponents on the map.

5. Moira

Moira from Overwatch

Moira is a similarly excellent support character on the healing front – and elsewhere – despite being overlooked by Mercy. Her ability to juggle healing and harm orbs allows her to multitask with incredible efficiency and speed. Her ability to deplete the health of enemies within her general range makes her a difficult opponent to deal with.

Her ricocheting orbs, as well as her AOE healing, make her a highly powerful Hero, especially in enclosed and interior spaces. Her Fade ability also helps her to swiftly get out of difficult situations and cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time.

6. Orisa

Orisa from Overwatch

For many people, the tank role is scary. This is especially true for shield tanks, who are responsible for defending the majority of the squad and taking the brunt of assaults. And, while Reinhardt is usually a safe bet, Orisa, when used right, can be a formidable offensive and defensive force.

Her huge barrier and rapid-fire Fusion Driver have the potential to make her a formidable opponent. Her Halt! can also be a useful tool in her toolkit, causing an assaulting team’s movement to be disrupted and even dragging them into dangerous pits.

7. Lucio

Image of Lucio from Overwatch

Lucio is one of Overwatch’s top ten characters because, in addition to being one of the finest healers, he also possesses the best maneuverability of any character. Lucio can defy gravity with his Wall Rideability. He may also provide himself and his teammate’s health and speed enhancements virtually simultaneously.

Both of these enhancements are amplified by his Amp It Up ability. Lucio may also use Soundwave to knock back foes and score environmental kills, as well as use his ultimate, Sound Barrier, to build personal shields for himself and his teammates.

8. Junkrat

Junkrat from Overwatch

Junkrat is one of the most entertaining and original characters in the game. When it comes to playing style, he’s a bit of a wild card, as many of his attacks are chaotic.

Steel Trap – a bear trap that can be placed on the map to trap enemies; Concussion Mines – great for launching enemies or yourself long distances; Total Mayhem – a passive ability that causes Junkrat to drop explosives upon death, damaging or killing all those nearby; and RIP-Tire – Junrat’s ultimate that spawns a controllable exploding tire that can climb walls.

9. Soldier 76

Soldier 76 from Overwatch

Soldier 76 is an excellent choice for newcomers. He has the most in common with traditional shooter games like Call of Duty of all the characters. He has a Heavy Pulse Rifle and moves around in the manner that any basic character would.

His talents, on the other hand, are what make him one of the best Overwatch heroes. He has an optional Sprint mode, Helix Rockets that deal a lot of damage, and Tactical Visor, which allows him to lock targets when shooting, ensuring hits.

10. Zenyatta

Many people underestimate this Omnic support because of its strange mechanics and the abundance of great go-to heals. Zenyatta has a lot of secret power and variety for those who know how to utilize him, which is a shame.

He may not be the most beginner-friendly option, but he can make a significant effect and shift the tide of battle.

His ability to heal and debuff teammates from afar with his Orb of Harmony and Orb of Discord allows him to run the table and cover a lot of ground. Not only that, but his DPS is also impressive, particularly when firing a fully charged Orb of Destruction. Then, of course, there’s one of Transcendence’s best healing Ults.

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