7 Student-Friendly Careers in the IT Sector

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IT is one of the most prospective fields to choose for your career. Apart from being profitable, it also provides numerous options that vary from technical development to graphic design. But landing a good job becomes a challenge for these very reasons. Having a diploma in Computer Science is not enough. You would want to present real-life working experience.

Besides, it is important to start early in your career journey if you want to succeed in IT. Developing the necessary skills for your field of choice will not happen overnight. And what can be a better way to learn than at your job? You might be intimidated by the high demands of the market at first, But luckily, there are a few options that you can pursue as a student.

Technical Support

One of the most achievable jobs for students is applying for the support specialist position. These positions rarely require a huge set of skills. Moreover, the company is willing to teach its candidates. Besides, support specialists are working in shifts that are quite flexible. Thus, it is perfect for a student, who needs to align their work with their uni schedule.

If you’re interested in IT, you already have the advantage to land a technical support job. You can count on getting a good position in a prospective company. However, you’ll still need time to prepare for the interview. Luckily, you can hire essay writers and have enough time for interview prep. Prioritize your career.

As a student, you have tons of things to worry about. Thus, to save yourself a mental breakdown, learn to set your priorities straight. Technical support might not be your ultimate career goal. But it could be a ticket for getting into your dream IT company and starting to build your career right from uni.   

Technical Sales Representative

If you crave more human connection than just solving customers’ technical issues, consider looking into a technical sales representative position. It’s a perfect job for more extroverted people, who are passionate about IT. Sales require you to be adequately persuasive and establish trust with clients. And your IT knowledge is going to be just an instrument for that.

The technical sales representative is also a great job for starting your career in big tech. As well as the previous option, it gives you a platform to enter the IT business and climb your way up. So, if you’re up to the task, do not sleep on this opportunity. 

Junior IT Consultant 

An IT consultant might sound similar to a technical support specialist. But involves a much broader set of tasks and skills than customer support. This job can mean various things depending on what department needs an IT consultant. It can involve sales, marketing, or designing a system. 

Thus, this one requires you to have an idea of what you’re most interested in and where you would like to apply your IT knowledge. Notably, you wouldn’t get a higher-up position right away. But you can always try for Junior, learn from the best, and get your promotion before graduating uni. 

Web Developer

Web development is a profitable and a high in demand field. With the rapid growth of e-commerce and social media careers, almost anyone needs a website. So, you can be sure there will not be a shortage in orders. A web developer is responsible for the whole process of website layout creation. But it pays handsomely.

Besides, you would need to look for openings in the companies. You can start freelancing with a job like this. Thus, it is a perfect opportunity to earn money, hone your skills, and stay on top of your studies.  

UX Writer

Are you a pro at writing and have a good grasp of how user experience works? A UX writer path might be just right for you. The main idea behind it is writing information that is targeted to peoples’ behaviors and contexts. It could be text for the app, where the user has to interact with suggestions, or for the website.

Nonetheless, it would require a writer to be familiar with algorithms, formulas, and general requirements to enhance the user experience for the product. It is also a great option for students who prefer freelancing.  

Mobile App Developer

If you’re into the next hot thing on the app store, consider pursuing mobile app development. You can either build your own app and become self-employed, or look for opportunities in the company. So, you can learn everything you need and build your own mobile app in the future. 

Either way, you won’t be in a shortage of job offers. Apps are not going anywhere soon. And the demands from users are only growing. Thus, you’ll be getting into the profitable field for the long-term career option.    

Coding Tutor 

Do you love teaching and explaining complex IT topics? Pick up tutoring for confused freshmen who struggle with coding. It’s a great way to earn money without compromising your uni responsibilities. You set your own schedule here and charge your students per hour. Start with two or three customers and see how it goes.

This option is great for people who would like to pursue an academic career in IT or even open their own coding school someday. This way, you get a viable working experience and establish a good reputation for yourself. And the best part is that you can manage all of that and have time for your studies. Your clientele is already in the same place as you are.

All you have to do is post an ad for your services on your uni social media. You’ll have to be patient here as getting your first customer can take time. But once you have at least one person who’s satisfied with you, you’ll have no problem getting more. The word about good tutoring spreads like wildfire at uni. Just make sure to have enough room in your schedule.      

Wrapping Up 

And that’s about it. Consider applying for a technical support specialist, technical sales representative, or IT consultant for making your first step toward your corporate success in the IT field. Look into a web developer, UX writer, or mobile app developer if you’d like something more creative and open to freelance possibilities. Finally, pick up tutoring if you’d like to combine your passion for IT and teaching in the future.  

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