What Type of Casino Games Can You Play on FanDuel

Are you looking for an exciting and rewarding gaming experience? Then, look no further than FanDuel Casino, where you can enjoy a wide variety of casino games from the comfort of your own home. From classic slots to live dealer options, there is something for everyone at FanDuel Casino. In this article, we will explore the different types of casino games available on FanDuel so that you can find one that suits your preferences and playing style. So let’s look at what types of casino games are offered on FanDuel!


Fans of the classic casino game blackjack now have the opportunity to play directly from their home on FanDuel. Over a dozen types of blackjack are available and provide players with plenty of excitement and variation. Not only can these games be enjoyed, but when entering your FanDuel casino promo code upon joining, you can earn bonuses such as free spins and double deposits to get you started. Blackjack at FanDuel is easy to understand and play so that beginners can enjoy the fun. With great graphics and user-friendly technology, it’s no wonder why this is one of the biggest playing casino games on FanDuel.


Roulette is a popular casino game that entices players with the thrill of spinning a wheel and determining where the ball will land. Players can experience the traditional game on FanDuel, with both European and American versions available. As with all casino games, it’s important to remember to play responsibly and always understand the odds.

On FanDuel, players can choose between multiple bet types when playing roulette with up to five chips. Each table also offers tactile settings such as sound effects, auto-spin mode, and more that can be adjusted to each player’s preferences. Roulette is an exciting way for fans of casino games to have fun and potentially win some money, so give it a try today on FanDuel!


Regarding entertainment at the casino, slot games are some of the most popular. And now, with FanDuel, players can join in on the excitement from anywhere. On FanDuel, you’ll find various slot games available for real money, including three-reel and five-reel games with classic symbols and themed titles from well-known game providers.

With large jackpots on offer, these interactive games are designed for fun and provide an opportunity for big wins if Lady Luck smiles at you. So if you’re looking to add an element of excitement to your day with a game that’s easy to learn and can potentially pay out big rewards, why not try your luck playing slots on FanDuel?

Video Poker

Video poker is one of many popular casino-style games available to players of all skill levels on their platform. With incredible graphics and fast payouts, playing video poker on FanDuel adds a thrilling dimension to online gaming.

From classic draw games like Jacks or Better to more complex titles with higher payouts, you can also take advantage of promotional offers such as double rewards and mission-based play for even more potential wins. With so much potential for entertainment and rewards, why not try video poker on FanDuel today?


From classic games such as blackjack and roulette to modern slot games and exciting video poker titles, FanDuel Casino offers something for everyone. With great graphics, user-friendly technology, and the potential for high rewards, it’s no wonder this platform has become one of the top choices for online casino gaming. So why not try FanDuel and see if you can win big?

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