We will see the first gameplay of Next God of War Game on Sony’s Next Event

Image from God of War
Written by Ankit Gaba

Shpeshal_Nick recently tweetedI’m being told we’ll see our first gameplay of the new God of War at Sony’s show too. Will be exciting to see.” and he has been very reliable in terms of leaks in the past he also leaked Ghost of Ikishima which is a standalone type game similar to Lost Legacy and Miles Morales it will be revealed during Sony’s Next Event which is most likely a PlayStation Experience Event
This event is supposed to happen on 8th July according to rumours.
PlayStation's Next Event could be on July 8
PlayStation currently has 25 First-Party Games in Development and I am pretty sure many of them will be showcased at that event.
So far some of the games that are most likely going to be there are Death Stranding’s Director’s Cut, The Next God of War and Ghost of Ikishima and I think that they will reveal The Last of Us Remake or Naughty Dog’s multiplayer standalone game at that event as well but again this part is just speculation based off previous rumours and stuff.
We will keep you updated with the latest rumours and official announcements related to this event.
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