PlayStation has 25 First-Party Games in development for PS5

PlayStation has 25 First-Party Games in development for PS5
Written by Ankit Gaba

According to an article published by Wired where they stated that Hermen Hulst said that there are currently more than 25 first-party titles in development for PlayStation 5, and nearly half of them are entirely new IPs originating from different studios from different regions ranging from AAA to Indie titles. The output for this generation from PlayStation is gonna be crazy at this point.
We know that Sucker Punch might be working on a Multiplayer Game, and Bend Studio is already working on a game that will feature Open-World Elements along with Vehicles. I cannot wait to see what these Studios are up to. There are still many already announced titles that we haven’t gotten much information about, such as Horizon Forbidden West and God of War Ragnarok. Hopefully, we do get some information about these titles, and they will announce some new games as well. Sony’s XDev team is working on their own game this time as well. I would expect many of these games to be announced in the next 2 months at some sort of State of Play event since they usually happen around that time.
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